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Species diversity and Species richness

In scientific literature, you will often find these two terms; “species richness” and “species diversity” being used. While they sound quite similar (and mistakenly used interchangeably by many), they are two different concepts. 591 more words


Estonian Ecologists Debate in the Pages of Science

Text by Lauri Laanisto

When my little comment got published in Science in last December, it was apparently the first time ever when Estonian researchers held a discussion in the pages of top scientific journal ( 62 more words

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CAD: a macrofossil angiosperm database

Yaowu Xing and colleagues (Maria A. Gandolfo, Renske E. Onstein, David J. Cantrill, Bonnie F. Jacobs, Gregory J. Jordan, Daphne E. Lee, Svetlana Popova, Rashmi Srivastava,Tao Su, Sergei V. 163 more words

Local species richness may be declining after all

Recently two papers seemed to turn what we thought we knew about changes in biodiversity on their head. These papers by Vellend et al. and… 1,001 more words


Can We Create Sustainable Evolution?

In a world full of disappearing species, is it possible that the ingenuity of humans could organize a system that allowed introduction of new species into a biome? 469 more words


Environmental and conservation values of traditional Japanese gardens

I wanted to write a short blog highlighting what I think is a great attribute of traditional Japanese gardens: their environmental benefits and thus an important dimension for the continued and enhanced conservation efforts. 854 more words

Japanese Gardens

Beta-diversity - What is it good for?

A while ago I wrote a post asking whether everyone’s favourite measure of biodiversity, species richness, was useful. In it, I concluded that it is probably one of the bluntest, least informative measures of ecological communities we have and that we should try to use alternative metrics when possible. 1,059 more words