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An Open letter to NPR and Unlocking Dyslexia

*This blog is written in my dyslexicon.  I specifically didn’t proof this for edits to demonstrate what my writing is without the standard edits.  

NPR went dyslexic this week for a series on different aspects of dyslexia.   514 more words

Letter to a Social Worker: Student Narrative

Dear Social Worker,

This letter is intended to provide you with detailed and specific information about Tom in a classroom setting so that you are able to include this information in your evaluation of his needs. 998 more words

Special Education

My Past Made Me

My therapist used to say I wouldn’t be as good at my job or have as much compassion for the kids, if I hadn’t gone through the hard things in my life and struggled with mental illness. 8 more words


Attorney General-Designate Jeff Sessions Complained about Money Spent on Special Education

Jason Cherkis of the Huffington Post reports that Jeff Sessions–Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General of the United States–took to the Senate floor to denounce special education for students with disabilities. 192 more words

Special Education

A Lesson Learned

A small boy sits in the corner of Ms. Schnider’s class, I have noticed him before today but I haven’t spoken to him. His name is Luke. 973 more words


Accommodations to Help Students With Visual Processing Issues | Special Education

What types of accommodations can help students with visual processing issues? These classroom strategies can make learning easier for kids with weak visual processing skills. 11 more words

Inclusive Classroom Strategies

The First NCTM Innov8 Conference: A Reflection

People at NCTM’s #NCTMInnov8: I’m having trouble figuring out what is innov8tive — what I see seems like standard conference stuff. Help?

— Michael Pershan (@mpershan) …

626 more words