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My Pandora Story

I learned about Pandora bracelets and charms from Fleur DeForce, a british beauty guru from Youtube. I’ve been watching her videos because I like her style, make-up tutorials and shopping hauls. 628 more words


The Power of Love Notes

Monday was perfectly living up to it’s reputation.

Princess D missed her bus, so I lost 45 minutes of my morning driving her there. Inherited Teen wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t find a way to get her home, and spending time trying to figure that out made me late for work. 147 more words

Daily Dealings

My Kid Captures

Coat Free!  First Day of Spring, 2015.

Photography of my kids, trying to capture those innocent and genuine moments.  A beautiful album, made with love for their present & future selves. 7 more words


Moments To Remember

Sometimes I find myself wondering about how our memory works. There are some conversations I’ve had in the past that I can remember word for word. 676 more words

Solar Eclipse - 20.03.2015

I viewed a (partial) solar eclipse for the very first time today!!! Viewing from Munich, the Moon had covered about 65% of the Sun.

That too on the eve of Spring! 104 more words



Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

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Don’t talk to strangers!

We’ve all heard it before, from our mothers, fathers, babysitters and friends.

“Don’t talk to strangers!”

Well, my mother will tell you that I was absolutely terrible at adhering to that advice. 587 more words

Hopes And Dreams