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Weird with a side of turkey bacon

There’s nothing special to report, just the fact that I’m hemorrhaging currency out of every orifice in my financial body (aka, the usual).

This ***)))SPECIAL REPORT(((*** was told to me by my sister-in-law’s brother’s 2nd wife.   1,989 more words


Operators mature business models to differentiate during ongoing price war

By Eric Costa, Telecom Analyst

Operators that do not adjust their business models to remain competitive in 2015 will be left behind in the long term. 1,298 more words


Wi-Fi poised to disrupt cellular model

By Chris Antlitz, Telecom Senior Analyst

Wi-Fi becoming viable alternative to cellular

Wi-Fi is becoming a viable alternative to traditional cellular service, not only offering data, but also voice and text services. 2,036 more words


True Self Test (You Betcha!)

Let’s have some fun today with

***))) SPECIAL REPORT (((***

Instead of a news report or a rant, let’s delve into the mysterious world of fake psychics, or psychic fakers. 701 more words


Special Report: Watch This Fun Video about Monthly Giving

Experts have been telling nonprofit organizations for decades to start a monthly giving program.

Have you listened? Does your nonprofit organization have a monthly giving program? 308 more words


Poetic Insomnia License

Usually, my post for NWR is up and scheduled 2 weeks in advance. But this is national poetry month. 

Lest you think I write poetry so that I can go to parties, sound like I should be living in a castle and bore people with my artsy-ness, that’s not why I write it.   961 more words


Cleaning up your writing

))))****SPECIAL REPORT****((((

(And it only took 2 months to write it)

All right, I admit it.  I started this post on December 2 and didn’t touch it again until 5 days ago.   586 more words