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The Sandworms of Time

When I first posted this photo of my bookcase someone commented on the number of Dune series books on display. This is partly due to the plethora of extra titles produced by Frank Herbert’s son – mostly pale imitations riding on the worm tails of the originals – but also because of the abiding fascination I have had with the worlds introduced in Dune, first published in 1965. 432 more words

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Avalon 4.7 part 5 of 6 Setting Things Straight

It took three days for the little ones of the Kairos to locate the Marzalotipan ship and get them to land just out from the city gate.  1,334 more words



Goliath by Scott Westerfeld
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is quite simply one of the best steampunk series for young adults. The world building, combining history and speculative fiction, is sublime, the characters are wonderful, the inventions are, well, inventive!

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Just wanted to say thank you.

by Kyle Perkins.

So, the other day I made a blog post about something that was bothering me in the indie book community… I expected that post to maybe reach a couple hundred people in my network that were being manipulated by shady authors. 544 more words

Avalon 4.7 part 4 of 6 Paghat

The travelers got to the gate by lunchtime, having successfully avoided the five-hundred-man army that was camped just far enough away to be out of sight from the city.  1,543 more words


Speculative Fiction Workshop with Marianne de Pierres through New South Wales Writers Centre

Over the weekend I undertook a Speculative Fiction course taught by Marianne de Pierres (MDP) through the New South Wales Writers Centre. I saw a few familiar faces from other Spec Fic courses and got to meet a couple of people I interact with on twitter in person. 374 more words

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Are we creating the dystopia we've always feared?

This weekend’s opening of Star Trek: Beyond and last week’s nomination of Donald Trump to the presidency puts an interesting spin on the utopia versus dystopia… 384 more words

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