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Things Parents Can’t Do When Going To Their Kids’ School [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K is back and has a message to some parents. He mentioned that after your child gets a certain age you shouldn’t go up to the school anymore. 239 more words

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Black People Who Are Banned From Traveling To Wakanda [EXCLUSIVE]

With the success of “Black Panther,” Wakanda pride is at an all-time high. But some of the folks who are hopping on the bandwagon, actually won’t be allowed entry into the country, like… 200 more words

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Top 5 Signs You Need To Worry About Your Daughter's Prom Date [EXCLUSIVE]

Prom night is a notorious one in the American high school experience. And the day before Special K‘s daughter attended prom, he was on edge. 249 more words

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Top 5 Side Chick Greeting Cards [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K might be in the comedy business, but has been working on venturing into something new. He recently began selling side chick greeting cards the day after… 264 more words

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Special K's Top 5 Hottest Gifts You Can Order Off Of Amazon [EXCLUSIVE]

Holiday shopping is often a task that seems larger than life itself, but we forget that it’s 2017 and not everything has to be so hard. 195 more words

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5 Cheapest Halloween Costumes For Kids With No Money [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K‘s Top 5 is dedicated to the kids out there who don’t have money for extravagant Halloween costumes, and are forced to get a little creative for the festivities. 173 more words

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Special K's Top 5 Ghetto Snacks [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K sent his stomach on a wild ride after eating Jamaican food he had left in his car overnight. After a long day and an elaborate process of figuring out where to go to the bathroom, he found himself up late at night and needing the comfort of some ghetto snacks. 109 more words

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