Guilty Crown OVA: Lost Christmas

Bundled with the PC game “Guilty Crown Lost Christmas” comes an animated short, an OVA to the original series following new protagonists Scrooge and Carol, a few years prior to Shu’s crowning with the Void Genome. 389 more words


Another 0 (OVA): I've Missed Mei...

In for a bit of a treat this week with the release of the Winter 2012‘s horror series’, Another, prologue episode. Recounting Mei’s friendship with her once lost twin, Misaki, just a short period of time prior to her entry into the third year class and the subsequent horrors we saw in the main series, Another 0 shows Mei in a new light compared to her usually stoic nature. 460 more words

Winter 2012

C³ OVA: Overcome Your Fears, or She'll Curse You

Remember that show with cute girls that were actually cursed tools? And the male protagonist who could hold his own in a kitchen with a naked girl? 288 more words


A Channel....♥

Hey minna,
it’s a bit unorthodox, but, because I didn’t have anything slated for viewing today, I found myself reminiscing.  Looking through past series and updating log files, when I came across this, and felt I should share… 323 more words

Fall 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Criosee - Special Edition "Concert"

Hey minna,
back with a special addition of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, “Concert”. The title at the beginning says episode “4.5”, I guess this occurs, plot-wise, after Yune first goes to Alice’s house and before her encounter with the vagrant boy and gets lost in the Gallery.   166 more words