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The last stop at the end of our visit to the Netherlands was the fishing village of Marken. I had read about it on some travel websites and, after the events of the prior day, I thought it would be easier if we were just to drive about and do something less strenuous. 519 more words



Coraline pulled her Grandma’s apron off of the chair back and held the ties. Normally with long string-like bits of fabric she would wave it around and chew on it, noisily chatting and smacking her lips. 168 more words

Special Moments

Balance of rest

A challenge I’ve had lately is how to balance life so Coraline gets enough rest, but also how to get done what I need to do. 190 more words

Special Moments


After the events in Leiden, Mum was not in a good mood… I thought we’d drive up to Delft and have dinner…maybe that would cheer her up. 282 more words



Coraline has started sticking hee tongue out and took 5 whole steps, both done today. Just yesterday she seemed shakier and clumsier than today. She couldn’t open to drawers until today either. 17 more words

Special Moments

Quiet time

I love morning nap time. I’m not sure how I’ll manage work in the Fall when I won’t get these 1-2 hour time periods where she’s asleep and I just get to REST and recharge, sipping coffee slowly. 222 more words

Special Moments


My grandson loves to dance he has been moving since he was a tiny little guy. The faster the music the more fun he has and just giggles and giggles. 239 more words