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Mist over the marches: Kazio Ishiguro's 'The Buried Giant'

“For in this community, the past was rarely discussed. I do not mean that it was taboo. I mean that it had somehow faded into a mist as dense as that which hung over the marshes. 1,154 more words

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The city gave its name to the power of patience— Romanità . Romanità excludes emotion, hurry, doubt. Romanità waits, sees the moment and moves ruthlessly when the time is right.

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Author Interview – Vikki Jankowski

Welcome back everyone! Today I took a few moments to speak with Vikki Jankowski, a historical and scifi author. With her large range of interests and writing ability I had to get her to share some of her thoughts and processes with me. 4,220 more words

Author Interview

The Best Policy

By Russ Towne

Gabriel and Willow Johnson had worked hard all their lives. Now in their early ‘70’s they wanted to retire from farming, sell their property, and live the rest of their lives traveling the country. 554 more words


The Floodgates Open

At about 4 AM last night I was once again awakened by a flood of story ideas, and not just  one story idea this time but three. 561 more words


It divides

Later that summer, as rain fell, such a moment shimmered and paused on the brink, and then began the ancient dance of numbers: two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty- two, and a new life took root and began to grow.

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My Mercurial Muse

After a several-month-long absence my mercurial muse chose last night to make an unexpected and uninvited appearance while I slept. She awakened me hours before I’d planned to rise for the day and kept teasing me with story ideas until I finally gave up any further thoughts of sleep and and got up to capture them before they forever disappeared. 175 more words