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The journey begins with our son and HFA

My son has recently been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA).

With this diagnosis, it brought with it a feeling of fear, guilt, shame, confusion. What does this mean? 1,228 more words

Speaking Our Truth

And life goes on

Tuesday 23rd October

And life goes on

As mine stands still

That you’re not here

Only dreams fulfil

My heart is broken

It does still beat… 20 more words


Which one is not like the others?

Your eyes are still glued shut but your ears are fully awake. It could be a mile away but a new mom has impeccable hearing for her newborn babies cry. 1,125 more words

Teaching Special Needs Children Led Me To Be A Better Minimalist.

She stared blankly at the math question that was explained, broken down, torn apart and simplified to it’s bare essentials. The silence was deafening and both our anxiety swelled within the four white walls of the room. 889 more words


An Overview of SPD

In episode 43 of The Whole House podcast, Kathleen and I discuss what exactly is Sensory Processing Disorder.  The book, The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A. 326 more words

Can Halloween be inclusive for children with Additional/Special Needs?

Halloween literally means the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saint’s Day, a day celebrated on the 1st November each year.  The name Halloween is a shortened version of All Hallows’ Evening which is celebrated on 31st October.   865 more words

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Life is constantly changing. Every decision we make affects the course of your life and hopefully we learn from them. Mistakes are inevitable but necessary . 872 more words