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It isn't Easy Being Cheesy

When I turned sixteen my mother planned a surprise birthday party.  As parties go it wasn’t much of an event.  I did not have a lot of friends, and very few female friends.  1,033 more words


Let's Be Blunt: The Illusion of Inclusion

Author: Karen Copeland

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a long time now. Most of you will not be surprised this post is about the challenges families face with their children who have special needs being included in the public education system. 1,707 more words



I suppose boys will be boys (regardless of the number of chromosomes they have).

Freddie loves his new camera. So much so that he took it with him when he went to the toilet. 69 more words

Proselytizing & Disability

This isn’t exactly a Catholic topic, but there’s three main reasons I wanted to write about it.

  • I like that the Catholic Church isn’t as into proselytizing as other denominations of Christianity.
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I am 29 and I am fine

I just finished a month-long placement at The Beverley School. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present than getting to spend time with such loving, rad kids and working in a place that is so friendly and life altering. 18 more words


When Thanksgiving Doesn't Look Right

When I was little I loved watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year.   I would get excited when they started showing the commercials announcing the day and time that it would be on TV.   607 more words

Special Needs

Playground snapshot

My son is 4.  He has a severe speech and language disorder and global development difficulties.  His spoken output is severely limited – possibly a hand full of complete words, and then (after 2 years of speech therapy and constant practice at home) a lot of mostly prosodic but unintelligible utterances.   369 more words