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Thanks everyone!

Hey there Clawtropicans! Guess what. 😏

Believe me, I didn’t think Clawtropica would come that far this year, since there are so many new amazing active fan-blogs, that it seemed impossible that Clawtropica, a blog that just revived from the dead land could make it so far. 133 more words

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Sick Leave

As much as I hate doing this, I’m taking a sick leave until July 22nd. :(

I’ll see you all again on July 23rd with a  8 more words

Of Pens & Paper

Blogger Recognition Award + BLOGVERSARY

It’s still unreal. Exactly 1 year ago to the day, I launched Of Pens and Paper, not expecting anything. And now? Over 100 followers, and an awesome-looking new design. 403 more words

Of Pens & Paper

TMAOBN Fan-Fiction is coming back! Well, sorta...

I know what you’re all thinking.

Myron Van Buren: PC!! Wasn’t that fan-faction dead?!

Me: No! Well, yes…  But it’s coming back, so stop talking and let me continue… Also, why are you here?! 137 more words

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Nominate Clawtropica for the Poppies 2017!

Hey there Clawtropicans, it’s me Purple Claw, and it’s time for the Poppies 2017 AKA my favorite time of the year!

The Poppies is the biggest event in the Poptropica community, and so many things happen! 226 more words

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Theory Time: The Most Dangerous Villain

Poptropica is a world filled with so many characters, but among them, there are a few with an evil attitude. I’m talking about the villains, of course! 766 more words

Special Posts

The Films of Edgar Wright

In honor of Baby Driver being released, I’d like to take a moment and highlight the films of one of my favorite writer/directors working today: Edgar Wright. 1,190 more words

Special Posts