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New paper accepted - Extreme Change in Species Composition over 55 years: A Re-Sampling Study of Species-Rich Meadows in Estonia

Estonia is known for extremely species-rich meadows. We hold some of the world records of small scale plant diversity (see Wilson et al 2012). So, naturally, these habitats have been study objects for a long time. 262 more words


What is Beta Diversity?

Post provided by Dr Andrés Baselga

A key property of biodiversity is that it is not evenly distributed around the world. In other words, different sites are usually  home to different biological communities. 1,239 more words


A map with the number of mammal species based on IUCN redlist range maps

I am looking at species richness and number of threatened species across the landscape in eastern Africa and will explain briefly how you can create a map based on data from the… 641 more words


Biodiveristy and...beer?

Learning about the Shannon-Weaver Diversity Index or need a quick refresher? Here is a fun article that presents diversity in two different “communities” (refrigerators) in terms of richness and evenness. 6 more words

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Seasonality explains the global species richness of waterfowl

Latitudinal gradients drive the diversity of many species groups; there are more species near the Equator. Birds also follow this rule. However, birds, including waterfowl, have a second peak around the 45° N latitude. 420 more words