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Disability "Label"

Mostly, I don’t pay much attention to labels of people. Labels like “she’s a ‘bitch’ – yes, I am to unprofessional and heartless special ed administrators”; “He is “autistic” – is that all he is? 192 more words

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School Unilaterally Ending a PPT is Unprofessional, but not Necessarily Illegal

I was at a PPT for a client a few weeks ago. My client and I were strongly advocating for her daughter and it was obvious that the administrator in charge was overwhelmed. 156 more words

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Advocates for Justice - staff attorney opening

Advocates for Justice and Education seeks a staff attorney.  See the full announcement here.


IDEA Special Education Law - A Funding Law

The IDEA (special education law) is a funding law. States receive federal funds for special education each fiscal year as long as the state can prove to the Secretary of the US Department of Education that the State has in effect policies and procedures to provide FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) to all children with disabilities who meet the criteria set forth in the IDEA. 325 more words

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The Buck Stops With the Board of Ed

Ultimately, bad choices by Directors of Special Education in any district impact the elected officials trying to do good by their town – the Board of Education. 253 more words

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Help Prepare Your Child For Life After High School

Ultimately, a child with special needs is going to have to transition into the real world on or before his/her 21st birthday. The IDEA puts the onus on the local education agency (your school district) to prepare the child for life after high school until the s/he turns 21. 179 more words

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Show Me the Policy

School districts expect and (dare I say) hope that parents don’t really know their rights under the IDEA.

For instance, they so often site “policy” as a reason to deny a request from parents. 225 more words

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