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There Is A Special Relationship Between the Kurds and U.S. Special Forces

It’s no secret that Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga are among the staunchest allies the United States has in the fight against Daesh (ISIS). What’s less commonly known is American Special Operations Forces, more commonly known by their acronym SOF, work closely with Kurdish fighters. 20 more words


Baltic special units practice detaining armed criminals

The Baltic Times, 18 June 2017

TALLINN – Members of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian fast-response units and special forces practiced detaining armed criminals on Thursday in northern and central Estonia, the regional daily Jarva Teataja said. 100 more words

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New Unit of Marcos ambushed in Kashmir, Exclusive Pics and News

Note: The News is bit old and could not be revealed due to some reason on the date when the incident took place, but the pics and information are 100% genuine. 275 more words

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"Ares" the God of War Fighting Knife! Spartan Blades 1

This Knife is a blade to fear!  Outstanding REVIEW on the Ares – Fighter Knife.  Share it!!

Who and what is Ares?  Do you know he is the Greeks “God of War!”  That’s 320 more words


Being Inside A Virtual Reality Empire Earth And Battlefield 2 Video Game?

Last night I woke up during the night needing to use the bathroom (I usually drink water too close to going to bed), I had remembered one or more dreams and in one of those dreams something happened that I wanted to tell… 1,734 more words

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Current reading on Special Warfare-Guerrilla Warfare

U.S. Army Special Warfare: Its Origins: Revised Edition

~ Alfred H. Paddock Jr.

“Based on exhaustive research in formerly classified documents, Paddock examines the U.S. Army’s activities in psychological and unconventional warfare during World War II, Korea, and the early Cold War to determine the impetus for, and origins of, the "special warfare" capability established at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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