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Day 68

This is by far the creepiest part of being a Speech Path grad student… Some of these toys y’all…

A Year Of Niftiness

Put Your Planner to Work!

When it comes to my work, planning is about as functional as it gets. My planner hasn’t seen a sticker or an inch of washi since August and it’s gonna stay that way. 433 more words

Trisomy Awareness Month: Spotlight on Down Syndrome

Did you know that March is Trisomy Awareness Month? In support of this awareness campaign, today we’re focusing our blog on one of the most common trisomy conditions: Down Syndrome. 356 more words

3 Tips to Keep Lines of Communication Open with a Non-Verbal Child

Did you know that nearly twenty-five percent of people with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) are non-verbal? A person who is non-verbal doesn’t use speech to communicate at all.   338 more words

The Mitten and Story Resources

Getting back into a groover following a holiday and break from work can feel jarring.  In anticipation, I wanted to have solid therapy plans in place for my groups because I always feel better and more prepared when I am all planned out (even if nothing during our sessions goes according to plan :) ). 247 more words

More Ways a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help You in 2017!

When you hear “speech therapist”, what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, you associate speech therapists with things like stuttering or helping a child with a lisp. 369 more words