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Spec Ops the Line Review

So Roto finished this whilst waiting for the upcoming demolishing of time which is the releases on the 10th of November.

Spec Ops the Line is a grizzly third person shooter set in events after the world worst series of sandstorms hit Dubai. 294 more words

Do not be like me....

…. unless it makes you feel better after reading this.

Over the week, Roto had spent just over $100 on this gem…

…which was played for 3 hours. 234 more words

Part... just kidding, another interlude. How about video game morality?

I don’t feel like continuing the How To Fix America thing tonight. Likely, this is because I’ve made the mistake of setting out to go through some of the Steam games that have been collecting dust in my inventory since… whenever Steam came out. 1,609 more words

This is Not a Toy: My Top 5 Narrative Experiences in Games

Games have come a long way since the days of Asteroids and Pong, an even longer way since the days of Cup and Ball and  2,532 more words


VGChartz - Iron Sunset & Killing In Games

I present a quick look at how games fail to make death meaningful. Iron Sunset may be the focus of the piece but there’s a wider issue at stake here.

Read it HERE YO!

Game Criticism

Game Adaptations (Hint: Not the movie tie-ins)

As I said when I started this blog, I am interested in exploring what features games offer as a medium; how can games create an experience that is different from, but every bit as satisfying as, novels or films? 2,970 more words