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Day #173 - Tucker & Spock

Long live Spock.

The character played by Leonard Nimoy had an intense logical nature.  There are moments that I reminded of how Tucker’s brain works within the same intense logical environment. 507 more words

The Democrat Politician... Little Known Secrets

To begin my story, what I’m about to explain is a secret that hardly anyone knows.  And to divulge this secret, I must take the reader into the “mental” condition of the Democrat.   1,181 more words

Special Education

Getting Ready For School

This is a guest post, written by my mother-in-law, Sandy.  She is freshly retired after many years in elementary education.  She taught preschool special needs in the later half of her career.   1,679 more words

Special Needs

Day #172 - I Got This

When my children were five and seven they had their first real ‘fight.’  I remember it quite clearly. It was the first time I had ever heard them be unkind towards each other (that doesn’t mean they hadn’t been…it’s just the first time they dared to in front of me). 528 more words

Speaking from Experience: The Importance of Relationships

As the coordinator of an alternative special education graduation program in a large rural high school, I serve the students who are at highest risk for dropping out of school or leaving school without meeting Tennessee’s diploma requirements. 380 more words


Journal entries in a confusing time

When Nathan was in his teen years, I kept a haphazard journal of what life was like. By sharing a few of those entries below, I hope to convey the emotional exhaustion, the confusion, the wide swings in outlook that were part of his life, and ours. 953 more words