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Race relations on both sides of the Atlantic (1/3)

I wish to draw a parallel between the integration of minorities into civil society after the Second Wold War on both sides of the Atlantic. In the case of the United Kingdom largely driven by a shortage of labour post-Second Wold War which opened the door to the colonies, and in the case of United Sates it was the efforts of Civil Rights movement which lead to the dismantling of the Jim Crow form of race caste system. 577 more words

After Brexit, A Swift US-UK Free Trade Agreement Will Be Economically And Diplomatically Beneficial

The National Review might not be down on all the fine details of Brexit*, and quite possibly put too much faith in the elimination of tariffs as a means of spurring trade, given the modern shift toward non-tariff barriers, but their forthright and optimistic call for a swift US-UK trade agreement is most welcome nonetheless. 831 more words

UK Politics

The Special Relationship

Boris, King of Oxford gently closed the Cabinet office door behind them as he and Nigel Farage exited into the hallway. They watched as Wing Commander Tom and the Prime Minister scampered away towards her private office, engaged in animated whispering. 1,096 more words

The US Declares War on Britain

There is no need to panic regarding this fanciful Daily Express style headline. For one thing, the President-elect has not yet got his hands on the nuclear codes, so we have some breathing room ahead of any US invasion of the United Kingdom. 1,362 more words


Ambassador Barzun meets Kidspiration

Ambassador Barzun met Hope from Kidspiration earlier this week, who interviewed him on his life as a diplomat.

Kidspiration is an online channel created for and made by kids, who interview people from around the world. 49 more words


Viva Wallonia . There are lots of special "substate" arrangements in the EU and Sturgeon has every right to demand one for Scotland

THE first time Nicola Sturgeon met Theresa May was in June, shortly after she had become Prime Minister. They got on well, we were told. As women at the summit of politics, they have a lot in common, and May was trying to present herself as a more down-to-earth leader than the Eton elitists she had replaced. 1,359 more words

Sturgeon wants a special relationship with the EU. She just might get one.

Read her lips: “I am determined that Scotland will have the ability to reconsider the option of independence before the UK leaves the EU.” That was the passage from Nicola Sturgeon’s first speech to the SNP conference that made the headlines and aroused the 3000 odd activists at the SNP conference to a pitch of ecstasy. 1,176 more words