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Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple

Day 7. Today would be described as a happy calm sort of day for me. I somehow finished nearly half of my weeks work in one day… hooray for baby finally being back on his happy-go-lucky -self schedule and I invented a ‘turtle’ cookie that I still need to perfect the filling on, but overall… a very easy and simple day. 751 more words

There is no one ANYTHING fits all, in parenting a child with special needs.

I have boy/girl twins and that by itself is a challenge, as you can imagine.  Throw in your daughter having special needs, well… that becomes unimaginable for many and quite honestly in the first year of their lives it was for me too.   787 more words

A little progress each day adds up to big results!

So many updates, so little time! We saw Carter’s pediatrician today, who said he looked great. She’s really excited for our visit to the neuro-ophthalmologist in March. 109 more words


One of "Those" Moms...

“Did you know she was missing her arm?”

Nearly three years later, and I still remember the exact phrase she said. I also remember every feeling I felt when I heard them. 799 more words


Angel in the wind

Thursday 23rd February

You’re my Angel in the wind

Whispering through the trees

Dancing across the wave crests

And flying high in the breeze

Up there in the passing clouds… 46 more words


The Mixed Emotions of Special Needs Parenting

I don’t know how to feel. I am literally torn. Part of me is beaming with pride, another part of me is fuming with anger, another part of me is shaking with fear and then there is that part of me that is just plain exhausted. 512 more words

Down Syndrome