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Improve your English and Organize your Life

Watch the following short video, Becoming An Organized Person by Peter Walsh.

Your English listening will improve; Peter Walsh speaks clearly and directly.

It will take less than two minutes of your time. 72 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)

3 mistakes that ruin your sentences

Native speakers are not perfect speakers.

Their speech is often unclear and their grammar can be sloppy. However, there are mistakes which they don’t make, and if you make them, you will sound like an English student, not the fluent English speaker you would like to sound like.   1,608 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)

German girl does amazing accents!

A lot of English learners believe (have been told again and again) that if they don’t start learning a second language as a child, they will never get the accent right. 298 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)

How to ask better questions

 How to ask better questions by An Idea For You

Do you ever find yourself with people who you want to speak English with, but you can’t think of what to say?   140 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)