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Day 260

Ellie’s big improvement (to come out of Intensive Care) is providing a big new challenge for the Humphreys family. I spoke to Nate about it today, he told me it will be great when Ellie comes home because then he can have more than one parent at a time. 186 more words

Medical Updates And Progress


Recording special moments, keeps special things alive.


TshirtDad: Heart-pricked

It happened and I wasn’t ready.

I never am.


I prepare for it, I even aim toward it knowingly.

And then one day, BAM! It’s happening and I can’t stop it. 426 more words


Lost in Time

As an artist sometimes I become caught up in concepts of Time. With easle in front of me and paintbrush in hand, I sometimes feel as though time crawls, yet it goes by so swiftly.   149 more words

Day 250

Ellie had another great day today and was very keen to chat and interact. It looks like her next big meeting is on Thursday so if any medical changes are made it will likely be then. 69 more words

Medical Updates And Progress

Day 249

Ellie had a really good day today and was happy to see all the visitors  that came to see her (i didn’t have the heart to tell her they were here for Hannah’s baptism as well). 138 more words

Medical Updates And Progress

Day 248

As I write this Ellie will have just about clocked up 24 hours of one to one daddy time. It has been really nice staying with her in the hospital even though she keeps talking me into hugs when we should both be sleeping. 79 more words

Medical Updates And Progress