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Venus in Music and Art

Your child read the book, did the research, wrote the report, and made the model of the planet now exhibited in the hallway.  What’s missing? 148 more words

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Understanding "Politically Correct"

In our homes, what we say and how we say it matters. Children hear everything and understand more than we think they do. We’re the ones who help explain the world for them as they grow. 175 more words

Parents And Children

The Art of Tinkering Teaches Thinking

It’s Saturday morning and you have a list of chores to complete.  One of them is to fix part of the backyard fence.  The wear of winter snow tore away some lengths of  wire from the wooden posts, which are somewhat rotted. 161 more words

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"Hi guys!" as Salutation

“Hi guys!” said the teacher to her class.

I have strong views on the subject of using “hi guys,” and “you guys” to address children.  I believe it is an inappropriate and unprofessional term to use when addressing two or more people. 205 more words

Parents And Children

How Parents Should Ask Schools Questions

When it comes to visiting school, we educators know that some parents bring with them their own mixed experiences–lots of them negative–about school.  In some cases, these feelings are so strong, they can cause a parent to avoid going to  concerts or attending spring conferences. 243 more words

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Skint - interactive financial capability materials through graphic novel and role play

An interactive financial education tool for young people.

Two illustrated storylines explore money management such as budgeting, credit and debt as well as attitudes towards money, consumerism, employability and goal setting. 60 more words

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