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U.S. Talks

U.S. Talks.
Yank and Limey, together we must stand.
Red white and blue, always hand in hand.
Both face the world, democracy our core.
Freedom, integration, integrity and more. 228 more words


Bastards! — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

New Zealand used to have a special relationship with Turkey but that is now all in the past. Our veterans used to feel welcome in Turkey but that is all now in the past.

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Appeasing Trump won't work, May must be stronger

As condolences from world leaders flooded in after the attacks on London this weekend President Trump once again flouted the most basic of diplomatic norms. 522 more words


Britain's May to raise Manchester attack leaks with Trump


© AFP | A soldier patrols outside 10 Downing Street, the official residence of Britain’s Prime Minister, in central London on May 24, 2017… 213 more words

A Course in Miracles Chapter 17: Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship

The title for chapter 17 is Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship. Within this chapter are the following sub-titles: Bringing Fantasy to Truth, The Forgiven World, Shadows of the Past, The Two Pictures, The Healed Relationship, Setting the Goal, The Call for Faith, and The Conditions of Faith. 620 more words


A Course in Miracles Chapter 16: The Forgiveness of Illusions

The title for chapter 16 is The Forgiveness of Illusions. Within this chapter are the following sub-titles: The Empathy, The Power of Holiness, The Reward of Teaching, The Illusion of the Reality of Love, The Choice for Completion, The Bridge to the Real World, and The End of Illusions. 570 more words


America and European Relations

Although there is a perception that the US is a member of the “West” (or west of Mesopotamia, if that can be called a definition, given the exclusion of Latin America and Africa), it has a far more complex relationship with its “partners”, or vassals to be more precise, on the European continent. 594 more words