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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Remnant in the Stars by Cindy Koepp

The freelance crew of the Gyrfalcon are given a special mission to find the Kesha, an exploration vessel that disappeared after leaving a garbled message. 735 more words


SpecMusicMuse—Review of Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls by J. H. Glaze

From the very moment I read the title I knew I was in for something weird and campy. But would I love it or hate it? 210 more words


SpecMusicMuse—Review of Zombies!! Official Board Game Soundtrack by Midnight Syndicate

Midnight Syndicate is famous for creating music used in haunted houses all over the nation during Halloween, as well as making soundtracks for horror films. They even created an official soundtrack for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. 270 more words


Mood Music by Crymsyn Hart

Music is a key thing to get me into the mood for a book. Heck, I’ve even got so enamored on a song that I’ve concocted a whole story around just the one song. 1,233 more words


A Dream Writing Day in America by L. Andrew Cooper

The clock on the cable box says 3am, so I turn off the TV and the jigsaw puzzle app and, getting ready for bed, concentrate on writing. 1,254 more words


SpecMusicMuse: Interview with Dan Jolley

I once met Dan Jolley when he was on a panel about writing for comic books, and I learned more in that hour from hearing him speak than I had in the years I spent reading on the subject. 1,559 more words


Dan Jolley Gray Widow's Walk Blog Tour

Virtual Tour Document

Author: Dan Jolley

Featured Book Release:

Gray Widow’s Walk

June 20-26, 2016



About the author:   Dan Jolley started writing professionally at age nineteen. 475 more words