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"This is the best day ever and you're the best Mummy ever"

“This is the best day ever and you’re the best Mummy ever and I don’t think any other day can top this! “

When you here these words come from your child’s mouth that’s just… 310 more words


"these are a few of my favorite things"

She’s 11 months now! She gets great joy from a few specific things:

Things that shine or sparkle


Bright green

Neon anything


Cats… 89 more words

Special Moments

Old Lady

As Coraline gets bigger every day we groan and grunt just a little more as we lift her. Apparently she has noticed. Today she squatted down to pick up a stuffed animal, then pulled herself up to standing while hugging him. 216 more words

Special Moments

Special Suppers Are So Worth It

School is starting soon (like in 2 weeks) so my brother Josh said he wanted to have a special going-back-to-school supper with me at a fast food place he loves like crazy.  780 more words

Missy Barrett


We have confirmed her first word: Mum. She said it a couple days ago – she was playing with the girl I nanny and I was cleaning up after lunch. 135 more words

Special Moments

Level up +1 music

Achievement unlocked: humming to a song! She was quietly playing with a book that Jeremy had just read to her as we played Miles Davis in the background. 125 more words

Special Moments

secrets at sunset

There’s something quite magical about a bushveld sunset – the birds singing their final songs of the day, as though a lullaby for the ever sinking sun, the colours that start to fill the skies and cast their golden light onto everything they touch and the beginning of night peeping through with the little stars that start to show their shiny faces. 99 more words