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The Alternative Future: The New ‘Special Relationship’ – Bernie and Corbyn 2020

Article originally published in The Young Turks:

Over the last few decades, since the end of World War Two, the ‘special relationship’ has been a phrase used to define the close relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom. 538 more words


Our Special Relationship with a bully

In 1941 the USA under President Roosevelt started the Lend-Lease program under which it supplied $31 billion (equivalent to $413 billion today) worth of supplies to Britain to help it defend its sovereignty. 157 more words

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Just Desserts?

For all it’s supposed evils, fraping, grooming, cyber bullying, and those Nigerian millions I still have yet to receive, the internet is actually a fairly splendid virtual world. 1,161 more words

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President Obama Has Criticism for European Allies: David Cameron was distracted during Libya crisis, French president Nicolas Sarkozy of seeking to hog the spotlight

US president criticises Europe over failure to prevent ‘mess’ after Gaddafi fell and warns that special relationship comes with conditions

By Rowena Mason
The Guardian… 972 more words

US Defence Secretary Weighs in on Trident

The US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has come out stating that in order for the UK to maintain a presence on the world stage and keep a “outsized” the renewal of Trident is a must. 325 more words