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Leaf and Flame: shadow play

“Pick a card,” said the headless apparition, holding out his severed head to the assembled company, each in turn. “Any card…”

So, how do you behead a green giant and have him pick up his head and walk? 616 more words


Special Effects & Hoax Debunking

Captain Disillusion on YouTube deserves more subscribers.  He does a great job of explaining special effects and debunking hoaxes in a very entertaining way.  It’s a crime that he has only 100k subscribers. 61 more words


Jungle Book and the Digital Divide

I saw the new Jungle Book.  It is a solid film, but one issue really sticks with me.

Several flaws are obvious: the musical numbers are forced-in and tonally jarring, its remake premise sucks out much of the excitement, and the animals would simply look ten times better if their voices were essentially telepathy instead of having mouths meant for crushing throats or unhinging their jaws flap all over the place.   413 more words


An essay on Special Effects in Cinema.

“As admission prices escalated and the lire of television kept more and more people at home for their entertainment, motion pictures began to incorporate elements that television couldn’t provide. 3,380 more words

Bionic Finger

Magic Outside of the Computer: The Dying Art of Non Digital Effects Work

Good morning everyone. My first article on the new website PolyMedium is now available for reading.

In this article, I decided to take a look at some of my favorite effects techniques that have since gone on to be underused in films since computer generated imagery became more widely used. 17 more words


Welcome to the jungle

Story by Jake Eccleston, Reporter 

Growing up, I was one of those children who always enjoyed a good Disney movie.  One that stood out in my mind as being my all-time favorite was “The Jungle Book.”  What is not to love about a group of jungle animals rearing a human “man cub”? 318 more words


52 Rolls Week 16:52

Couldn’t get out until this weekend to photograph interesting places or things, so last week I stayed close to home and worked with the Holga Special Effects Lens set.   233 more words