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Animals | What is the hurry ?

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By Bridgena_Barnard

Source: 500px.com


Dave Meets UKIP

Guido is very hungover after last night’s Speccie bash. It was very hot and there was a lot of Pimms involved, also an inexplicable number of pretty models there… 135 more words

Guido Fawkes

The Spectator: All-Star Tour kicks ass

By: Jimmy Leppert

Hello and welcome to ‘The Spectator’. Talking the newly announced All-Star Ultimate Tour, and some awesome new music. 1,378 more words


Freedom of Speech is NOT an Everything-Proof Shield

Okay, I try not to get worked up about things like this, because ultimately it’s so pointless that Alexander Armstrong may as well present it, but oh for goodness’ sake this is a little much. 757 more words

Full Disclosure

I am not American. Like someone who likes to watch baseball but has never played it, I can appreciate the game and the athletes but I will never really know what it is like to stand at the plate and try to hit a curve ball. 341 more words


Father of the year

I know it is early in the 21st century, but this guy gets vote for dad of the year.

He manages to catch a foul ball while holding his infant son. 190 more words