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Mommy, What's a C-O-N-D-....?

I just read a post over at Underdaddy.com that got me thinking about how thankful I am that Pebbles is a late bloomer in the reading department. 424 more words


A small improvement, and we're glad of it...

All my frantic printing, laminating, velcro-ing and reinforcing yesterday morning yielded positive results.  J didn’t have a tantrum last night.  He still asked for enough bandaids to immobilize a small animal, and he’s still wearing a piece of a leg of a pair of tights over his right hand, but no tantrum is progress. 177 more words


Family Matters: Explaining Why I Have "Bad Days"

by Lillian Csernica on June 28, 2015


I don’t like to think of myself as having a mental illness.  For me, that conjures up images of people wearing straightjackets while they huddle inside padded rooms.  268 more words


Elphaba, Attitude and a Glass of Water.

“Something has changed within me…something is not the same.”

Okay okay, enough Elphaba – we’re not here to to quote musicals (although that sounds like a fun blog post, amiright?!?).  433 more words

Special Needs

Left Brain vs. Right Brain. Who Wins?

I mentioned in April that The Rock, Pebbles and I were far away from home getting treatment for Pebbles. And in May I told you a little bit about the… 334 more words


Bizigal, Disability or Special Education for Teens?

Getting started

For the past few years I have seen an enormous increase in my blog readers and outside writing assignments. There has been much conversation with some of the issues I have written about. 249 more words

Special Needs