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Day 24 of light it up BLUE

FACT: air travel can be tricky for just about everyone, but throw some rigidity and anxiety into the mix, and you’ve got a whole lot of worry to deal with. 165 more words

Day #228 - Creating Dramatic Worlds on the Spectrum

More from my Queen of Fantastical’ness friend, Gretta…

In addition to the weekend run of WONDER land, UNI will play host to the Autism and Arts Education Symposium. 852 more words

But have you heard about meds, though?

Imagine your child is different. He doesn’t look different. It’s not even so much that you notice (at first).

You feed that baby, rock that baby to sleep, take a million photos, clap for that baby’s first steps, take a million more photos. 1,118 more words


Visiting McClure Middle School (4/21/2015)

H2- Honor student access to content material.

I was blessed with the chance to attend and explore McClure middle school, in Queen Anne, just this last week and the experience was incredible! 275 more words

What to do?

Well, I will keep it short today.

Yesterday Drawman disclosed to his psychiatrist (meds check visit) that he has suicidal thoughts while at school.

And I am not sure what to do about it. 421 more words

Peter Greene Deconstructs Arne Duncan's Thinking about Children with Dyslexia

Peter Greene watched a video of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan testifying before a Senate committee about the budget. Watch what happens when a Senator asked Duncan about programs in the Department that address the problems of dyslexia. 451 more words

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