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Ghataks: The coldblooded patriots

They may look like normal infantry troops but they can kill you with precision you never expect, you may not listen their name often like… 762 more words

Indian Army

A Biblical Perspective on Armed Self-Defense

As a Christian, Apostolic Teacher, and former Pastor, I am asked a lot of questions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have always been a Second Amendment supporter.  2,918 more words

Being Prepared

DEATH BATTLE! - Cammy VS Sonya (Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat)

Cammy from Steet Fighter Faces Off against Sonya from Mortal Kombat on this latest episode of Death Battle.


Step one to earn the Balidan badge : How to be a Para SF operative

Indian Parachute Regiment is one of the most prestigious regiment around the world, every Indian defence aspirant and serving member wish to join the regiment and wear the iconic maroon beret, but its not easy to earn the prestigious tittle of “Airborne Soldier” which is the synonym of badassness in the world. 501 more words

Indian Army

Lions of Kandahar

I once read that an individual Soldier’s ability to effect change on the battlefield is limited to the maximum  range of his weapon.

That may have been more true in the dark days of sword and shield, but its spirit is just as alive today as it was in yesteryear. 430 more words

Terrorist Targets Outside of Active Hostilities – The UK Position?

By Abigail Watson

This article was first published on Think Defence on August 10 2016.

As President Barack Obama’s administration releases its once-secret guidance on kill and capture operations against terrorist targets outside areas of active hostilities, the UK must look to improve its own transparency. 716 more words


Has the CIA’s plot to “covertly” kill Russians in Syria come to pass?

By The New Atlas

Global Research, August 09, 2016

The New Atlas 9 August 2016

Former acting director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Michael Morell during a televised interview with American talk show host Charlie Rose, openly conspired to commit a raft of war crimes in Syria, suggesting that the US should take measures to ”covertly” kill Russians and Iranians through armed proxies on the ground. 622 more words