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Impressions on Arrival Trailer #1

Have you heard of Arrival? It’s a forthcoming science fiction movie about a first contact situation on earth, and the more I read about it the more curious I get. 519 more words


Charles Yu - Standard Loneliness Package (2010)

Charles Yu‘s short story Standard Loneliness Package was originally published in issue 6 of Lightspeed Magazine in November 2010.

Standard Loneliness Package is set in a world where people can pay to have their emotions experience on their behalf. 48 more words

Science Fiction

Avalon 4.9: part 6 of 6, Reef of Heaven

The blob tentacles stopped at Elder Stow’s screen.  It tried again, and kept trying, but it was not going to get into the cavern that way.  1,557 more words


The 2016 Clarke Award Shortlist: Surface, Contrivance, & Salience

Perhaps most indicative of the mood surrounding the 2016 Clarke Award shortlist is that most of the discussion is about the Clarke Award itself, rather than the mostly baffling list of novels the jury selected this year. 4,980 more words

Science Fiction

The Man With the Aura

The Man with the Aura: The Collected Short Fiction by R.A. Lafferty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who is the weirdest writer? Obviously that’s a huge question, and the answer will be contingent on both your definition of the word and the scope of who you’re reading. 1,271 more words


Avalon 4.9: part 5 of 6, Typhoon

Elder Stow stepped to the front entrance of the cavern.  Lockhart and Decker went with him.  Elder Stow played with his scanner, and the sound of the storm stopped all at once.  1,228 more words


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