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Time Management for Language Learners

Lack of time is often cited as a reason not to learn another language, or take on any other project. This is at best a poor rationalization that falters if given serious consideration. 474 more words

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Proof that e is irrational


Presume for contradiction that e is rational, therefore

Such that p and q are integers. Since q is an integer there must be the term  in the series of e, thus… 64 more words

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Proof of the Alternative Form of the Derivative

The derivative of f at c is given as

assuming the limit exists.


The derivative of at is given as

Let . It follows that   as . 6 more words

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Proof of the Binomial Theorem, via Induction

Due to an inability to post complex maths on this site (not sure if it the site or the user), this proof can be seen by viewing this Google Doc:  48 more words

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Introduction to the Proof a Day Week

Yesterday an article titled Proof that √2 is Irrational was published. This is first article in the Proof a Day Week series. Everyday this week (Oct. 24 more words

Science/ Math

Proof that √2 is Irrational

Imagine that √2 is rational, then it can be written as the ratio of integers, p and q. 

(1) √2 = p/q

It may be presumed that p and q have no common factors, and thus cannot be reduced. 72 more words

Science/ Math

New Series Introduction

A new article series called, Fearsome Fallacies, starts next week Wednesday here on Cogitationum. This series will introduce and example some of the most common fallacies in thinking and argumentation. 17 more words