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Yahoo mega-breach hacker faces nearly 8 years in prison

The US is looking to lock up one of the Yahoo mega-breach spearphishers for 94 months: nearly eight years.

On Tuesday, Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors asked a San Francisco federal court judge to impose that sentence on Karim Baratov, a Canadian citizen born in Kazakhstan who was… 492 more words


New cyberespionage campaign targets MENA firms: report

Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a new cyberespionage campaign “Operation Parliament” that is targeting high profile organisations from around the world with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. 9 more words

Week 10 - China

According to the cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc., Chinese hackers have attacked US engineering and defense companies linked to the disputed South China Sea.  FireEye Inc., cannot link the attacks to the Chinese government though. 166 more words

Security Defenses are Not Adequate

We have just completed an extensive survey of security and compliance professionals in mid-sized and large organizations, asking about the current state of their cyber security defenses. 304 more words

OceanLotus ships new backdoor using old tricks

ESET researchers have dissected some of the latest additions to the malicious toolkit of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group known as OceanLotus, also dubbed APT32 and APT-C-00. 824 more words

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Don't fall for fake iTunes and App Store messages

Ever received an email that looks for all the world like it’s from Apple? Like, maybe a receipt from an iTunes purchase that you don’t remember making? 602 more words


To avoid phishing hooks don't swim with the shoal

For phishing to work, it needs clicks. Victims have to open an email, reply, click on a link, or open up an attachment.

And click they do, in droves. 823 more words