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Presumption of Competence

Hands down, the biggest lesson I have learned since moving my son to another school, another school district, another state has been that one should never presume competence with anyone who deals with your child… 357 more words

Special Needs Parenting

40th Anniversary of IDEA

The 40th anniversary of IDEA came and went in November and I didn’t even notice.  HERE is an article from Ed Week that summarizes the history and talks about the challenges of today. 109 more words

Toolbox Tips for Parents #4: Wrightslaw Website

Wrightslaw is a website for parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys to come to for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.  39 more words

Special Education

HB 440-Adapting PE Curriculum

The 84th Texas Legislature session passed HB 440 to clarify that “modifications for physical education should be provided for all public education students who have disabilities, including mental and emotional health or intellectual or developmental disabilities.”  The bill amends the current… 173 more words

Special Education

Excerpts from Chapter 2 of The Flawed IDEA

What follows are two excerpts from a book I’ve written about special education law. The working title is The Flawed IDEA: A Rational Examination of Special Education Law… 784 more words

Contemplating Manifestation Determinations

Special education law has granted expansive educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Efforts to protect the educational rights of these students sometimes create scenarios that perplex rational people. 799 more words