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New Reading Matter

I have recently come across three exciting new books as I start my work on Monsoon Assemblages. They are likely to become essential references for the project.  375 more words


In an "Ecological Field"

Kind response to Radical Empiricism: Speculative Field Notes (complete)

by Jeff Tangel

I really appreciate this exploration of “pure experience”–for me, a helpful look at James’s thinking and how that can be employed to do the same work Speculative Realism aims at–namely reorienting ourselves, horizontally—as best we can—in the scheme of things. 267 more words



I had an interesting tutorial today with Gareth Polmeer regarding the research paper I am writing. Whilst investigating reading Phenomenology and Speculative Realism I came across… 195 more words


follow up on paradox and totality

Meillassoux deploys a stock Cantorian argument to conclude that there cannot be a totality of possibilities, i.e. a universal set of all possible ways the world could be. 719 more words


note on Heller and Cogburn's Meillassoux paper

Meillassoux’s insistence on both de-totalising the possible and simultaneously exploding correlationism is something that I am trying to preserve in my adaptation of his position. Of course I have since interpreted everything in my own way such that it is no longer fruitful (or easy) for me to articulate myself in terms of Meillassoux’s concepts and reference points. 973 more words


Anticipating ... "The World of Failing Machines" and "A Companion to Mia Couto"

How about some shameless self-promotion?!

September will see the publication of two books that I have put together.

The first book, to be released on 1 September 2016, is titled… 303 more words

For Your Information

Philosophy Forum 09/06/2016: Quentin Meillasoux

Dear All

following on from the Spectral Dilemma I thought we could read Meillasoux’s contribution to the Speculative Realist event transcript. It can be found… 59 more words

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