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And so it begins!

Begins might be slightly wrong, as we’ve already had the David Rose saga, but it certainly continues. What I’m referring to is an article in the spectator by David Whitehouse (science editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation) in which he argues that… 675 more words

Climate Change

The EU's dilema

Here’s James Forsyth in this week’s Spectator:

If the insurgents in the south are to be kept at bay, then the eurozone must become a full transfer union, with proper burden-sharing on refugees.

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Populism vs post-democracy (with majoritarian democracy in the middle)

John O’Sullivan has a great article in the Spectator this week on what I think is the central flaw in the EU project (and more generally in western political governance). 731 more words

South Australia: why it’s in this state

The SA economy is stagnating or even declining. The Labor government has been in power since 2002, now led by a Left, ‘ideologically driven’ Premier. It has the highest energy prices in the country.   1,338 more words


The you-beaut NDIS

Let me start this by saying that I have a disability parking sticker from the government in recognition of my spinal injury. I got golden staff, MRSA for foreigners, and an epidural abscess thereby. 576 more words


SA: new boundaries favour the Liberals, old betting the ALP

Earlier this month new electoral boundaries were announced for South Australia. The Liberals got excited and called for nominations and new blood. They look a chance. 1,304 more words


Why the lights went out on SA Labor

This week the SA Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill, took the lead in the national energy debate, suggesting the creation of an inter-state emissions trading scheme. A belly laugh from the Prime Minister followed. 1,230 more words