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Contraband Specialty Coffee

Many may know of Chris Legge from his Brunswick Street café, Newtown Specialty Coffee. It’s there that he met his calling, and went on to establish his own roasting label, Contraband Coffee Traders. 157 more words

Specialty Coffee

O'Henry's Coffee- Turtles are Awesome!

City: Homewood (Birmingham, AL)
Stop: O’Henry’s Coffee
Drink: Frosted Turtle, Mocha Chip
Extras: Strawberry Cake and Oreo Brownie

We left our home to seek out a venue for a particularly important event in our near future and on leaving, we made our way towards Birmingham. 463 more words


Those Were The Days

I took a trip back in time last week. When I was just a kid my dad used to take me to a father and son owned barber shop on Pigeon Hill, Bloomington’s  667 more words

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Bộ thiết bị đo hóa học nước có thể được tìm thấy ở các công ty bán bộ lọc nước và các website cung cấp bể nuôi cá. 1,639 more words


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Bài viết này mình xin phép được dịch từ Chương 8  “Nước” trong cuốn sách “The Professional Barista’s Handbook” của tác giả Scott Rao.

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Of sipping and spitting

So lately I joined the sipping and spitting club!

Let us say I am half way there, thanks to one phenomenal lady, Mbula Musau through  435 more words


Phase 1 of opening Parker's Cup

Phase 1 of Parker’s Cup coffee shop ! Here is some pictures of the construction inside and outside building. It’s a small space but it’s ours and it’s coming along !! 97 more words

Parker's Cup