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Our Fight as Parents of Special Needs Kids in School

School meetings have literally left me with PTSD due to the trauma I have had fighting just to obtain my son’s right to an education; and even though we are now through the other side and have had had some great sets of school teams to work with him, I still have to take a step back when I disagree with something that is said in an IEP meeting to make sure I’m not reacting from a past trauma instead of reacting to what is actually going on. 349 more words

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Is there an app for that? Y a-t-il une appli pour ceci?

It is so overwhelming to find good apps!  I thought I would share with you the tricks I have learned.

First, I don’t start in the app stores because I don’t find their search features very helpful, unless I know the exact name of the app and what the app icon looks like. 489 more words

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Listen , Slowly - Thanhha Lai

Hannah A.

  A mystery in Vietnam. Mai travels to Vietnam with Ba ( Mai’s grandmother) after learning that her grandfather, that disappeared during the Vietnam war, may still be alive. 60 more words

An Ode To Sweet Caroline

Almost a year ago I (finally) met my new comrade, named Caroline.

Yes, my wheelchair has a name.

You honestly didn’t think I’d let a CP Awareness month go by without a post about… 95 more words


The Importance of Reaching Out / #specialneeds #community #thisAmericanQuilt #socialdevelopment #minecraft 

 updated 9:04pm 3/23/17

A great concern of parents with children who have special needs is the social integration of their children into the community. Most times, those with Downs Syndrome and on the autism spectrum experience social isolation. 1,449 more words

What to say to your child when terror strikes

It is a very sad day when we have to consider this concept. But the reality is that we live in a world where there are humans who wish other humans harm. 607 more words

Special Needs

Day 265 -No good excuses

No good excuses. I’ll try and work out why I went doolally, but there’s no particularly good reason. I just did. And then once I had started… 362 more words

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