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Early Reading and Writing Development

By Froma P. Roth, Ph.D, CCC-SLP and Diane R. Paul, Ph.D, CCC-SLP

Children start to learn language from the day they are born. As they grow and develop, their speech and language skills become increasingly more complex. 974 more words


Little M and his cheeky face

I was cuddling him earlier today, looking at his cute little face and he just starts giggling at me for no apparent reason, and his giggling becomes more and more hysterical turning into fits of uncontrollable laughter. 928 more words

Brutal Looters :

Hello everybody !

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Day One LapTop :

             Hello everybody !

It’s realy funny for me to come out and spreed my joyfullness day one with my computer LapTop .

I’m in a new “blogging big screen learner” at this first tipping keybord of a laptop that i first bougth… 56 more words

Archives of Disease in Childhood: March 2016, Volume 101, Issue 3

Highlights from the March issue include:

  • Female genital mutilation: see pages 212, 267 and 207.
  • The legal basis for compulsorily detaining children and young people for treatment: see page 210.
  • 64 more words
03 (March 2016)

19 Months - Building on “Me “My” or “Mine”

We recently had a blog post about first toddler phrases. Another common toddler phrase includes the word “me, “my” or “mine”. Toddlers are of course very egocentric and their whole world is centered around themselves! 219 more words

Speech & Language Development

Times Might be

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