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Top 5 Fun But Random Things To Do

Hello everybody! G is back, and I’m doing a Top 5 list! This list has things to do for fun, and are just a bit random. 388 more words

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Why I Hate Poptropica Shipping

WARNING: This is my opinion. I don’t care if you ship yourself with Myron van Buren, or whatever, nothing’s stopping you. You don’t have to break up your OTP because of this post. 378 more words

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Poptropica Review: Time Tangled Island

Hey there, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw, and today I’m going to review Time Tangled Island! The reason why I’m doing this, is because Time Tangled is one of… 580 more words

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Favourite Things from 2016 | Resolutions for 2017

Every New Year begins with the best intentions of being a healthier, smarter, more organised, and/or ‘better’ person; but let’s be honest, these often poorly planned and unrealistic resolutions we make rarely last long. 940 more words


Interviewing... A Girly Lime!

Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here!

You’re probably confused by the title, aren’t ya? :P Well, I’m actually interviewing Ylimegirl!

Ylimegirl, also known as Ylime or Emily, is a teenage girl with a name that has too many ways to pronounce (why-lime? 1,142 more words

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For The Depressed- Where There Is Life, There Is... 

If there’s been anything I’ve ever believed wholeheartedly, it’s the fact that nothing bad could ever happen to me.

I don’t know how I can still believe this, with all the chaos going on in my life, I don’t know how I can still convince myself of this.

605 more words
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TMAOBN Update (11/01/2017)

Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here!

As I mentioned in my previous post, today I’m going to talk about the Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle  439 more words

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