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More sightings of an endangered species don't always mean it's recovering

Leadbeater’s possum sightings are up – but that doesn’t mean the critically endangered species is recovering.
David Lindenmeyer, Author provided

David Lindenmayer, Australian National University… 916 more words


Every Man is Created Unequal: What should stay equal, is Respect between the individuals

So many theories and concepts regarding human evolution. But how can someone tell, if we have already evolved to our Prime Form. Humans look different, we eat different and even smoke different. 149 more words


Speciation 10/12-10/13/17

We developed models of speciation after engaging in a short discussion. The discussion focused on defining what a species was, then we analyzed the biological species concept. 111 more words

New Species: Drygmies (and the World of Moiwei)

^^The World of Moiwei- Map^^

The world of Moiwei…a place much like Earth but much smaller and it had two moons. Here we find can find magical creatures relying on each other in order to survive…but today we are talking about a very tiny creature: The Drygmy. 1,696 more words

Ten Forward Fridays: Romulans

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released. 229 more words

The Next Generation


This has been an intense period of time for me. Half of my family, virtually everyone on my wife’s side, is recovering from the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico.  950 more words