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Struffoli is a sweet dish traditionally from Napoli made up of marble sized deep-fried pieces of dough, which are then covered in honey. They are usually enjoyed at Christmas or Easter time, but can also be eaten during carnival celebrations, held in February in Italy. 339 more words

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Frittelle di Riso

Continuing with Italian carnival traditions, this recipe is a classic, especially in Tuscany.  Think of that delicious rice pudding you would have as a child, and imagine it rolled into balls, fried, and covered in sugar.   386 more words

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Chiacchiere di Carnevale

It’s coming up to Carnival time and bakeries in Italy have trays of ‘chiacchiere’ in their windows. Think a pastry that is thin, crispy, fried and covered in icing sugar…..   589 more words

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Let's Go Diving; It will be fun

Please click Let’s Go Diving! for story on cold water diving.

Actually, the water only felt this cold and we had on wet suits as it was the 24th of May and not dry suits which you would definitely need for a dive such as this….   9 more words

Special Holidays

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!🎉

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Did anyone else hear those loud booms and bangs?🎆 They woke me up! Mommas glad I wasn’t outside or I would have really freaked out! 81 more words

From The Desk Of Phineas

“Mary pondered all these things in her heart.” Luke 2:19

One morning this past week, when in prayer and meditation, I remembered that Mary and Joseph had a tremendously difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem fulfilling the will of God in their lives and the lives of all humankind, a journey imposed on all residents of Galilee and beyond, by the decree of a secular authority, not a Jewish one, so that God’s only Son Jesus, the long awaited Messiah,  would be born in the fullness of time. 400 more words

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Chocolate Mince Pies

If you love Fruit Mince Pies and you are a fan of chocolate, then combine the two, upgrade your Christmas traditions and make your mince pies much more decadent by enclosing the fruit mince in a dark chocolate pastry.   302 more words

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