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Special Education Law

Case of Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District

The U.S. supreme Court ruled in favor of higher standards of children with disabilities due to the recent case of… 452 more words

Always Make it Formal

So many parents are utterly frustrated that their child’s school district won’t listen to their requests for changes in the child’s IEP, or for additional services, or for outplacement, etc. 381 more words

Comparing Goals and Objectives Year to Year

Does your child’s IEP look the same to you over the years? That is not a good sign and should be investigated. You want to be sure your child is receiving new and challenging Goals and Objectives that build on each other from year to year. 136 more words

Keeping Schools Transparent

Transparency and communication. It is a necessity in Special Education. I keep in frequent contact with my client’s school districts. If a parent is denied a request, I will ask for the legal authority by which they made the decision. 290 more words

Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems with special needs kids are especially tricky for parents. Schools are quick to blame family, home life and known issues families have (like divorce, addiction, or financial issues) as the cause of a child’s difficult behavior. 379 more words

Transition Evaluations

I have been working with a student in a district who has its own, post secondary program. The program has about ten students, all with varying levels of Intellectual Disabilities, and they spend about seven hours a day doing Activities of Daily living, like shopping, laudry etc. 179 more words

Special Education

Disability "Label"

Mostly, I don’t pay much attention to labels of people. Labels like “she’s a ‘bitch’ – yes, I am to unprofessional and heartless special ed administrators”; “He is “autistic” – is that all he is? 192 more words

Special Education