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Anatomy of a Plant Name

Warning – pretty dry entry ahead.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to my Botanical Latin class on the hot, sunny afternoon of July 6, 2015. Why was I taking it? 912 more words


But What of Man?-part 3

The gunnery squad was small, consisting of only four men, but they were packing heavy weaponry. Each one of them equipped with their own sets of light machine guns, and about 12 grenades. 804 more words

Short Stories


Are you Homo sapiens… quick check, go down to BIO 101, according to Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist (1707-1778) who bequeathed the system of binomial nomenclature to the field of taxonomy, you are termed Homo sapiens. 101 more words


EoP 1.1: Entity, Species, Genus

  • Entity—represented by values and objects.
    • Abstract entity—an individual thing that is eternal and unchangeable (e.g., blue, 13). Represented by a value (or a constant object).
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Food chain

He scurries the verdant tunnel,

To larder tasty tender shoots.

Without looking up, he avoids shadows.

A mundane little brown creature,

He is unappreciated and unsung. 25 more words


Development of Juniper #1

(Version française ci-dessous)

I acquired this Juniper Chinensis in the summer of 2007.  It was field grown in South Korea.  I acquired the tree because I loved the twisting veins on the trunk and to have a bigger challenge during my various courses. 1,833 more words

Design Options

New study: Which species drive my conservation priorities?

In conservation planning, we often need to divide resources between multiple species. As conservation budgets virtually never meet the needs of adequate conservation, it’s important that every dollar is spent efficiently. 1,204 more words

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