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On diversity, progressives may have to win the argument all over again

Last week’s issue of The Spectator contained two characteristically regressive and provocative articles from Rod Liddle and Lionel Shriver. Liddle, a sort of racist Eeyore, used his column to complain about the number of women on Radio 4, through the extremely reliable medium of snippets he heard whilst changing CDs on a long drive. 632 more words

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Breaking News: Catholic Church is Fucked Up

Arrupe House, Seattle University- After a recent article in the Spectator shining light on Seattle University’s involvement in egregious issues in the Church’s handling of cases on sexual abuse, Hard Copy decided to do a bit more digging. 147 more words

Hard Copy

A Love Letter to Seattle U, from a Graduating Hard Copy Writer

Dear Seattle University,

If you were a person, you would be a crazy one. Clinically insane. Absolutely, incoherently, astonishingly, bat-shit, bird-spit, rudy-redhawk-tit-lactating-milk-spilt-in-a-fit, twenty ways to Friday, FUCKIN’ CRAZY. 245 more words

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Bishop Mule Days Celebration

Bishop, California


The River Mill (Audio poem)

From the tower the clocker sees it all. A girl is walking home at night. A shadow is waiting by the river mill.

A dark poem. 27 more words


Spectator Outside Looking In

I used to lead sing a gospel song called “Standing on the Outside Looking in.” I was very young then and when I think about it, that’s exactly what I was doing, because I wasn’t a Saint of God. 514 more words


Just a spectator
Never does the dangerous
But pays to watch it