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Which species will survive Earth's sixth mass extinction?

The odds are not in our favour.

Scientists recently suggested that the Earth’s sixth mass extinction has begun. As terrifying as that sounds, surely humans are too smart and too important to get wiped out? 1,052 more words


Link: The decline and Neanderthal DNA


Thus far, the genetic studies have vindicated this position, to my knowledge.

There are a race of human: http://www.livescience.com/1122-neanderthal-99-5-percent-human.html

But excavations and anatomical studies have shown Neanderthals used tools, wore jewelery, buried their dead, cared for their sick, and possibly sang or even spoke in much the same way that we do.

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Featured Arthropod: Aedes nigripes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Aedes nigripes (Zett, 1840) is probably the most abundant Arctic mosquito (Vockeroth 1954) and is found all across the Arctic. Its larvae grow rapidly in snowmelt tundra ponds during early summer and the adult females emerge to fiercely seek blood from caribou and other wildlife. 173 more words


The Human Race as The Most Important Thing

Please see the preceding posts for an explanation of this series.

Is the human race The Most Important Thing? Our survival as a species – should that be what I focus most on? 229 more words

The Most Important Thing

Panda Protections Save Other Species, Too

Panda Protections Save Other Species, Too
Thanks, pandas! Conservation areas set aside to protect China's national treasure also help to save many of China's other one-of-a-kind species, new research reveals. 10 more words

The Others - Twenty-One

Natalie was both excited and a bit frightened. So was I. We sat, calming each other and buoying each other up in the interminable taxi trip to Gabriel’s home. 735 more words

Serial Horror Stories

Known fish species living in the Salish Sea increases in new report - UW Today

Good news that a more precise count on species has been completed. Will be good for future monitoring efforts.

Coho salmon, Pacific halibut and even the dogfish shark are familiar faces to many people in the Salish Sea region.

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