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Arguments from Example and Analogy

Comparing violence in video games or movies and real life is ridiculous. A competent and sane person would not follow  this trend to becoming a mass shooter just because of a virtual world emphasizing violence. 143 more words

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Alternative Energy

A rising issue in the United States currently is the from a majority use of fossil fuels to produce electricity for the nation. Currently, the United States is attempting to change over to green energy, but with much opposition to the big oil companies. 460 more words

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A Truly Embarrassing Moment

Since I cannot think of a time where I did not hold my tongue when I should have, I am going to analyze a portion of the script from a film called… 221 more words

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Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd

This year, I was talking with one of my friends and we got on the topic of the difference between geeks and nerds and were trying to decide which we were. 280 more words

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Dogmatism and Equivocalism

If everyone were equivocal and understanding of each other’s viewpoints, there would be no motivation to move forward. In politics, people are dogmatic for a reason. 325 more words

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Short Silly Oratory

This is a unit I teach in a regular public speaking class.  I used to teach it later in the semester, but I have moved it to one of the first speeches we do because the formula used for it can serve EVERY other speech we do.   162 more words

Guns on College Campuses

The university of Texas have recently announced that they are allowing people to carry concealed weapons on their campus. Now, this is not as serious as allowing middle school or high school students to carry a gun to class, but there has been recent shootings on college campuses. 330 more words

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