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Jumping Into the Water

Now that I have completed my 2nd and 3rd week at Ballard High School I finally feel like jumping into the water. I have really connected with a couple of the students and they even have thanked me multiple times for taking the time to help them with their school work. 258 more words

Looking for Exceptional Teachers!

The Aspen Center is now looking for Exceptional Education Teachers (Special Education Teachers) to join our team! If you have a background in Early Childhood Education and Special Education that will work too! 47 more words


The Implications Of An Increase In 504 Plans

The number of students receiving services under the IDEA has increased at a rate outpacing the growth of the total school population. Simultaneously, the cost of providing special education services has outpaced per-student spending for all students. 1,169 more words

Getting My Toes into the Water

Hello everyone,

This week was my first week doing my service learning project at Ballard High School. For this project we are to work with children and apply the HOPE principles to what we are seeing in the classroom. 359 more words

H5—Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

Hello everyone,

This principal is what I intend to use to bring education to a whole new level when it comes to special education. I think that everyone has a role in society, and I also believe that anyone can achieve what they want as long as they work for it. 197 more words

H4—Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

Hello everyone,

This H principle is very near and dear to my heart. Coming from a family that was going through a divorce when I was going through school it would have been really nice if my teacher stressed the importance of having my family care about how I was doing in school. 145 more words

H3—Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning.

Hello everyone,

Going into teaching I strongly believe in having classroom norms that comply the norms of the community and help add to the community in a way that would benefit the students as they go into their communities outside of the school and as they carry themselves within the school as they build upon the community that the school has put into place for how they want their students to interact within the community. 99 more words