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 our power supply’s specification  are:

  • Input voltage type (AC or DC) and range
  • Efficiency of power conversion
  • The amount of voltage and current it can supply to its load…
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PUZZLE | Gerber and Production Sheets, Process

Costing Sheets and Specification Sheets as part of Gerber Module during Final Collection at University. All technical drawings completed via Adobe Illustrator, and are 100% original designs from my collection, dealing with drape lines, intricate details and above all, three-dimensional products. 91 more words


Elephone enters PH market thru Lazada

Industry innovations in the mobile marketplace can come in many forms and Elephone, a company from China comes into the Philippines thru Lazada with three amazing offerings that will send waves all across the price spectrum. 353 more words


How I unknowingly deviated from JPA

In a post from January 2015 I wrote about possibility to use plain foreign key values instead of @ManyToOne and @OneToOne mappings in order to avoid eager fetch. 1,316 more words


Palletizing Simulation: Devlog #1

The first version of the specification is ready and committed to the Palletizing Simulation repository on Bitbucket! It contains the basic concept of the simulation: what are the input parameters, what do we expect to be the output, and what are the frame conditions / rules? 253 more words

Palletizing Simulation