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New OpenSSH Vulnerability

new vulnerability has been found on OpenSSH which is used by almost all Linux/BSD distributions, as well as many network infrastructure devices to allow SSH connectivity. 156 more words

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Important updates to the TS Critical target list

As with many other people in the cybersecurity world, ThreatSTOP received notification today about a spear phishing campaign using some of the zero day vulnerabilities leaked from “Hackinged Team” at the beginning of the month. 107 more words


Rachel Nuwer: Monkeys Can Hack Each Other’s Grammar

Smithsonian — Campbell’s monkeys add suffixes to alarm calls to indicate specific threats, and Diana monkeys tune in for their own benefit

Language is one thing we do not share with other primates. 111 more words


ThreatSTOP blocking Superfish

At ThreatSTOP we have been reading about the Lenovo/Superfish adware security hole with amazement. Not so much at the enormous gaping hole that has been discovered (sadly that seems to be SOP at too many places) but at the way that the various parties involved have… 160 more words

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Ramifications of the Anthem hack

The Anthem hack has been getting a lot of news coverage because it is one of the larger data breaches in recent years. Of course it is in fairly good company (Sony, Home Depot, Target spring to mind) but it has some features that are unique. 317 more words

Specific Threats

Another reason to block China

There have been a number of reports in the last week or two of websites that are apparently being DDoSed from IP addresses in the PRC. 338 more words

ThreatSTOP In Use

ThreatSTOP blocking Shellshock (Bash) scanners

Over the last 36 hours ThreatSTOP has identified a number of hosts that are attempting to scan for (and then exploit) the Shellshock bash vulnerability… 506 more words