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Autism & Empathy (A LOT of it)

There is a common misconception that people who have Autism lack empathy. I beg to differ. Autistic people may have difficulty at times understanding the emotions of others around them (honestly, don’t we all?), but that does not mean that they lack empathy. 1,081 more words

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I've got to stop trying to take Maura to Whole Foods

“I’m going to the store.” I stupidly said out loud.

“Wait for me!” Maura said, grabbing her backpack, shoving a pony into it.  “I’m ready!” 1,037 more words

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The Art of Coughing

It was a rough night. It’s hard caring for another sick person when you aren’t feeling so great yourself. Carys has a cold. That’s all it is, just a cold. 627 more words

Life With A Special Needs Child

Daily News!!!


Terri King

Dylan decided he didn’t want to walk down the steps this morning, he thought it would be fun to slide down them instead. 93 more words

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Adventures with Montessori and Autism: Practical Activities

We are all over the map with Montessori right now. According to the book I am following (1), Beth is in period 4 for Math and writing, and a mixture of period 2, 3, 4 for everything else. 1,117 more words


Appropriate Instruments for Special Needs-Small Percussion


Over the years I have tried a range of instruments with the children with special needs. Today I want to share the “small percussion” instruments that I have found have worked best. 451 more words

Special Needs

May 27th, 2015 - Dissections and an end to ideas of a long distance relationship

My morning began unchanged until I reached the Marine Science classroom, and we got straight to work. Since we have nothing else to do our teacher decided we’d be dissecting fish and starfish today. 336 more words