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As some of you know, I’m quite a fan of story-driven games, so I will happily step out of my preferred genres of adventure and role-playing games at the promise of a good tale. 2,754 more words

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Critical Contrast - The Horror (Part 3)

In this run of Critical Contrast we’ve followed the story of mankind’s capacity for savagery (both on an individual and societal basis) through two mediums: the original literature (1899’s “ 2,850 more words


Spec Ops: The Line Review

Warning: As part of this review I will go into slight spoilers, I will however try to avoid anything major.

When playing a shooter you typically know what to expect, most of these games offer bare bones stories that try too hard to be good and grab our interest, most of these are typical by the numbers fare. 1,983 more words


Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet?

Spec Ops: The Line is easily the most uncomfortable and emotionally disturbing game I’ve had the pleasure of playing. While many people, even those who have experience with video games, would think that a third-person shooter couldn’t have deep narrative and emotional connection, this game completely dismantles that misconception. 487 more words


Pneuma: Authority and Developers

Last week we talked about Pneuma: Breath of Life, a game from last year whose protagonist realises he’s being controlled. He starts protesting by shifting his vision and refusing to let you look at things so you can do what you need to do.  1,059 more words

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Stomach Check: A Spree of Graphic Violence

I purchased a Humble Bundle deal in July, which included a whole package of games on Steam, primarily to play Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. With some time freed up not catching Pokemon, I decided to play a couple games included in the package. 668 more words


Bruce Boxleitner Interview

By now we’re all used to seeing performances out of actors that are either or amazing. Sure, there may be a dud here and there but the good stuff is what always manages to stand out since it can greatly enhance an already great experience.   4,787 more words

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