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She Shared an Article

That sounds incredibly harmless, doesnt it?  But that article, and the comment string, got me upset – actually, SAD – enough to sit down and start this blog and begin pouring my two cents onto this darn site. 1,198 more words


August 29, 2016: Sick, yelling, crying

Who she was today was sick.  Her tonsils huge and her nose dripping.  But still begging to go out to play with her friends, to be free of the consequences from yesterday when she hit C repeatedly.   750 more words

Mental Illness

Early mornings

Monday 29th August

You always liked to wake up early, have breakfast, then go outside in the fresh air.

In 2011 on this day, we were holidaying on Hilton Head Island, and you loved going down to the swimming pool before anyone else. 162 more words


Winter of her discontent

She stood there in the snow..
Her breath coming out in frosty plumes.
She stared at the icicles hanging from the eave of the building. 101 more words

A Mental Health Truth: One Child Can Impact an Entire Family

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. The negative behavior of one child profoundly impacts the family – soon touching every member.

Sadly, there’s no quick escape. 697 more words


Who they are today

I decided to call this blog “who they are today” because it feels like every day C and I wake up and wonder, will the kids be themselves today? 286 more words

Mental Illness