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A Declining “Special Relationship”?

The United States and the United Kingdom have long maintained close ties. Since World War II, the two countries have maintained a “Special Relationship” characterized by deeply rooted connections across politics, trade, arts and sciences, government and military operations.   153 more words

24 Answers America has for Britain

Over at Buzzfeed, Robin Edds has posited 24 questions his country has for mine. As someone who fancies himself an expert in this matter, I thought I’d do him the favour of answering. 1,114 more words


A Special Relationship

This month MCIL’s newsletter will have an article on disability history and activism. It will talk about how MCIL was born out of activism and how important the Go4M was in creating our local centre of Independent Living. 644 more words


The UK's "special" relationship

Ahhhh, Sweet
Both hanging on every word
uttered by the other.
Best buddies in a world

That “special relationship” renewed.
Until MAY 2015. 274 more words


Real True Love

Lady Sylvia Ashley with Douglas Fairbanks and her nephew, Timothy Bleck, 1937

I have noticed a trend of late that both pleases and surprises me. Our popular culture has begun to acknowledge the power, velocity and validity of a mother’s love. 545 more words