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Bin Weevils Winter Wonderland - Snow Weevil Hunt Locations!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Bin Weevils Winter Wonderland party is now in full swing across the Bin Scape! One of the party’s amazing features is a Build-Your-Own Snowman Hunt which is going on around the Bin, and today it’s our job to provide you with the locations. 261 more words

Bin Weevils

The Winter Wonderland has arrived in the Bin!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s getting nearer and nearer to Christmas! Infact, there is only 12 days until Christmas Day – eeeeek! To get into the Christmas festivities, the Bin Weevils Team have released an AMAZING new area called the Winter Wonderland. 441 more words

Bin Weevils

The Halloween Vault Has Now Opened!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Tastic news, weevils! The vault inside the Halloween Crypt underneath Flem Manor has lifted it’s chains and is now unlockable with two scary keys from the two different Halloween games; Magic Manor and Spooky Science. 236 more words

Bin Weevils

Spooky Science Is Now Available To Play - Unlock Your Bat Special Move!

Hello Bin Weevils!

This may not be new news to many of you weevils, but to me it certainly is! Spooky Science has now officially opened for both regular and Tycoon weevils to play. 583 more words

Bin Weevils

mp3: Johnny Polygon "Vacation Suicide"

Vacation Suicide, who even know what that means.. ┬áJohnny P, easy floating on this cloudy beat provided by @Closer and @mutabeatz. It’s clear Polygon still hasn’t figured out if he’s a rapper or a singer as he provides an illustrious hook on this b-side track. 46 more words


UMvC3 Character Analysis - Nemesis T-Type

AWWWW YEAH!  Nemesis, the b a mo fo from the Resident Evil series makes his first fighting game appearance ever in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3! 1,710 more words

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Club Penguin Tactical Gear Special Move

There’s a new special move which member elite agents can do with the new EPF Tatical gear, check it out below:

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