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A Little Postponement

Based on the decision of Penact Group’s Board of Executive to shift the coming competition’s date, it has been agreed upon by other members of the organization to shift the competition’s date two weeks further. 38 more words

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Cats At Christie Street

A “Cats At The Bar” Parody!

“Oh honey (Keanu Reeves) did the kitties get fed yet?” “Cause I’m waiting…..” “For the last two hours!!!”

The real Cats at The Bar blog can be found at: 8 more words

Photos And Images

Oh, screw beautiful. I'm brilliant.

*This post which was originally published on Sept. 29. 2014 is still one of the most popular and regularly read posts on my blog! So I thought I would do us all a favour and just re-publish it today. 582 more words


A Lovely Blog Award

River Hayden, the youngest author of a soon to be published book that I have known has generously nominated me and my blog Surprising Lives for The Lovely Blog Award! 405 more words

Special Posts

The Fans of Clutter

God!  Why can’t I sleep?

It’s an epidemic.

Of what?

Cultural amnesia.  It was once quite common for families to be up in the middle of the night.  839 more words


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My precious friend and mind reader Floridaborne 1/2 of Two on a Rant. Just wrote this great post and I'm sure she somehow stole some of my thoughts to put in it..... (https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/the-fans-of-clutter/comment-page-1/#comment-5739) surprisinglives.net

quiet hush

I am thinking of you!

My Thoughts

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Sweet MichelleMarie and her Blog Tell me about it, always has such beautiful calming poetic things. surprisinglives.net

Wordless Wednesday: let the sunshine in

Let the Sunshine In is a song from the brilliant 1967 anti-war musical Hair. Protest from a more innocent age? 20 more words


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From Su Leslie's Blog Zimmerbitch. surprisinglives.net