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Helper girl

Doing the laundry with a helper toddler:

I sort laundry into piles in the hall way. Child starts grabbing random clothes and putting it in piles. 207 more words

Special Moments


I can now say that Coraline is 100% toddler.

This weekend I saw that there were some major developments occurring, and now I see the results. 232 more words

Special Moments

Player 3 entered the game

One part of becoming a mom is hearing every other mother’s struggles. Challenges of parenting relate to self-identity and self-care, to the typical challenges of children and how best to raise them, but also the challenge of working as a team with your partner. 327 more words

Special Moments

Half of the Whole

My hiking adventures have taken me to the mountains, the coast and lots of little nooks and crannies in-between.     The camera in hand captures a lot of special things that I miss on first blush.    117 more words


Little toddler

I am amazed every day by my little experiment’s growth. It isn’t something I truly expected. Changes happen over night.

Yesterday I saw a huge leap in receptive language and she started very noticeably mimicking our speech. 255 more words

Special Moments


I had originally intended to take my Mum to Prague on her last weekend with me in August thinking that she would be flying out on Monday. 254 more words


Secret Garden

There is a place close to home that you can lose yourself in the beauty of nature.    In the the middle of suburbia where you feel like you are in a secret garden.    135 more words