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To avoid phishing hooks don't swim with the shoal

For phishing to work, it needs clicks. Victims have to open an email, reply, click on a link, or open up an attachment.

And click they do, in droves. 823 more words


ClickOnce (Twice or Thrice): A Technique for Social Engineering and (Un)trusted Command Execution

What is ClickOnce?

ClickOnce is a “a Microsoft technology that enables the user to install and run a Windows-based smart client application by clicking a link in a web page” [ 1,219 more words

Russia 'targeted 21 states' during US election campaign, says official

During the recent US Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Russian interference in US elections Jeannette Manfra, the acting deputy under-secretary for cybersecurity and communications, provided the soundbite of the day: 815 more words

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How to protect your boss from phishing attacks

We already know that more than 75% of us lie on social media.

Too bad it’s impracticable to lie more about our workplaces on professional networking sites like LinkedIn: it might spare our employers a lot of grief. 1,176 more words


Hackers use social engineering for spearphishing

GQ writer Sarah Jeong gets hacked to discover the warning signs of a potential social engineering cyber-attack.

From the horrible Hollywood hacks of 2014 to John Podesta’s emails, hackers aren’t feverishly trying to sneak into your computer.

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She Got Hacked So You Don't Have To

It happened to John Podesta; it happened to Paul Manafort’s daughter; it’s a type of computer hack called “spearphishing,” a much more sophisticated attack than the clumsy mass-mail attempts to gain your online credentials. 289 more words


The three B's of cybersecurity for small businesses

(Courtesy of Jacksonville Business Journal)

Large-scale cyberattacks with eye-watering statistics, like the breach of a billion Yahoo accounts in 2016, grab most of the headlines… 615 more words

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