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SHEDNOTES 90: Scaring squirrels

The Shed liked a tip from Anne Wareham in Spectator 21.3.15 for dealing with squirrels trying to break in to your birdfeeder …

“Buy one of those wireless doorbells, cover the receiver part in plastic wrap and bury it in your peanuts. 19 more words

Notes From The Shed

Witnessing Life

We don’t know what we want from life because we’re just the consciousness, the part that observes and ascribes meaning to things, the witness. The doer, the part that drives our physical presence, is impulse and intuition — the forces that are well-aware of how to navigate through the world. 225 more words



Pushing myself away from the crowd

I pull the darkness around me

For observation

Lurking along the edges

Feeds the voyeur

Collecting up experiences

From the back seat… 62 more words


Even the New York Times is writing about it.

The middle-aged presenter of a British TV show about cars has been suspended by the BBC for allegedly hitting his producer during a “fracas.”

Big deal, you might think; hardly global news. 942 more words

Health And Wellness

Conscious Decision

Ancient lore tells us that we are without choice, that outcomes are beyond our control. Why then, do we develop an opposing philosophy? Certainly as children, much of our life is dictated by parents and school, so we’re used to external forces shaping our path. 224 more words


SCULPTURE VICTORIOUS │ Tate Britain, London → 25 May 2015


“Pârfl, bytifl n inventv, ɖ Victorı̣n ira wz a goldn êj fr sculpčr. Têt Britn’z xibišn Sculpčr Victorı̣s seḷbrets sm v ɖ most astonišñ n laviš wrcs pṛdyst in ɖs grândbrêcñ pirı̣d. 448 more words


Scripted Life

I think one of the biggest indications of life’s contrived nature, is accomplishment, the fact that anything gets done. Where do our impulses to act originate? 196 more words