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Species of the Month: Mississippi Slimy Salamander

I was out at the Noxubee Wildlife refuge with my dogs, and there were slimy salamanders (the species, not the characteristic) under almost every other log I looked under. 501 more words


Does Your Goverment Build UFOs?


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It is possible that all the UFO'S and speak of aliens is the government testing technology, or it could be the government reversengineering new found alien technology. But, then again some say our technology isn't as advanced as the UFO'S some see flying around. Who knows could be aliens having an interest in us and the earth.

A new moth for 2015

Metaeuchromius glacialis is a recently described moth found in a glacial area of Tibet. The photograph above is from the ZooKeys paper by Weichun Li and Dong Liu. 21 more words


Why do some species thrive in cities?

In most cases, urbanization is a bad thing for wildlife. However, some species have adapted and even thrive in cities.


4 Lesser Known Victims of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Who Need Our Help NOW

The plight of the tigers, elephants, and rhinos is not to be taken lightly. These animals are the most endangered in the world, and they are slipping out of existence at an unprecedented rate because of the illegal wildlife trade. 59 more words


Pack mentalities

It’s no secret that I am NOT a people person.
Even from a young age, I did not take to kindly to people approaching me for conversation. 543 more words