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10 Truly Eccentric Organisms

Most species of organisms are unrecognized for their unique, versatile abilities, appearance and existence. When we think of organisms we often think of the typical dog, cat and other household pets. 134 more words

Trope-a-Day: Rubber Forehead Aliens

Rubber Forehead Aliens: Averted.  With the irrelevant caveat mentioned under Human Aliens, anything that looks like it belongs to/is descended from a particular species almost certainly does/is.  See also Starfish Aliens.


Single Review - Eliot Sumner - Species

Eliot Sumner recently followed up on the success of her debut solo EP Information with another in Early Reflections and in this case she has reimagined the use of the electronic elements of her music  from using them as part of a whirring point of continuity to now utilising them as part of the track’s tune and melody and this is demonstrated well here with ‘Species’. 77 more words


Endangered Species by Sud Smart Peel N Stick EcoID

Custom print labels make a big impression in front of the audiences always. In fact, you cannot promote your products and services without print labels at all. 330 more words