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Dominican Republic lodges some 30K Venezuelans

Venezuela’s drawn-out political, social and economic crisis, to which the Organization of American States adds humanitarian, has prompted the country’s most massive exodus since its independence 206 years ago. 158 more words


A New Fav: Law & Order Special Victims Unit

Okay, so tell me if I’m wrong – you hear the words “Law & Order”…how you feel?

BOREDT. Am I right? Which is the primary reason why I  438 more words


Kevin Spacey Came Out In The Worst Way Possible

So, I really want to know what kind of world we live in, son. Like, when did coming out as gay make up for pedophilia, man? 421 more words

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SVU 18.18. SVU 18.19. SVU 18.20. The Simpsons 28.20. The Simpsons 28.21. The Simpsons 28.22. The Good Fight 1.07. The Good Fight 1.08. The Good Fight 1.09. The Leftovers 3.03. The Leftovers 3.04

Transparent won’t be back till 2018 and Shameless will be back in November, not October, that means I may have a bit more free time in late September/October, so I’m postponing the remaining shows I need to catch up on till then. 422 more words

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Greys 13.23. SVU 18.17. The Middle 8.22. Scandal 6.13. Nashville 5.14

Greys 12.23

Brooke!? Jo’s name is Brooke?! Is Shonda running out of name ideas, does she not remember there was an intern called Heather Brooks?! Same as with Mer’s sister Maggie and Owen’s sister Megan. 563 more words

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