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19 Months - Building on “Me “My” or “Mine”

We recently had a blog post about first toddler phrases. Another common toddler phrase includes the word “me, “my” or “mine”. Toddlers are of course very egocentric and their whole world is centered around themselves! 219 more words

Speech & Language Development

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Who Say I Say So ? I Never Say So ?

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Hein ! Hein !

À vous les paroles !

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Afri. Times' Smiths

Afri. Times ‘Smiths:

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Milieu Teaching Procedures

1. Enhanced Milieu Teaching: Goals and Rationale for Parent Intervention

Goal                                                                                         Rationale                                Balance turns                                            Create a conversational framework for interaction

Give children an opportunity to respond   Encourage child-initiated utterances… 162 more words