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Shadow of Morality: When Being Bad is Good

I can’t believe it. We spent a whole month talking about Mass Effect, and didn’t talk about morality or choices once. For shame. Let’s fix that. 2,358 more words

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Catching Up

Hey guys!

If you’re reading this, it means I really did run out of time to do a proper post for my Wednesday feature this week and so didn’t un-schedule this “safety post,” but I didn’t forget about you! 422 more words

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Choice Systems in Video Games...

It’s no secret that choice systems in video games, in their current state, are lame (insightful)…Basically, at some point in the story, you’re given a choice to do something the right way or the evil way… 824 more words

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VGC Day 12: It's a Secret to Everybody

If you’ve missed a few days of our Video Game Challenge, you can catch up here!

Today, the video game challenge wants to know: 687 more words

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OTT Is Fine By Me [OBR3]

A relatively common criticism of works of all forms is that they’re ‘gratuitous’, a word which here means ‘tasteless and vulgar’. It’s a particular buzzword whenever the ever-lurking presence of moral panic around gaming rears its many middle-aged heads, in which context it’s usually followed by the word ‘violence’. 1,548 more words


Spec Ops: Making Them Human

In 2015 I wrote my thesis on Spec Ops: The Line. I’ve tried to stay away from it here on my blog, because I don’t like the idea of rehashing old material. 1,058 more words

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