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The Cast of 90210 - Then vs. Now

The original 1990s American teen TV soap, Aaron Spelling’s seminal hit Beverley Hills 90210 saw a prosperous 10 years on air. It was (successfully?) revived in 2008, touted as a “spinoff” and not a remake and is currently into its fifth season.   316 more words

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Keep It Real Challenge: Magazines it's time YOU went on a diet (a Photoshop one!)

I am coming late to the party, but am honored to have blogged for About-Face for the Keep It Real Challenge. They joined alongside powerful forces like Spark Summit and Miss Representation. 140 more words

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Manshowers? Bro Baths? Redefining or Reinforcing Masculinity?

Originally Published on Gender Focus.

There are few customs more gender ritualized in Western society than those associated with the wedding planning process. The wedding industry, a money making monolith boasts 40 billion a year in revenue. 1,063 more words

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I love you Philly, but this Billboard sucks.

Although it has been three years since I relocated to the sunnier space of South Florida, I consider myself a city girl and proud former Philadelphian. 1,115 more words

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Pop Culture Paradox: Hunger Games' Katniss as Barbie?

A pop culture paradox: Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen as a Barbie

BarbieCollector.com has announced the arrival of the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen clone, but replicating the character as a Barbie doll feels at odds with the very essence of the character’s power… 767 more words

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What are YOU reading?

What are you reading?

I’m straddling two books right now. The second installment in the behemoth book series, The Hunger Games, that is about to blow up on the big screen. 307 more words

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