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Officials blame Russia for Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff email hack

US officials have laid the blame for an attack against the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff unclassified email system firmly on Russia’s doorstep.

Explaining how the second… 501 more words


Analysis of the Breach in Epsilon's E-Mail Database

Public record of the Epsilon breach was fairly obfuscated when it initially took place, and only recently did details about the incident surface: http://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/epsilon-breach/

While we can’t attest to the value of every step taken prior or during the breach, the available information suggests that Epsilon suffered from weak deterrents, preventatives, and technical controls, but excelled at building fault tolerance through strong governance. 325 more words


Important updates to the TS Critical target list

As with many other people in the cybersecurity world, ThreatSTOP received notification today about a spear phishing campaign using some of the zero day vulnerabilities leaked from “Hackinged Team” at the beginning of the month. 107 more words


Spearphishing gets personal as woman scammed out of £50k house deposit

A London woman has been scammed out of almost £50,000, thinking she was sending it to her solicitor as a down-payment on a house purchase, after crooks apparently gained accessed to her email account and monitored her online conversations. 748 more words


Stolen logins for US government agencies found all over the web

CIA and Google Ventures-backed private company Recorded Future says stolen government login credentials have been spotted all over the web, leading to the possible exposure of logins for 47 US government agencies spread across 89 unique domains. 567 more words


Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for June 23

Ah, the internet. A crazy habitrail of tubes, geeks, hatred and kittehs. It’s truly the Place Your Mother Warned You About, and now you have to go there every day. 328 more words


Workers Ignoring Known Cyber Risks, Surfing Adult Content and Downloading Unapproved Apps

Blue Coat Systems global survey of 1580 respondents across 11 countries highlights a global trend of employees ignoring cyber risks while at work. Results from the survey found that universally, workers visit inappropriate websites while at work despite typically being fully aware of the risks to their companies. 503 more words

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