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Speaking Of~ a 100 word story

She speaks. It starts like this. Then it shifts to this while eardrums flicker by intonation. It proceeds through the wide open space under changing skies more rapid than tilted sand in glass, blows through trees, rattling leaves and sifts white puffy clouds and then it taunts the ocean but will not dive or sink or snorkel for it to cape over mighty mountains in a less-than single bound, swirls around an ashing volcano as my head bobs a yes or no depending on which would be considerate to do and then all of sudden, I am back and listening.

© Tammy Mezera 2016

Video or voice record your students to support peer & self evaluation.

Recording your students is a brilliant way to help them improve their speaking, drama and performing skills. My students all bring an iPad to school and they use the basic video or voice recorder on it. 263 more words


Retelling Our Story.

We have planned a story about William Wilberforce. We used our plan and retold our story. We had to use expression and lots of adjectives when telling our story. 11 more words


No Pens Wednesday

The 8th June will be the second ‘No Pens Wednesday’ which we have run at our school.
Last year, the event was hugely successful due to the fantastic work of departments: in every classroom I visited, there was something different and exciting going on. 520 more words


Art work.

Today in art we have been continuing our work using sections of photographs and drawings. Take a look and see what you think the pictures could be! What do you think?



Today we have been looking at small sections of photographs and pictures in art. We had to guess what the whole photograph could be and then draw it. 43 more words


Parents and Backyard Science

When I visit my father, I like to tell him about the wildlife I’ve seen in our yard. “Heard the coyotes last night,”  and he smiles upon hearing this. 240 more words

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