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Spear Thrower Follow Up

A quick follow-up on yesterday’s post in the wee hours of the morning.

Based on a question that came in yesterday it seems appropriate to show the thrower in use.  151 more words

Primitive Technology

More Paleolithic Technology in the Shop

I recently finished another Paleolithic inspired spear thrower (a.k.a. atlatl).  This came about due to some throwing over the past year that re-energized my feelings about this technology and it’s sporting aspects.  254 more words


Spear Throwing Time

I recently got around to repairing my partner’s atlatl for an upcoming throw at the Landmark.  It’s been in use for seven years now and suffered some dings as well as losing it’s wooden hook.  255 more words

Primitive Technology

Atlatls Gone Wild

For the past twenty or more years the technology of the spear-thrower has become more and more well-known as a sport.  Popularly called an atlatl… 124 more words

Primitive Technology

Take a Hike

*Looks up from phone*

“Let’s do something.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t care, anything.. got any ideas?”

— 5 minutes later — 355 more words


Week 11 - Traditional Wilderness Skills with Turkka

We spent last week learning traditional wilderness skills with Turkka. Who I am told, is the older, Finnish equivalent of Ray Mears. He’s like a walking, talking Encyclopedia of all things outdoors. 1,761 more words


Wronged (4) - partial answers to difficult situations

How to cope with a spear thrower:

Make sure you really are dealing with a spear thrower before you do this.  There has to be pattern of this over months, where it is repeated on a  regular basis, before you draw the conclusion it is not just a once off.  1,434 more words