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Keeping Busy Versus Over Stimulation-6 Ways Parents Can Plan Out A Reasonable PED Day

Yesterday was another PED DAY. Michael was thrilled that he was home from school and looking forward to his day off. For me, it was great to have him home, and we enjoyed doing stuff together, but it was, as usual, about finding the balance in not overdoing activity and becoming overstimulated. 629 more words

Monday Therapy

OT and ST went great yesterday! They said that his attention span with directed activity improved also during the time he was using his sign for “more”. 316 more words

Getting Real World Experience at Special Needs Job Fair

TAYLOR — High school students are preparing for life after graduation whether it be more schooling or the workforce.

With graduation day just months away, Scranton High School senior Amina Durant practices her job interview skills during a job fair for students with special needs. 284 more words



Tuesday 25th October

Nothing will erase

The love I have for you

Your wonderful memories

Stay safely in my heart

Precious Angel son

Thinking of you as always.



Safe Places & Safe Spaces

A couple weeks ago I blogged about our experience in the transition from Middle School to High School.  I was (and still am) SO SO SO impressed by our Assistant Principal.   704 more words

I recently heard a radio programme that was very moving and very interesting.  It illustrates my views on the disabled very well and goes with some of my blog posts so I thought I would share it.  143 more words

I got called out today for having 2 "Too Many" items in my grocery cart . . .

I got called out today for having two “too many” grocery items for the line I was in.  The 20+ something clerk, after I asked… 2,507 more words