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VSTEP Speaking Part 3: Time preparation and reasoning skill

After the face- to- face tutorial, we have come to realize the major problems that most of them encountered, which are the usage of time preparation (1 min) and the reasoning skill. 267 more words


The Amazing 2015 Dinosaur Museum!

Una tarde de emociones y asombro se vivió el pasado Viernes en el Club House del colegio, en la exitosa 6ta versión del maravilloso Dinosaur Museum, exposición montada por nuestra actual generación de alumnos de 6tos Básicos. 459 more words

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#‎VSTEP_speaking‬: Part 3: WHAT CAN WE DO IN ONE MINUTE?



As far as we’re concerned, the one-minute preparation in the speaking test in either part 2 or part 3 has not always been utilized properly. 255 more words


‪#‎VSTEP_speaking‬: Part 3: Topic development


This week, we will reintroduce to you the very last part of VSTEP speaking, PART 3, which is topic development. Many students think this is a challenging part; therefore, we will provide you with some tips that may help you with this part. 319 more words


'The Magic'

This year I’ve been using the words magic and magical a lot. This started on the first day with my B1 speaking-skills group. The learners were talking in small groups and I noticed that whenever one person didn’t understand something that was said, the immediate reaction was for someone in the group to translate into Spanish or Catalan –after all, it’s only human for people to want to help each other, isn’t it? 354 more words

Being succinct - walk me through your CV!

This lesson works equally well in a general English class as in an English for Work class but I tend to do it as a nice opener in new English for Work groups as it helps them to learn a little about each other. 542 more words

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15 Hilarious English Idioms You Can Use to Add Color to Your Writing

Posted: 04 Oct 2015 10:10 PM PDT

An idiom is an everyday figure of speech or metaphorical expression that is commonly used by a language’s native speakers. 1,235 more words

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