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Having defended my dissertation Schelling’s Naturalism: Space, Motion, and the Volition of Thought I’m now in the strange position of looking for an academic job. 273 more words

Speculative Realism

"No Ecology without Anthropology"

I continue to reflect on Pope Francis’s claim, “There can be no ecology without an adequate anthropology.”

On the one hand, this seems like the exact opposite view of those involved in the “speculative turn.” The speculative realists engaged in object-oriented ontology encourage us to move beyond correlationism, the thesis that we cannot interrogate being except by considering the human person: the being for whom being is a question. 176 more words

Integral Ecology

Is Francis's Integral Ecology Incompatible with Biocentrism?

As I’ve already explained, in Laudato Si’, Pope Francis (2015) rejects anthropocentric ideologies of rupture, which allow us to think of ourselves as radically other-than the creatures of the world and of our social systems as disconnected from other “natural” systems. 1,230 more words

Integral Ecology

Kant: Sensibility, Intuition, and Noumenon

Kant is specific when he tells us that the concept of noumenon is a “boundary concept”:

The concept of a noumenon is therefore merely a… 2,549 more words

Speculative Realism

An Interview with Graham Harman

To celebrate the new edition of Quentin Meillassoux: Philosophy in the Making, we’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive author Q&A with Graham Harman… 6,538 more words

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