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True Confidence

Confidence, who know it could be so hard? For the longest time I thought I was confident about who I was and what I was doing, but now after this semester I can tell I really didn’t have much confidence in myself at all and I really didn’t know what true confidence felt like. 732 more words


No School-Monday

I woke up today with that small feeling of happiness yet worry. Today we had no school because of the weather but tomorrow i have my collage classes and i’m extremely nervous due to a speech i have to make in April 28th. 184 more words

Speech class, trans life, and writer's block from hell

Once again, the change in medium is fucking with me. I need to write my final speech for class, and I’m stuck as stuck can be. 81 more words


Chicken Anxiety

In twenty days, ten two-day-old chickens will be waiting for me at Farm and Fleet.  My chickens, highly touted and long awaited, will be coming home.   972 more words

Foster Parenting

Honor #CivilRights Leader #MartinLutherKing With This Printable #Study of His Famous Speech

Hello again speech and English teachers. Last week I posted the first half of my printable speech analysis worksheet, and today I’m sharing the second half of that free questionnaire. 57 more words


Freshman Speech

Saved by the Bell

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute

************** 446 more words

Daily Prompt

Speech Class Comedies

Some community college professors are a little better than others. My speech professor is a phenomenal teacher, but an hour and 20 minutes can’t be possible filled with all productive content. 362 more words