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6 Phenomenal Games Inspired By Popular Movies

Video games are constantly looking to become as lifelike and cinematic as movies, with games such as the Uncharted series leading the charge with what video games are capable of. 47 more words


My 9 Personal Favorite Third Person Shooter Video Games

Fun Fact – I personally enjoy third person shooters more than first person shooter and I think I like the third person view better in every way. 1,276 more words


Spec Ops: The Line (2011)

Can mediocre gameplay be forgiven if the narrative, story, and setting are all superb? This is a question that I’ve thought about a lot in the past, and it definitely applies to  1,297 more words


Games that got away

Games that got away

There are certain games. Games you always wanted to play. But that thing called real life intervened. The funds were never quite available; other priorities came along with a raft of other things that make up life. 935 more words

Video Games

Video Games as an Art Form for the 21st Century

Art is considered to be an expression of human imagination, but while other relatively new types of media such as films and photo-editing have been accepted as forms of art, video games are still largely dismissed as a form of artistic expression. 520 more words

Assassin's Creed

4 Darkest & Twisted Video Game Storylines Of All Times

Some Gamers play video games to explore worlds they can’t do in real life or some players play games to challenge themselves. But Some play to embrace their selves into a dark world that contains awful enemies and greedy storylines. 558 more words


The Murderers of all Murderers - A Nier: Automata Review

Nier was a game defined by its pathos. It sought to render conviction through violence and the inherent tragedy that ensued. Its characters are richly archetypal and respond to the horrors of their world with remarkable personality. 2,120 more words