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Concept Art for the Races

Okay, this was super simple. I’ve also tried to get feedback from you guys if you wanted specific races or types of creatures. The ideas of my deities are very simple, but then, this is their first world, so maybe that’s good. 35 more words


The hominin braid

Much has been said ’round the HBD-osphere, lately, on the age of the Pygmy (and Bushmen?)/everyone else split. Greg Cochran of West Hunter, for example, … 1,168 more words

Genes And HBD

Playing God with gene drives

With technology advancing faster than ever before, especially in the genetic discipline, gene drives are becoming a more popular topic, Especially now we have the technology to play God. 662 more words

Veganism and Species Extinction

Some critics of veganism and animal rights advocacy claim that if we stopped eating meat, many species of farm animals would go extinct. The extinction of a species is seen as a bad thing, and so it is argued that we ought to keep breeding animals for food. 370 more words


A dozen amazing animals - 8.Rusa deer

Rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) are tropical or subtropical species. They prefer grassy plains bordered by dense bush or woodlands to which they can retire during daylight hours.



Are you a Cat or Dog Person?

Modern Dog Magazine states:  “…according to an Associated Press/Petside.com poll, there are a lot more dog people out there; 74 percent of the test sample like dogs a lot, while only 41 percent like cats a lot.” They also concluded that dog people are more friendly while cat people see themselves as more independent.” That makes sense because of the way these two different species have evolved. 539 more words


An office with a view!

Working on Orford Ness brings with it the privilege of views of some spectacular landscape and coastline. This privilege also brings the hazard of getting distracted, admits L… 446 more words

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