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We are < 20 days away from flying to Texas for IM TX at The Woodlands!

Aside from Boston, this is our first race that we are flying to instead of driving (or walking to the start line).

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Working the Boston Marathon

For the better part of the last 8 years, I have had the privilege and pleasure of working the Boston Marathon. It was mostly due to my working at hotels, and I absolutely loved the excitement that was in the air. 1,225 more words


Confessions of a serial spectator - top tips for supporting!

“This isn’t my first rodeo” – a phrase uttered by me on a few occasions last weekend as I was complimented on my ability to whizz and direct my way around Manchester to find good cheering spots during the marathon. 1,074 more words

Race day: what to expect from the sidelines of a triathlon event.

Triathlon days, depending on the distance, are typically MUCH longer than an open marathon race or other running distance race. That means a few things: 1,333 more words


Hello :)


I am Michelle. My fiance’s name is Jon and together, we are Team Hicks! I am lucky enough to love my amazing Boston Marathon runner, Ironman triathlete and strive to be his biggest fan every day. 800 more words


Why There Won't be Live Spectationg Anytime Soon

This is a highly discussed topic, especially after the previous update, and I’m here to explain why you shouldn’t expect live spectating anytime soon. 482 more words

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch a Marathon

On December 3 I watched my first marathon — and it was amazing. I’ve run 13 marathons and a ton of halves, but I’ve never actually seen the top finishers of a race cross the finish line. 338 more words