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Day 18

Ode to a beloved but tragically lost yellow ball

They said I would get over you,

That there would be another.

But they didn’t understand the bond we had: 47 more words

Trump, May Meet at Davos Amid Strained Relations

U.K. leader appeared to tread carefully during her speech but stressed Britain’s ‘special’ relationship with the U.S.

By Jenny Gross
The Wall Street Journal… 361 more words

With Friends Like Trump....

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So President Trump isn’t coming to open the new US embassy (pictured above). Outrageous cries the Foreign Secretary and others: “We won’t let a puffed up pompous popinjay damage the special relationship!’ Boris Johnson says of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. 529 more words

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Solve et Coagula: What is happening to Russo-British trade?

“Mock on; thou hast a place of refuge; I am alone, an exile soon to be.” —Euripides, “Medea”

The 29 November Russo-British Business Forum (RBBF), held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, hallmarked continued efforts to mend Anglo-Russian business ties. 1,634 more words


British government decides to play down row with Donald Trump over anti-Muslim videos -- "Somebody has to be the adult"


LONDON (AFP) – The British government sought Thursday to play down an extraordinary row with US President Donald Trump after he castigated Prime Minister Theresa May for rebuking him over anti-Muslim tweets, even as individual politicians expressed outrage. 725 more words