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Doing It Right: Games and Conflict, Part III

In this series of posts, I will be examining several games I feel are doing well in terms of portraying conflict. This is not a celebration of the so-called gritty realism of modern first-person shooters, though certain games in that genre are seriously meditating on what it means to be a combatant. 1,666 more words


Cities of Magic

I’m not sure how to define cyberpunk. Oh, I can recognize it, but I’m not sure if I know how to pare it down to a digestible one-sentence review. 1,942 more words

Videogame Criticism

This is just a Combat Op gentlemen, welcome to Dubai. Chapter 11-12

Whelp, this is getting to the part of the game where we all jump in the hand basket for a ride down the river Styx. It’s also the part where a few potshots get fired at the Fourth Wall, which combined with everything else going on makes things a bit disconcerting. 806 more words


This is just a Combat Op gentlemen, welcome to Dubai. Chapter 9-10

This section felt like a moment of calm after the turmoil of The Gate, although it does feature Walkers second act of damnation.

Once again I’ve had to watch Walker pick up that damned Radio and start following orders. 252 more words


Spec Ops: The Line Review

Modern military shooters aren’t really my thing. Outside of a handful of games such as Bioshock, I really haven’t found myself playing all too many of them. 1,881 more words

This is just a Combat Op gentlemen, welcome to Dubai Chapter 6-8

Well after the debacle of my FUBAR attempt and restarting on Combat Op I’ve caught up to my schedule… even if a part of me wishes I hadn’t. 721 more words


Backlog diary: Dead Space 3, Singularity, Space Marine and Spec Ops: The Line

I haven’t posted much here lately, mostly because there’s an extraordinary gaming dry spell going on right now. So lately I’ve dusted off my Xbox 360, and bought a bunch of older games I missed out on, or didn’t feel like were worth $65 when they initially came out. 415 more words