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The Truth Behind the Myth of Correlationism

A wrong turn lies hidden in the human cultural code, an error that has scuttled our every attempt to understand consciousness and cognition. So much philosophical activity reeks of… 4,341 more words


What is Object-Oriented Ontology?

I have been trying to get into Speculative Realism lately. Not an easy philosophy but then again philosophy is dealing with anything but easy subjects. Nothing less then the what exists and how we know. 247 more words


Does the Oyster Need "Agency"?

This week in oyster thinking, a chunk of a chapter for Book2.

In Descartes, Plato, Boethius, Ficino, in the whole of this tradition, the oyster occupies the zero point of animal existence. 3,562 more words


Scripture become Philosophy become Fantasy

Cosmos and History has published “From Scripture to Fantasy: Adrian Johnston and the Problem of Continental Fundamentalism” in their most recent edition, which can be found… 218 more words


Perichoretic Oikeiosis

What Augustine says concerning God—namely, that “the Father is not God without the Son, nor the Son God without the Father” (On the Trinity… 723 more words

Object-Oriented Ontology

Grant Hamilton Interviewed by Andrés Lomeña

It seems as though this little book of mine is sparking some interest! Here is an interview that I recently gave to Spanish critic and writer, Andrés Lomeña. 2,142 more words

Literary Theory

On Grant Hamilton: The World of Broken Machines

I’ve been interested for a while now, in relation to a book project, in the contemporary philosophical “school” of speculative realism. One of the things I wanted to do in the project was to link literary reading and writing to this philosophy, something that had not been done extensively at the time I began the project. 1,754 more words