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Good Friends

Coraline is becoming more familiar with some specific friends of ours. Today 3 came over to visit. She recognized them all and felt comfortable with all of them. 262 more words

Special Moments

Stubborn sleep

People say to savor the precious times when your child falls asleep in your arms.

I really do now. I won’t tell a newborn’s mom that when all she wants is a moment to not hold her child. 131 more words

Special Moments

Follow directions

I need to be careful. Coraline has been able to understand commands like “come here,” “leave it,” “no mouth,” but she is getting very sly now. 209 more words

Special Moments

Captivating Moments

Do you ever have moments where you simply look at the people around you and realize how happy you are and truly capture it? Moments that make you visually step back and admire your loved ones are sincerely the most powerful in my opinion. 483 more words

It takes a village

The two lessons I’ve learned in my year of being a parent is that

1)every child is different, and

2)every person parents differently,

3)but it also takes a village to raise a child. 320 more words

Special Moments

Big girl

There are a few things that this 29″ 19lb big kid does now that she can walk and almost run, and a few things that she used to love and will no longer tolerate. 94 more words

Special Moments

there always be sky

Whatever happens, there always be sky with its blue depth, fluffy clouds, birds, sunsets, and stars, with its constant change and energy. The sky that I could observe endlessly. 33 more words

Special Moments