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Remembering our Fallen Heros on Memorial Day

God Bless America and the souls of those who gave their lives for our country. May their families find peace and comfort.



Some foreign country let’s say Italy for example decides to follow America’s example after DT becomes president  You see it was after all America that sent an elite force in the middle of the night to take out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan because of the reign of terror he was imposing upon those around him and in distances far away and because of the treat he posed to the balance of world peace and order So now imagine Italy now plots and executes a successful plan to send one of their highly trained military units to America to take out the equally dangerous President Donald Trump Please don’t misunderstand me I am not advocating for Trump’s assassination I am merly pointing out a possibility


Royal Canadian Navy’s new Maritime Tactical Operations Group continues to grow

The first class from the Royal Canadian Navy’s Maritime Tactical Operators Course graduated on the east coast a few weeks ago. The graduates will go on to become members of the RCN’s Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG), providing what is called an Enhanced Naval Boarding Party. 249 more words

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NATO Frets Over Libyan ISIS Problem That It Created

This farce is illustrative of the utter breakdown of Libya as a whole. Any pretence that Libya cohered as a single country was shattered along with the government that was bombed off the face of the earth in 2011. 763 more words

World At War

wounded rogue warrior

 Gary D. Hamilton, MDiv., MA, Consultant & Facilitator – Worldwide

book title, “wounded rogue warrior: a navy seal struggles as a POW in his own mind and MIA in his own heart and heartland”  …unprocessed, raw and uncensored…publication coming soon! 1,495 more words