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I greatly apologize for back posting (posting from previous events) and not keeping up with the blog very well.

As I mentioned in the “about” section, I am a graduate student studying speech language pathology. 115 more words

Documenting Grad School

Milton TLC

Milton Therapy and Learning Centre is a family centred practice providing a range of services to Milton, Ulladulla and surrounding areas. Owned and operated by Speech Pathologist, Kate Kinch, Milton TLC offers Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Art Therapy services.

How Does Speech-Language Therapy Help a Child with ADHD?

You probably know that ADD and ADHD make it difficult for children to focus. But did you know ADD and ADHD affect a range of communication skills too? 341 more words

Death of a Pacifier

Pacifiers. I know. I am probably going to lose some friends over this one. But it has to be done. Really though, I am not going to lose any friends over this. 581 more words

Raising a Bilingual Child: The Silent Period

As the United States becomes increasingly diverse and multicultural, more and more children are being raised bilingual. Last week, we talked about how being bilingual impacts language development. 490 more words

Speech-language Pathology

What happens in expressive aphasia, exactly?

What is it?

Aphasia is an inability to understand or formulate language because of a dysfunction of certain brain areas. Expressive aphasia, or Broca’s aphasia, is characterized by the loss of the ability to produce spoken or written language. 456 more words

The Naughtiest Kid in Class

He is the naughtiest kid in his class. When the teacher tells him to line up, he stays at his desk. When his baseball coach tells him to go play third base, he runs to right field. 629 more words