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They are aware of nothing. Not movement, even though they exist within a stream of photons traveling at the speed of light. Not thought, even though they contain among them all the knowledge that can be known. 226 more words


The Big Bang Theory

Monkey was the high priest in the temple of the Big Bang Theory. It was his duty to keep the sacred fireworks of the Big Bang ready to go off at midnight of every night. 412 more words

Speculative Fiction

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

“No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end.”

I don’t know how to write about this, or any of the previous Adam Silvera books.

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New Signing: Drakeforth Series by Paul Mannering

One of the great pleasures for IFWG Publishing over recent years is to tap into the immense talent of New Zealand speculative fiction authors. We started with Jan Goldie, and followed it with Ali Foster and Barbara Howe. 293 more words


the detective 5: unauthorized biography

A detective and his client are seeking what lies beyond the obvious sea. The detective is in a supermarket, the usual refuge in case of an apocalypse, and his client has wisely left the building. 496 more words

Speculative Fiction

The Blurb on Other People's Word: Mentralysis

Review – House of Bloodstein: Mentralysis – by Ren Garcia

I’m a true fan of Ren Garcia and I’ve read all of his books to date (well, I’m working on Kat now.) Mentralysis started in a very puzzling way. 212 more words