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The Smew is a duck particular to Norway. The males are a striking black and white while the female has a grey body, white cheeks and a brown head. 69 more words

Wild Birds

Madeira Hiking VI

The Madeira Finch is a finch that can be found on Madeira (surprise!).
(Photo taken on Madeira island, March 1)


Rhino Conservation

Every year hundreds of rhinos are slaughtered for their horns. Horns made of keratin. The same substance found in our fingernails and hair. Despite this, people still believe that these horns are somehow medicinal and thousands of rhinos are being brutally murdered for something that’s growing on our own fingers. 653 more words


Crocodiles rocked pre-Amazonian Peru: Seven crocodile species found in single 13-million-year-old bone bed

Thirteen million years ago, as many as seven different species of crocodiles hunted in the swampy waters of what is now northeastern Peru, new research shows. 717 more words


Kenyan fossils show evolution of hippos

A French-Kenyan research team has just described a new fossil ancestor of today’s hippo family. This discovery bridges a gap in the fossil record separating these animals from their closest modern-day cousins, the cetaceans. 547 more words



Yes, they’re tiny.

Ah, better.


Aa-Aah are tiny creatures that live on the undersides of leaves. They feed off of harmful insects like aphids. They usually live alone, but during the breeding season parents live with their offspring in small nests that look like butterfly cocoons. 41 more words


Harp Seal

Harp Seals or also known as Saddleback Seals, spend most of their time in the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. These seals migrate for arctic summer and will travel up to 2500 miles away. 123 more words