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Aquatic Insect Similarity Connecting Natural Wetland Habitat and Ricefield for Ecological Rice Production in Agusan Marsh in Mindanao, Philippines - IJAAR

By: P. Varela


This study describes the relationship of the natural wetland habitats in Agusan Marsh to nearby rice fields and its implication to ecological rice production. 272 more words


Biogeography in a Modern World

By: Christine Carswell
Written: October 1st, 2016


Five national parks across Western Canada were compared and contrasted using island biogeography indicators of species richness. This paper has demonstrated island biogeography is helpful in determining immigration and emigration variants, yet does not necessarily account for human-induced change impacting species richness. 1,664 more words


Canada's intact forests: world's largest!

Canadian Geographic has just released a short article that certainly begs the half-full-half-empty glass question, or, this case, forests. Over 90% of Canada’s intact* forest is boreal forest, making it, at 300 million hectares, the… 51 more words


Understanding Biodiversity and its Importance - Biology

This is a biology video and discusses biodiversity, species richness, species evenness, genetic diversity,  and their importance.

Dr Luigi, Teaching and Science Communication


The Intersection of Conservation and Urban Evolution

I recently wrote about the new field of urban evolution which seeks to understand how diverse species have responded to the vast environmental changes related to urbanization.  1,063 more words