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The Ridge

In literacy we watched a video of Danny MacAskill, a famous BMX rider. We wrote a description of how we would feel if we were standing on the ridge at the top of a mountain. 8 more words

SPaG battles!

We have been looking at suffixes this week, and how to apply the correct suffix to a root word. We had a suffix battle in class, where we had to think of as many words we could with a particular ending. 9 more words

Class Discussions That Run Themselves

What I Was Thinking…

Much of my classroom instruction revolves around the fifteen cognitive strategies Carol Booth Olson describes in her book The Reading Writing Connection… 1,193 more words


Big readers

Huge thank you to anyone that has donated books or magazines to the class- they have been very popular during free reading times!

Reading on the Rise -Raising Standards conference 27th March

We are extremely pleased to be able to provide schools with an opportunity to hear from Sarah Hubbard  – Ofsted’s National Lead for English – who will be leading a session on ‘Reading, assessment and curriculum development’. 164 more words

Spellings 9.1.17

Grey- when, that, because, while, however, also, besides, despite, after, although.

Red- important, importance, unimportant, interest, disinterest, interested, interesting, uninterested, island, forget.

Green- literature, manufacture, mature, miniature, mixture, moisture, posture, sculpture, signature, temperature. 13 more words

Jack and the Beanstalk recounts 

In literacy, we are writing a recount of our trip to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. As a class, we have discussed the importance of using sequential words, and writing our recounts in chronological order. 16 more words