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The earlier a toddler’s speechand language problems are recognized and dealt with, the less likely it’s miles that troubles will persist or worsen. 62 more words

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Speech therapy behavior problems:

We have all handled our percentage of hard behavior. I’ve truly discovered myself at a loss for the way to method a customer that has  88 more words

Evolving the Idol: An Invisible Looking Glass

I must live without sound from a human face of someone I know. I live on muttered syllables.

We’ve lived, for generations, according to the power of one omniscient mirror. 518 more words

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Bumble Dog

“Our puppy is drunk!” The four-year-old announced mid-session.

“Drunk?” Their puppy was a five-month-old rescue mutt named Rooky, all paws, mischief and licking tongue. Still, surely I misheard. 159 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

Finally: some progress and encouraging news

November 2, 2015. I had been working for over an hour when Dad woke up at 5:00 A.M. after a restless night. He was ready to get out of bed, so Gale got up, disconnected his oxygen and tube feed, and helped him transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. 2,229 more words

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Ausyresolutions Speech & Hearing Centers are a set of clinics offering audiology and speech pathology services. We try to offer to both pediatric and geriatric populace, with nice listening to tests, and hearing devices which can be clean to use and maximize your capability to hear. 114 more words

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Our distribute province is extend all over India. We have hearing aid retailers purchasing from us periodically even from the extreme north eastern and western part of India. 41 more words