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My little Monster

She’s a little explorer now. She reaches her body or falls toward objects or people she’s interested by. If she’s in her wheeled walker at Grandma’s she can be found pushing the dogs’ food bowls into corners, ramming dogs in her attempt to pet them, or pulling the dish cloth off its bar to chew on. 199 more words

Special Moments

At the bottom of my garden there is a pale blue shed, In the pale blue shed there is a pale green bike with a basket on the front, and on the handlebars of the pale green bike with the basket on the front, is a bright pink bell with a daisy on top. 584 more words



What catches Coraline’s eye at any stage is fascinating.

When she was brand new it was contrasting shadows from the blinds or on the walls, or the white polka dots on my mom’s black dress. 136 more words

Special Moments


My daughter was born with pink eyelids. It’s no big deal, normal even. Originally it looked just like eyeshadow – I felt like some people even thought I had put it on from the way they asked. 175 more words

Special Moments

Nap battles

Coraline doesn’t like being left alone in her crib for a nap. We usually take turns trying to put her pacifier in until she stops shrieking. 68 more words

Special Moments

My little sunshine

Day light savings have helped with Coraline’s naps, but it seems to be harder for the parents. I woke up tired and grumpy this morning to take her to her appointment, but spending any time with her really brightened my day! 13 more words

Special Moments

Social babe

We are considering bringing her into the nursery for the second half of church now that Coraline spends the first half of church being great and sweet, and the second half wild and shouting out to every one and everything. 184 more words

Special Moments