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If I Knew

The roads are long, winding, swings of dreams;
forgotten footsteps; and trickling rows of streams.
There’s cash to buy and absent ambitions to trade
in the oceans of the fade where so few dare to wade. 202 more words


Revenge On My Lips - Flash Fiction Friday

He’d found me on the street clinging to life. He gave me food, water, and a roof. No one loved me more before him. Then he changed. 215 more words


Review: The Fold

The Fold

Peter Clines

Peter Clines is my new favorite author in the horror universe. His previous novel, 14, was a page-burner that flipped the haunted house tale inside-out (quite literally). 577 more words


Review: Get in Trouble

Kelly Link

Get in Trouble

Ordering the TOC of a short story collection is as much an art as creating the perfect mix tape. A well-crafted opener not only immerses the reader in… 407 more words


A Most Sluggish Sunday

A Most Sluggish Sunday

Lately I’ve been feeling drained. It could be the weather; multiple sources have claimed to be depressed, myself included. It could be a lack of nutrients–something purely physical, fixable, understandable. 174 more words


Looking Up

Looking Up

They say that top predators never look up. Perhaps this will become our evolutionary downfall. Or would it be the downfall of the subconscious? 75 more words


Love In the Mist

Milky mist enveloped the horse and rider along a moon lit road. The steed snorted and sidestepped, but the rider urged him forward through the forest, spurred on by a woman’s cry. 216 more words