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The Brain Lady Quits Her Job

Student: Beth, what did you say you have again? OCD?

Beth: Nope! Though I understand your confusion. I have AD/HD.

Student: H? But you’re not all, “Blaaaah!!!”

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Special Education

Special education (or, why don't words have meaning?)

In an incredibly frustrating move this past week, the Maryland State Board of Education rejected the possibility of opting out of standardized PARCC testing for Maryland students. 455 more words

Springtime has Arrived

Tomorrow Shannon would have been 19. She died 2 weeks before her 17th birthday, so even though the anniversary of her death is only a little over a year ago, we will now have missed two birthdays. 356 more words

Basic Rights in Special Education

Gayle Dublin will present the Basic Rights in Special Education workshop offered through the Federation for Children with Special Needs. Through this workshop, parents can learn more about eligibility, planning and decision-making regarding special education services and support.

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Are you mad at me?

So, this deserved its own post. I had a meeting with my principal today regarding the evaluation I’m going through. At the end of the meeting, he said , “now I have a personal question. 169 more words


Standard 5.4

Standard 5.4 is Managing Student Behavior by Establishing Expectations: Standards of Conduct are Clear to All Students. To me, this means that teachers need to explain to students how they should act during a particular lesson (and/or in their class at all times) frequently before lessons so that students can remember what is expected and the consequences if rules go unfollowed. 308 more words

Student Learning

Myrlene Homy, MSW

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Special Education