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5 Cheapest Halloween Costumes For Kids With No Money [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K‘s Top 5 is dedicated to the kids out there who don’t have money for extravagant Halloween costumes, and are forced to get a little creative for the festivities. 202 more words

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Special K's Top 5 Ghetto Snacks [EXCLUSIVE]

Special K sent his stomach on a wild ride after eating Jamaican food he had left in his car overnight. After a long day and an elaborate process of figuring out where to go to the bathroom, he found himself up late at night and needing the comfort of some ghetto snacks. 134 more words

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5 Reasons Joel Osteen Didn't Open His Church For Hurricane Victims [EXCLUSIVE]

As Hurricane Harvey ravished Houston, people reportedly showed up to Joel Osteen‘s 16,000-seat Lakewood Church for Shelter, but were transported to another place because the church wasn’t open. 209 more words

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Quantasia Sharpton's 5 Favorite Vegan Dishes From Her Cookbook [EXCLUSIVE]

In this morning’s News You Can’t Use, Special K discusses Quantasia Sharpton, the latest woman who has stepped forward and accused Usher of infecting her with herpes. 184 more words

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5 Things NFL Players Can Do To Their Women Other Than Putting Hands On Her [EXCLUSIVE]

With football season right around the corner, Special K is looking out for the NFL players who could avoid a horrible scandal this season. It isn’t uncommon for NFL players to get caught up in domestic violence disputes, and that is something that “ 167 more words

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Special K's 5 Ideas To Help Usher Make His Scandal Go Away [EXCLUSIVE]

For this edition of Special K‘s Top 5, he was touched with sympathy for Usher, who has had a difficult week in the media after information about a lawsuit surrounding his prior herpes diagnosis hit the web. 123 more words

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5 Jobs OJ Simpson Won't Be Offered [EXCLUSIVE]

Come October, O.J. Simpson will be a free man for the first time in almost a decade. He reportedly already has a job offer from a brothel in Nevada, and while that’s another story altogether, it is certainly indicative of the types of jobs that are going to be available to him post-prison. 152 more words

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