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I visited Kinderdijk with friends – my first road-trip in Europe – in Dec 2006. Basically a long time back and also probably not during the best time of the year to really appreciate this place. 229 more words



Last month, I visited the Herzogstand in the Bavarian Alps. Seemed a perfect summer day with warm sunshine and I forgot how quickly the weather changes here in the mountains. 215 more words


A Charming Corner

The rockers, unselfish with their soothing rhythm,
join the sun’s rays in massaging into deep relaxation

It is only us who breathe in the simplicity of this place, 35 more words


The Best Advice

Someone asked the internet what was the best advice they received as a parent.

Mine was “don’t rush her. She will gain each milestone in her time when she is ready.” 62 more words

Special Moments


Mom came home from Costco today unusually quiet. I watched and listened more intensely all day because it was just plain odd.

The normal routine is this: she glows when she is getting ready to leave for Costco, saying, “OK, kids, gotta go Costco!” and then comes home equally glowing, with heaps of cool stuff to proudly show off to us kids. 1,020 more words

Heart Stuff

Belly Tickles

Belly tickles are really my favorite. When we wake up and after eating our morning dinner, Mom sits down and we gather around and she belly tickles for a few minutes. 138 more words

Heart Stuff

Level Up

One joy of being a parent that I never imagined despite having had studied children for so long is how instantaneously children gain new skills. One day they’re doing fairly simple things and sleeping horribly, then the next night they sleep crazy well and suddenly they’re capable of something you never even saw them attempt. 189 more words

Special Moments