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Biodiveristy and...beer?

Learning about the Shannon-Weaver Diversity Index or need a quick refresher? Here is a fun article that presents diversity in two different “communities” (refrigerators) in terms of richness and evenness. 6 more words

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Seasonality explains the global species richness of waterfowl

Latitudinal gradients drive the diversity of many species groups; there are more species near the Equator. Birds also follow this rule. However, birds, including waterfowl, have a second peak around the 45° N latitude. 420 more words


Fish swimming toward poles as fast as they can to escape global warming

Study projects major shifts in species richness patterns

Staff Report

FRISCO — Many fish species are racing away from the equator and toward the poles to escape steadily warming ocean temperatures. 416 more words


Random Sampling Activity

Random Sampling Activity-

In this activity, you will use the quadrat method to measure the average number of plant species within the proximity of the beach. 189 more words