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Life lessons

Life is made up of special moments which makes our life worth living. There are many cherished moments in our life which we always keep it close to our heart but sometimes we miss these moments due to stress and fast-pace lifestyle. 259 more words

First word?

If the first word of a child is one that holds meaning and intent…

Then Cora totally just said hers.

Her Grandma is hanging out with her and asked her, “here, you want your pacifier?” And offered the pacifier to her. 38 more words

Special Moments

Volume 1 - Chapter 10

I know, I know, I know. I’ve been slacking on my updates. I’m sorry!! It’s been a little busy and I have been exhausted so haven’t felt like writing. 472 more words



Cora has had a good couple days. She had some serious disequilibrium a few days before – lots of crying and emotions – followed by her new tricks and lots of smiling and socializing. 107 more words

Special Moments

Her own kind of humor?

I never realized how much a baby farts. Like, long, drawn out, dramatic farts. Loud farts. All kinds. And she also loves the way we all turn our heads to her when she does. 37 more words

Special Moments

Hiker achievement

Coraline went on a hike with me and a friend on Friday.

She was having a pretty fussy day, but luckily she really enjoyed walking. She looked around a lot at the trees, the cows, and stared at us. 162 more words

Special Moments

Feed her on the go!

Coraline has a list of her achievements, but my breastfeeding achievements are stacking up, too. We try not to let parenting change what we do, but it does tire us out and slow us down! 159 more words

Special Moments