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Environmental and conservation values of traditional Japanese gardens

I wanted to write a short blog highlighting what I think is a great attribute of traditional Japanese gardens: their environmental benefits and thus an important dimension for the continued and enhanced conservation efforts. 844 more words

Japanese Gardens

Beta-diversity - What is it good for?

A while ago I wrote a post asking whether everyone’s favourite measure of biodiversity, species richness, was useful. In it, I concluded that it is probably one of the bluntest, least informative measures of ecological communities we have and that we should try to use alternative metrics when possible. 1,059 more words


Is there a global unimodal relationship between species richness and productivity?

by Robert

Ecology is certainly no stranger to polarising scientific debates, some of which endure for decades.  One such ongoing debate in the botanical community centres on the existence (or not) of a global unimodal relationship between species richness and productivity.  639 more words

Biotic Interactions

Upcoming seminar - Lauri Laanisto

Already this Thursday, Lauri Laanisto will talk in Department of Botany seminar about the relationship between plant diversity and soil heterogeneity – about how this ancient topic in ecology is still not settled, and what how he plans to settle it… 44 more words


New paper: Stand dieback and collapse in a temperate forest and its impact on forest structure and biodiversity

We recently published the first paper from my post-doc in Forest Ecology and Management, so I thought I’d share it here. It marks a bit of shift away from the tropical forests I have previously published about (see posts on that… 811 more words


Tropical deforestation causes dramatic biotic homogenisation

Although species richness is most ecologists go-to metric to ‘take the temperature’ of an ecosystem, it is not always the most useful. Even when species richness doesn’t change much over time many species… 610 more words


How to identify conservation priorities - let's move beyond richness maps

‘Priority maps’ are popular products of conservation research, much like threat maps (See our related paper on when and how threat maps should be used… 212 more words