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Geopolitics in a World of Interlocked Machines

In previous posts I have mentioned in brief my fascination with speculative realism and object oriented ontology. I was always planning on making a post drawing the connections between it and the geopolitics which are the centerpiece of my writing here, but kept putting that off. 2,117 more words

Whatever happened to reality?

I’m reading After Finitude by Quentin Meillassoux, with a view to bringing the thinking of the pragmatic philosopher C.S. Peirce (1839-1914) up to date — or at least, this is an opportunity to compare and contrast Peirce’s pragmatic realism with some thinking now about reality (100 years later). 1,102 more words


An early influence: books we read in childhood

I typically write speculative realism – real life that bumps into another sphere our secular humanist culture says isn’t ‘real’. That other realm may be understood as spiritual, metaphorical, the stuff of dreams or of nightmares. 499 more words

Mark Dion, Whitechapel Gallery - OCA Study Visit 15.4.18

This show begins with an arresting tableau: an aviary containing an apple tree, bolted together, and adorned with books and bric-a-brac, and 22 live, tweeting, zebra finches. 1,293 more words


Introduction to Inorganic Demonology: Reza Negarestani and The Exorcist

This is an edit of a transcript for a presentation I gave as part of “Remarkable Things: The Agency of Objecthood & the Power of Materiality”, a conference on the power and value of apotropaic art, hosted on 10th March 2018 by the University of Warwick’s Humanities Research Centre. 4,156 more words

Spekulatives Design – Körper des digitalen Geistes

Eva Leonhard und Lisa Käsdorf

with text by Dr. Betti Marenko

as part of MCBW 2018 and supported by Bayern Design 537 more words

Speculative Realism