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Spectator Faith

It is easy to say you believe in anything, but what does it take, to become involved in what you believe. We can go to a game of football, and cheer on all we can, and get upset with a referee’s decision, because we really don’t understand the rules of a game we are following. 375 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

Noticer of Nasty

I’m the first to say something smells and the last to shut up about it. It’s a talent I suppose. Oftentimes it annoys those in my presence though. 256 more words



The pictures an artist produces not only act as a mirror for the spectator but they also act as a mirror for the artist himself. 330 more words


Bluenose Marathon - As a Spectator

I thought I’d be really sad I wasn’t running Sunday morning at the Bluenose Marathon but I was actually okay that I wasn’t.

I was contemplating volunteering but thought it would be fun to just cheer people on. 830 more words


Raising the bar, even in recovery

A mentor once asked me to list my professional goals, and I quickly reeled off a handful of bucket-list accomplishments. “Good,” he replied. “At least you know what direction you want to head in.” 379 more words

MODIGLIANI: A UNIQUE ARTISTIC VOICE │ Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London → 28 June 2015

“Wn v ɖ acnolijd sūṗstarz v twentiiʈ-senčri āt, Amideo Modiłani (1884-1920) z olso ɖ bst nôn n most luvd v ol modn Itałn pêntrz. Wrcñ at ɖ episentr v avãgād xperimentešn in Paris btwn 1906 n 1920, h dveḷpt an ātistc vižn ɖt wz intîrli hiz ôn. 369 more words


Labour needs to do more than find a new leader: it must again become a movement. by Andy Winter

A concept I used to refer to regularly in the earlier incarnation of this blog was borrowed from the West Wing, the Big Mo – Momentum. 530 more words