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Deep Thoughts: Rick Baker introduces us to The Joker

Legendary make up artist Rick Baker best know for his work on movies such as American Werewolf in London, Harry and the Hendersons, Tropic Thunder and many many more films has recently decided to play with a little pet project by recreating The Joker from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman story, “Death of the Family.” 138 more words

DC Comics

Frankenstein Friday: Skeleton Part 1

For this week’s Frankenstein Friday, we start the first of a series for a full skeleton look! First off, we’re doing the forearm.

What you’ll need: 213 more words



A Photo a Week Challenge: From a New Angle

I’ve done a lot of portraits over the years. Not formal portraits, but candid and casual portraits for friends, family, and these days, myself. 18 more words


Caption This: Discovering How Aliens See Us

“So, is it true your people learned everything about humans from watching the Sid and Marty Krofft Supershow?”

(And as before, I’m interested what you kind folks make of this scene.) 17 more words


Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth

We finally got a chance to try out a pair of Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth and we have to say that we had loads of fun using them and they look great. 122 more words


Digital Characters with Motion Capture

What is the MoCap? What are markers? How Davy Jones or Smaug are created?

For these and other questions, in this video, we take a look at the technique of Motion Capture (or MoCap ), a method of high interaction between man and technology that allows to capture the movements of people and objects and turn them into digital 3D information. 98 more words