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Milieu Teaching Procedures

1. Enhanced Milieu Teaching: Goals and Rationale for Parent Intervention

Goal                                                                                         Rationale                                Balance turns                                            Create a conversational framework for interaction

Give children an opportunity to respond   Encourage child-initiated utterances… 162 more words


CBeebies and Special Needs: Why the BBC Must NEVER Axe CBeebies

This week parents across the country were rocked by the horrifying news that the BBC could consider axeing CBeebies, their channel aimed at preschool children. Cue lots of blog posts and the #savecbeebies hashtag on Twitter about how mums and dads are never going to be able to have a shower or blog in peace again. 738 more words


Cooking With Children: Honey and Soy Chicken Kebabs

One of the most educational activities you can do with your child is cooking, but so often that seems to mean baking biscuits or cookies and cake. 528 more words


Making "Book Time" Fun

By Amy Dearing, MS/CCC, a Speech Therapist at the S. June Smith Center, in Lancaster, PA. She has a Masters Degree  in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and a Certificate of Clinical Competency. 633 more words

Family Life

All About My Son: Siblings of Children with Autism

Sometimes it seems like I spend a lot of time talking about Wee Girl on this blog and never about Little Man. I’m sorry for that, because Little Man is just as important in his own way, and sometimes it feels like all my time is being taken up with other things, while he trundles along after me. 455 more words


Floortime Session: Activities to Boost Engagement

On Friday we had another session with our Floortime consultant. It went well, despite Wee Girl’s changeable mood. The activities we tried included:

  1. Blowing bubbles #1.
  2. 454 more words

Would you Choose to Cure Your Child of Autism?

It’s one of those perennial questions in the world of autism: if a cure for autism was made available, would you take it, or if you are the parent of a child with autism, would you choose it for your child? 678 more words