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Up-Syndrome: Why We Can Learn More From People With Special Needs Than They Can Learn From Us

I was about 11 the first time I truly realized what a blessing it is to know someone with special needs.

I will never forget it. 2,196 more words

A to Z challenge - How did we do?

Here we are, last day of April.

Emily and I completed our A to Z challenge.

It didn’t go exactly like we planned but we did it, we posted 26 posts and just in case you missed some, here they are! 389 more words

Life Lesson

A to Z Challenge - Day 26 - Z


Emily picked zoo for our last word of this challenge

But the thing is, Emily didn’t write anything about the zoo so I will show you animals from our local zoo.  143 more words

Life Lesson

Autism Awareness Month - Day 30

Autism Awareness Month
Day 30
Final installment

What next…..

Well, what has this achieved???
I suppose that is for you all to tell me!

Please do. 474 more words

When I'm gone

Saturday 30th April

When I came across this poem, by Mrs. Lyman Hancock it really made me think of you.
I sighed.
I smiled.
A tear fell. 214 more words


Pass the Herbs & Feed the Brain

We are what we eat – as the saying goes. And for individuals with mental health issues, the statement rings even louder.  After much trial and error through the years, here’s how I feed my children’s brains. 606 more words


Why I have a love hate relationship with BabyCenter.com

Babycenter.com was designed to allow soon to be parents to follow the progress of their child’s development while they were in the mother’s womb. The site not only provides information and realistic pictures while the child is developing in the first 9 months, but it gives expectations and milestones children should be accomplishing in different periods of their lives. 537 more words

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