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Using Dice for Practicing Extended Speaking

One of the most challenging skills for students to develop is the ability to speak at length coherently. While the Ask-Answer-Add method is fantastic for teaching and practicing conversation patterns, high-stakes exams, such as… 482 more words


A real-life shopping game

One of the novelties for me of teaching in London again is that English is everywhere. I’ve been exploring ways to make the most of this, and today I came up with this shopping game. 290 more words


"Good listeners make better leaders

Tim Grierson

has written a thoughtful article exploring two approaches to speaking: “take no prisoners” vs. the ability to listen and incorporate what you hear. He and I spent some time talking about my views on the subject which are also part of the article. 231 more words


Does Donald Trump WANT to be President?

Donald Trump reminds me of my son when he was 14: he’d get caught for stuff that was so ridiculous that I could only conclude that someone as smart as he wanted to get caught. 151 more words


Maintaining conversation

Part of learning a language is to have the ability and confidence with being able to converse in it. The activity linked is one that requires no resources and can be applied at any level. 45 more words

7 Ways to Speak With Confidence in Public

7 Ways to Speak With Confidence in Public

How to speak with confidence? How many people have asked this question? How many people have become stressed over a public speaking engagement? 581 more words


IELTS Speaking Practice: Part 3 - What's the word?

Louis Rogers is a freelance author and senior academic tutor at the University of Reading. He has worked in a number of countries and taught in various contexts ranging from young learners to Academic English. 474 more words

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