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Tropical deforestation causes dramatic biotic homogenisation

Although species richness is most ecologists go-to metric to ‘take the temperature’ of an ecosystem, it is not always the most useful. Even when species richness doesn’t change much over time many species… 610 more words


How to identify conservation priorities - let's move beyond richness maps

‘Priority maps’ are popular products of conservation research, much like threat maps (See our related paper on when and how threat maps should be used… 212 more words

Does reduced impact logging in tropical forests benefit carbon storage and species richness?

After a bit of a traumatic review process* we have just had a paper published in Forest Ecology and Management on the impacts of tropical selective logging on carbon storage and tree species richness. 1,103 more words



By Analyn Morales
August 1, 2015

The “Theory of Island Biogeography” states that the number of species is determined by the immigration and emigration of species within an island. 306 more words

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New paper accepted - Extreme Change in Species Composition over 55 years: A Re-Sampling Study of Species-Rich Meadows in Estonia

Estonia is known for extremely species-rich meadows. We hold some of the world records of small scale plant diversity (see Wilson et al 2012). So, naturally, these habitats have been study objects for a long time. 262 more words


What is Beta Diversity?

Post provided by Dr Andrés Baselga

A key property of biodiversity is that it is not evenly distributed around the world. In other words, different sites are usually  home to different biological communities. 1,239 more words


A map with the number of mammal species based on IUCN redlist range maps

I am looking at species richness and number of threatened species across the landscape in eastern Africa and will explain briefly how you can create a map based on data from the… 641 more words