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Nonetheless, an opening sequence done in good taste.

Current state of security in Europe

Greetings to viewers,

My sincere apology for the long inactivity (since September, 2014). I wasn’t particularly spending sufficient time on the blog as I thought when I first created this. 1,757 more words


go commando

go commando

(1990’s | teenagese?)

This evocative verb phrase is more of a head-scratcher than most, and I’m scratching as hard as anyone. There does not seem to be any convincing reason why “go commando” should mean “go without underwear.” The most common explanation found on-line is that commandos (see below) don’t wear underwear because it’s too much trouble keeping it clean when you’re on a mission, because it causes jungle rot, or because ferocious Scots warriors went without under their kilts. 534 more words


Terrorist Attack on Mali

This morning, terrorists stormed a hotel in Mali. The attacks began around 7:00 AM and a local Mali radio station reported that the attack ended around 11:30 AM.A number of gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamakko, the capital of the West African country of Mali. 187 more words


Resources...resilience, sanity, love, and security

This is for you.

It’d be far more useful to have this conversation in person. Or on the phone, or even via email. I never felt the need to invade your space after my breakup with Filippo (and contacting you and Sydney) or your correspondence with me. 207 more words

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