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First Things First

Advance humbly;
we all were once
squiggly beings.

© Chagall 2016


5 Cute Animal Species

​Hi guys! It’s a new post and today I bring you something slightly different. Here are 5 of the cutest species of the animal kingdom: … 152 more words

News Update: Elon Musk unveils his plan to colonize Mars

Today, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stood before the International Aeronautical Congress and released his visions for the human race’s journey to becoming an interplanetary species. Hitching a ride to Mars on a private rocket may not be so unrealistic as many people believe. 496 more words


Reverse the Change

Now as were are officially in autumn many people look to it being the end of something rather than the beginning of something different.Ok so you can’t sunbathe or go to the beach or even strip off outside for very long but you can still enjoy all the different things that nature has to offer. 423 more words

Nature & Wildlife

Understanding Evolution & the Complexity of Species

Evolution is a grand idea that not everyone chooses to believe. It is often misunderstood as being “just a theory”. But looking closely at all the evidence and facts as scientists often do, evolution explains how we came to be. 485 more words


Alphas and Omegas

Among the things I think about sometimes is how we got here as a species, and where we’re going.

We tend to think of ourselves as a young species, having only discovered writing (and with it, history itself) in the past 5,000 years, and civilisation (with its permanent monuments) 5,000 years before that. 405 more words


15 of the prettiest corvids from around the world

When most Americans think of corvids, the color palette that probably comes to mind is black, grey, blue, white and iridescent. Together, these colors have certainly assembled a handsome collection of birds, but there’s an awful lot more pigments in the corvid family than that. 1,027 more words