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Scribblings 27

How does it feel
To be a spectator
Seeing the boat
In the vast ocean

Sometimes I too am
A spectator to myself
Watching me struggle… 44 more words


The Labour Party knew what Corbyn was, and they made him leader. Now the country knows

The security services are a rum lot.

All that intrigue gets to you eventually, and that’s not counting those who sign up with less than laudable intentions. 168 more words



मेरी ये दो आँखें
प्रमाण नहीं हैं कि मैं बच गया
और आज जीवित हूँ
बल्कि गवाह हैं
उस नरसंहार की जो कल हुआ.
बर्बरता एक बात है
और बर्बर अनदेखी भी उसी बात की बात है.


Ten Labour MPs that Tories should vote for

The Conservatives are going to win the election — that much we know. 

The question is what kind of opposition Britain is going to be left with. 137 more words


Songs of Good Cheer

News flash: On Saturday morning, I won the Rhinebeck Hudson Valley Half Marathon.

Don’t misunderstand me: I didn’t run it or anything. But I stood on my front stoop in the rain, blasted Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind,” called affirmations to every athlete passing by and — most importantly — had the best-looking sidekick this side of Poughkeepsie. 426 more words


The one question Theresa May should ask Labour voters — in order to win them over

Prime Minister, I have good news and bad news. 

The good news is that you have been denounced in the letters page of the Daily Telegraph… 120 more words



The definition of the word observer is a person that observes, which again can be defined as a person that watches, perceives and notices. This was the definition that made me start this blog. 89 more words

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