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Future Writer...

I think I’m going to quit my job and just throw myself into my dream occupation:
Romance Novelist.
It’s a crowded market and filling the pages between steamy paperback covers is never easy. 639 more words

Booze And Such

Australian War Memorial Canberra

(I’m copying this from my other blog, because I read and review a lot of military-themed books. Check out the Australian Special Forces uniforms!)

We had a public holiday yesterday. 295 more words


YOU tell him he looks like a geek...

SGM Mike Vining, one of the early members of SFOD-D.

Or as the best caption I saw for this pic said: Rick Moranis in Honey, I Neutralized the Threat


Live to Tell: SEALs Are Deployed to Ramadi

Navy SEALs describe being dispatched to Ramadi to support existing armed forces in what some called “an un-winnable situation” in this scene from “Charlie Platoon and the Story of Marc Lee.” 178 more words

Military Videos

Live to Tell: Task Force Merrill Responds to an IED Blast

Members of Task Force Merrill recount how EOD Technician Brian Mast was critically injured by an IED in this scene from “Task Force Merrill.”
Live to Tell is a harrowing portrayal of the triumphs and sacrifices endured by the United States Special Operations Forces on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. 151 more words

Military Videos

Live to Tell: The Importance of Medics

A group of medics describe how they fit in with the other Rangers and the qualities that matter most on the battlefield in this web exclusive from “A Battle for Haditha Dam. 178 more words

Military Videos