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Reduced to a numb spectator by the ravages of time, watch yourself, or rather, the successive versions of yourself, including the most current one, your necrotic, devitalized contemporary, emanating from an irretrievably diminished original whose image, first blurred, then faded, has now been completely effaced, seem to continue to survive.

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"Spectator Galore"

This is what situation in political terrain had become in Nigeria. Such a noisy rant that make no sense.

One begin to wonder what people who lies so much will have to offer? 36 more words


You Don't Have To Run To Be A Princess

But it sure comes in handy if you do.

For the past couple of months, I had been scheming to make the trip north to cheer on my fellow #Chewsday Chicas – … 774 more words


Casual observer

Casual observer

There was no great
When the Romans
Took Him to the

To the casual observer
He was one of the
Usual statistics… 52 more words

Why some conservatives are wavering on Tony Abbott

My view of Tony Abbott is that he is one of the straightest politicians around. Like many on the right, I have defended him because many of perceptions that exist on Abbott are the result of an incredibly biased media, especially the ABC. 1,042 more words

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