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The Kristen Chronicles School: 5 Tips for Parents


Little did I know it would come 3 years after Kristen was born, by way of a little yellow bus.

Her class had a fancy title, but basically it was pre-K, special education-style. 812 more words


"Special Snowflake"

When my son first started preschool, I was pretty nervous.  Especially with the bus – No lie.  I followed that bus.  The morning bus driver my son had, consistently drove 25-35 mph above the limit, tailgated cars and failed to use turn signals.   823 more words

Ijime, bullying in Japan

A 13 year-old boy in Iwate prefecture jumped in front of an oncoming train and ended his life in the summer of 2015. In the notebook he was exchanging with his teacher, he wrote that he was bullied in school. 835 more words


Autism in the class, who has it?

I pick on my son Yashi a lot about being the ultimate son with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. My wife wants him in a secluded class with his “peers.” 170 more words

Thai Education

What in the World is a BODY SOCK?!

Happy Tuesday! Those of us in Connecticut are adjusting back into the swing of school after a surprise FOUR, yup, FOUR day weekend with a delay this morning. 460 more words

A Lifelong Mission

For me, LABBB’s mission is personal.

The reason it is personal is that not only do we practice it every day in LABBB, but I also continue to live it with my sister with special needs. 1,299 more words


Finding the intersection between interest, ability, and autism!

I have been repeating the ‘presume competence’ mantra all year and, as a result, I have been working to create lessons that are:

  1. high interest…
  2. 355 more words