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Four-fold reality

C.S. Peirce is amongst the great geometers (or diagrammaticians or combinatorialiasts) of thought. We can also admit the contemporary philosopher of so-called “speculative realism,” Graham Harman, to the four sided pantheon with his book… 452 more words


Philosophy Forum 05/01/2018: Peter Wolfendale: The Noumenon's New Clothes

Dear All

the first forum of the year will be to finish up the Wolfendale paper (pages 344-366). In case anyone missed it Terence Blake was kind enough to post… 23 more words

Speculative Realism

Two Worlds Theory (this and ours)


1 (this world):

Not not-one; this I Am for this I Become.

2 (our world):

The ancestrality of you and I

is also the revelation of the eternity… 125 more words


Philosophy Forum 14/12/2017 -Review of Graham Harman's Ontology

Dear All

to facilitate an understanding of the Wolfendale paper I thought a quick dose of Harman’s ‘Quadruple Object’ was in order. To this extent I suggest we read… 18 more words

Speculative Realism

Lou Jaworski

“Nothing” 10th Nov – 15th Dec 2017

Lou Jaworski, Nothing, 2017, installation view
Lou Jaworski, Nothing, 2017, installation view
Lou Jaworski, Nothing, 2017, installation view… 7 more words
Contemporary Art

Lou Jaworski

“Nothing” installation view

Lou Jaworski, Nothing, 2017 installation view (Hyper body standing, Hyper body lying, Presence and Untitled (needle)). Photo: Johannes Wende
Contemporary Art

Lou Jaworski

 “Nothing” work list

Lou Jaworski, Hyper Figure standing, 2017, ferrite magnet, dimensions variable
Lou Jaworski, Hyper Figure lying, 2017, ferrite magnet, dimensions variable
Lou Jaworski, … 49 more words
Contemporary Art