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Baraminology Bullshit

Some creationists have invented their own hypothesis for the diversity of life, based on categories of supposedly unrelated animals called baramins (from Hebrew roots literally meaning  3,352 more words


The Monthly Species: June

Hello friends! So it is the end of June, once again I’m astounded that we are now half way through the year. But! Today we are talking about a mushroom. 200 more words


Funky Fungi and Lichens of the Salkantay

As creatures in the “not animals” category, fungi and lichens are another ubiquitous inhabitant along trails that don’t get enough love. But they come in some of the brightest colors and weirdest shapes, attesting to the creativity of nature’s palette. 292 more words


Plants along the Salkantay Trail

One of the best things about the Salkantay Trail is that it takes you through at least five* different Andean habitats, each with its own unique flora and fauna. 669 more words


What's in a (species) name?

A recent publication about the family tree of manta and mobula rays got quite a lot of attention on my social media feeds, inspiring me to explore the topic a bit further. 807 more words


Salticids along the Salkantay Trail

I really like spiders. They’re interesting animals, from their web-building to their role in eating what we humans generally consider pests (like mosquitoes). They exist nearly everywhere in the world, and there are tons of species, so there’s always something new to learn. 506 more words


Human Race in 'SING' Movie

I know it’s a late post because this movie was out in December 2016. But, what I like to re-tell the feeling and lesson about this story is how strong the desire of someone (or animal, in this case) can bring him to something he wanted to be. 180 more words