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Halloween Inspiration 2017 | Maddox Makeup Company

Halloween is back! Well nearly, so we all know that means I’m super excited for it once more; I’ve already started planning out some new looks as well as reviving some old ones that I have hidden in my bag of tricks from the years that have past – nothing like something old and spoken for the month of October! 149 more words


Special effects

Special effects in movies have reached a point where it is hard to tell where they begin and any real pictures end. Soon they will all be in 3D as well. 602 more words


Darkroom Dabbling

A wine glass, a pen light, and long exposure. Time for some creative fun! Again, I like the black and whites. Cheers! (It takes a steady hand.)


Beer on the Box - Raya Beer

The special effects budget for this ad must have been huge.

Beer On The Box

'Arrival' Shows the Power and Limits of Language in an All-Time Sci-Fi Great [Podcast]

The Movie: Arrival (2016)

With guest Daniel Chadwick-Shubat (Twitter) from Get Reel Movies (site, Twitter, and Facebook).

Arrival has a lot to say about language, communication, humanity and fate so we brought in the creator of  204 more words



Cloud diary entry #3, literally and figuratively, came out of the blue! At 2pm, the blue sky was overcome by a sudden onset of hail. However, it left as soon as it came with the weather, obviously temperamental, later transitioning to make way for the sun to shine and the dark clouds to fade once again. 30 more words


Pottery Artist

Meet our school’s amazing Art Teacher – Mister Q.