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Magic lantern dissolving views

In Victorian times, as today, audiences were fascinated by visual special effects. Skilful projectionists using specially designed lantern slides were able to create the illusion of movement or gradually transform a Winter scene into a Summer one or day into night. 152 more words

Magic Lantern Slides

Film Feature: Are we missing the 'effects' in special effects?

At the current moment, the film industry is full to the brim with visually impressive CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery. Love it or hate it, CGI has become the dominant medium by which films are produced. 738 more words

University Of Glasgow

Artist Collab

Hey y’all! About a month ago I did a collaboration with two insanely talented people, and I wanted to share the process and results with y’all. 484 more words


Halloween Vibes: Scars (Part 1)

I love SFX makeup but I haven’t been able to experiment with it lately. SFX is commonly used with liquid latex, grease/cream paints, and sometimes alcohol activated paints if you’re a pro (Along with a lot of other useful products/mediums)! 64 more words


"Ouija," You're Trying Too Hard

I know I almost literally just talked bout how deceptive movie trailers can be

But these have to be some of the worst special effects I’ve seen in a movie. 338 more words


Get Outta Your Mind|| Zombie Makeup

Hello Friends!

The other day I was able to convince my little brother to let me turn him into a zombie. I thought I would go through the products I used and the steps I took to get this look. 372 more words