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The Special Relationship: Keep Calm and cash the Marshall Plan check

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is the second half of a two-part miniseries on British and American perspectives of the “special relationship” between those two countries. … 2,311 more words


The Special Relationship: A Star-Spangled Friendship

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is the first half of a two-part miniseries in which the FBB staff, with the help of a guest writer, will reexamine Britain and America’s special relationship. 1,077 more words


Bit worried about the Nuclear codes comment....

Read this…none of it is good but the comment about the codes is a bit of a nightmare…

We need to remember that Europe is our other main ally…we may need them soon….its looking like we can’t rely on the special relationship…. 54 more words


A very special relationship

While the Trump administration got it wrong yet again, with its list of “under-covered” terrorist attacks … British PM May’s attempt to encourage a very special relationship with the abominable Trump administration received a blow. 111 more words


A Faustian Special Relationship

Donald Trump has recently been critising his democratic allies, but he has been eager to revive the special relationship with the UK. Likewise, Theresa May has… 1,192 more words

The May Trump axis of ignorance: a zombie version of the special relationship

THEY made oddest couple in international politics: the belligerent misogynist and the vicar’s daughter. Theresa May literally walking hand-in-hand with Donald Trump outside the White House was a spectacle of toe-curling embarrassment for most of us. 1,216 more words

Playing long and loose with people's land and lives

On April 2, 1982, Argentine forces launched the invasion of the Falkland Islands, beginning the Falklands War. There was a resounding condemnation of the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands by British politicians and press alike. 1,087 more words