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The Unexpected Health Issue that Can Damage your Voice!

If your voice has been hoarse, raspy or weak lately, there are a range of possible culprits: vocal abuse (like raising your voice to talk over noise or screaming at a sports game), a dry throat from heating, air conditioning or dehydration; post-nasal drip or inflamed vocal cords from a cold or other illness. 407 more words

Day 1: 3 FAQ's

“So, what are you studying?”

I’m majoring in Linguistics, and I have a double minor in Cognitive Science and Communicative Sciences and Disorders.

“…And what do you want to do with your degree?” 202 more words

Speech Scavenger Hunt

This week I put together a little Scavenger Hunt for the kids. I’m having them break into small groups of two to three, and use either a laptop or dictionary to research the answers they don’t know. 36 more words


That Almost-Professional Life (TOLT)

I meant to write a Day in the Life post about my Wednesday last week, but somehow during lunch today (I’m writing this Wednesday night) I realized that I never wrote it. 908 more words


Halloweekend 2015

Happy November, everyone! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. Hopefully you all got more physical activity than me…I spent too much time in bed instead of running! 406 more words

Day 92: Success

My professor stopped by my placement today for a mid-semester check-in to view how things are going and to chat with my supervisor. Overall, very good remarks were shared over the course of the meeting. 236 more words

Day 89: Awareness

As of late, I’ve been noticing several Facebook posts about Autism from the news sources I follow. The articles have ranged from Autism research to… 197 more words