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When things go south

Yesterday, Maura had a meltdown in public.

This is not new to us. When you have all the feelings and not always a way to communicate them, meltdowns happen. 492 more words

Special Needs

Ice to mud

Here I go again…this desire of mine to share a bit of my life with someone.  It’s not as though I believe I’m someone special.  But I do believe that I’m a unique person, as everyone is, and I have a unique story to tell.  521 more words

Living In Eternity

Idle Hands are Indeed the Devil's Playground

Many look forward to upcoming school holidays as times of relaxation and recuperation. I, on the other hand, dread them like a pending root canal. Kids with ASD and Down Syndrome love routine and when the routine of going to school is canceled, you’re going to pay. 588 more words


When your child is diagnosed with epilepsy.

At the point of diagnosis Bam was having about 10 seizures a day. He would suddenly lose consciousness and fall to the floor. We would then have that agonising few second wait (which felt like much longer) for Bam to come back to us. 340 more words

Just thought I'd let you know

Monday 16th January

Just thought I’d let you know

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Despite all my pain and sorrow

I’ll keep thinking of you, as tears flow. 82 more words


The Very Best Way Ever to Distract a Child

Let me qualify this post by saying this was not originally my idea. A few years ago when Ben had his first MACE/Mitrofanoff surgery, we had a behavioral consultant who gave us this idea. 277 more words

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