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How Can Down Syndrome Affect Communication?

Did you know that one in every 691 children is born with Down syndrome, with an estimated 400,000 people currently living with the condition in the United States? 289 more words

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Early Communication Skills: What Comes Before Speech?

Every parent eagerly anticipates their child’s first words. However, as you’re sitting there awaiting that first “Mama”, phone in hand ready to record that milestone, you’re likely missing a huge array of communication behaviors that your child has picked up along the way. 417 more words

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Say Something (I won't give up on you)

After a few more weeks in early intervention, I was surprised with how many challenges I would already be facing. So I wanted to just jump right in and discuss 3 big diagnoses that I feel like I am already facing. 1,395 more words

Having Voice Issues? The Reason May Surprise You!

Vocal quality is a significant part of strong communication. Last week, we talked about how a speech-language pathologist can help you develop and maintain your best voice. 344 more words

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How a Speech Pathologist Can Help You Speak with your Best Voice

Although people often think of speech therapists as working with speech problems such as stutters or lisps, vocal training is a significant aspect of speech-language pathology. 363 more words

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Play with me Children! (in a totally non-creepy, speech enhancing way)

Yay! I am finally a speech-language pathologist! I no longer have to introduce myself as a student, and sadly after having a couple months off of work, I consider 1 new session a week to be a success. 1,335 more words

Problem-Solving with Catherine

Hello!  I work in a children’s hospital with a level 4 NICU.  Our SLPs know that thickening is our last resort, so to speak, in terms of interventions that we provide for these infants (positioning, nipple flow rate, etc.)  Our hospital is currently using rice cereal to thicken feedings if needed based on MBS.   642 more words

Continuing Education For Speech Pathologists