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Greetings of Love and Light.

Please join us for this unique event. Gather with like minded people and hear wisdom from Andrew Thunderdog who has gathered information from around the world to share with us. 45 more words


You And Me

Age: Older Teens & Adults

The activities proposed for the song “YOU AND ME” are recommended to wrap up a lesson on music styles and they can be used with any other song. 80 more words


100 Years

Age: Adults

A suggestion to engage students into a discussion on Life Achievements is the song “100 YEARS”. First, students guess what stages a man´s life has. 36 more words


Be a Position Holder

Friday, Joshua Burney spoke to a group of Highschoolers. During this session, the primary focus of THE COMPLETE LIFE was finances. Be a position holder and not focusing on the “paper chase.” Below is a clip from his speech.

Say (What You Need To Say)

Age: Adults

The song “SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY” allows us to practice Wishes & Regrets, Modals of Advice and Would Like. First, students say what they would do if they had one day left to live. 27 more words