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Last Day of College (kinda)

Yesterday was my las day of college. OF FRESHMAN YEAR!… yes, i’m still 15 and i just happen to attend an early high school college. 203 more words

Too busy.


I was quite busy with trying to do my best for my speech and other projects. FYI I got a 75 in my speech because I wasn’t loud enough and want persuasive enough… I ACTUALLY FELT LIKE I DID MY BEST, But it was not enough for the professor… I have 3 more classes until I finish my second semester of college. 189 more words

True Confidence

Confidence, who know it could be so hard? For the longest time I thought I was confident about who I was and what I was doing, but now after this semester I can tell I really didn’t have much confidence in myself at all and I really didn’t know what true confidence felt like. 732 more words


No School-Monday

I woke up today with that small feeling of happiness yet worry. Today we had no school because of the weather but tomorrow i have my collage classes and i’m extremely nervous due to a speech i have to make in April 28th. 184 more words

Speech class, trans life, and writer's block from hell

Once again, the change in medium is fucking with me. I need to write my final speech for class, and I’m stuck as stuck can be. 81 more words


Chicken Anxiety

In twenty days, ten two-day-old chickens will be waiting for me at Farm and Fleet.  My chickens, highly touted and long awaited, will be coming home.   972 more words

Foster Parenting

Honor #CivilRights Leader #MartinLutherKing With This Printable #Study of His Famous Speech

Hello again speech and English teachers. Last week I posted the first half of my printable speech analysis worksheet, and today I’m sharing the second half of that free questionnaire. 57 more words