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Why There Won't be Live Spectationg Anytime Soon

This is a highly discussed topic, especially after the previous update, and I’m here to explain why you shouldn’t expect live spectating anytime soon. 482 more words

Brawl Stars

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch a Marathon

On December 3 I watched my first marathon — and it was amazing. I’ve run 13 marathons and a ton of halves, but I’ve never actually seen the top finishers of a race cross the finish line. 338 more words


A New View for New Viewers in Esports Spectating

As far as spectating professional gameplay goes, the raid boss of an entry barrier for both game developers and audiences within esports tends to be communal; watchability. 667 more words

Call Of Duty

Can you hear it?

Who would’ve thought that the worlds greatest symphony…. Isn’t one of sound. But one of life.

It’s how the birds fly in synch not leaving one behind, and how the ocean waves crash upon the shore wave after wave. 79 more words


Weekly Accomplishments #1

During my bike ride today I shifted my gears and my thinking–har har, see what I did there?

I am my own worst critic (I hope), and when I do things, I look at what could have been improved or done differently. 329 more words

Standing between racism and spectating

We are all peas in a pod

Amy-Ann Nolan | 26th May 2017

On Tuesday the ABC reported that a passenger on a Sydney train earlier this month was on the receiving end of a tirade of verbal racial abuse from another commuter. 308 more words


How not to spectate at the WEC: A rookie's guide

Six hours is a very long time, was my first thought as I came through the gates of Silverstone. Twenty minute sprint races, half an hour for touring cars, even up to two hours F1 races, that I was used to. 815 more words