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Is Theism Compatible with OOO?

Not obviously.

The object-oriented ontological (OOO) perspective developed by Levi Bryant, which in many respects I find appealing, is explicitly anti-theistic, at least vis-à-vis traditional theism. 265 more words

Object-Oriented Ontology



Straub-Huillet define filmic reading as a means to read poetry better than reading poetry directly; the films of Straub-Huillet are meant to be written about. 2,474 more words


Speculative Realism and Literature

So, I have begun to think about the possible points of relationship between object-oriented philosophy and literature. And while there are seemingly many potentially interesting avenues of inquiry to follow, I think there is one that looks very promising indeed. 819 more words

Literary Theory

global anti-representationalism and 'the world'

Huw Price distinguishes between subject naturalism and object naturalism as follows. Object naturalism is the view that all that exists is the world as studied by science (i.e. 1,412 more words


Cosmology and Critique

As if I haven’t posted about Whitehead enough recently, I need to link to Craig Hickman’s introductory post on Process and Reality. It’s one of the clearest and shortest takes on what’s at stake in Whitehead’s philosophy I’ve read and I recommend it to anyone struggling to find a way into the notoriously difficult account given in that work… 710 more words



Will the real objects of politics please stand up?

by Adrian Ivakhiv

Excerpted by permission.   Keep reading at Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought… 688 more words


Tom Sparrow: On Graham Harman and Object-Oriented Ontology

Returning once again to Tom Sparrow’s book on the various new realisms abroad in the philosophical scene we discover him in chapter four introducing us to Graham Harman and his brand of Speculative Realism termed Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO). 1,036 more words

Speculative Realism