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April Monster Mash- Now Paging Dr. Bonkers

Anytime that my Blobette and I plot out a makeup, I always start the same way. I ask her, are we doing a beauty makeup or do you want to be scary?  370 more words

Of The Month

Palette Swap

Time to get setup for work. Get a set of disposable cups, tissues, cotton balls, sponges, and paper towels all in a neat row. Well, to be honest, as neat as it is going to get. 373 more words


Light + and Roar Fx

Light + Roar Fx

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Act 1, Scene 3- Set/Sound Effects

As the three witches hail Macbeth for his titles and tell him that he will become thane of Cawdor and King, they will be standing in an open field with dead bodies surrounding them. 76 more words


An Antidote to Violence and Vitriol

The idea that video games are a direct cause of violence has been in the news a lot recently. Some of this news has come from a certain president who decided to focus on video games as a cause of gun violence, rather than addressing the bigger picture. 2,062 more words


Gameblast 2018 Schedule

To help raise money for Special Effect Stoffel Presents is hosting a full weekend of Live Streaming on PlayStation 4 as well as a few codes for Xbox and PC games to give away too… 142 more words

Social Events

Dove Worker by C.Y

This will be a jewel of your dove work collection.

Here is a project for those who are serious about doing a flawless dove performance. In this well-crafted DVD lecture, you will learn from C.Y’s 10 years of experience.

2,154 more words