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Is My Child on Track? 10 Communication Milestones to Look for

Watching your child grow and learn to communicate with the world around them is one of the greatest joys as a parent. But what do you do if you think your child is lagging behind? 393 more words

Jayne Latz

Picking Toys - A Primary Repost

You guys.  I am barely hanging in there.  Hank had his tonsils out a week and a half ago and this mama is one tired, exhausted, tired mama. 387 more words

Jamie Block Mayer a dynamo you should know

Jamie Block Mayer is not much more than five feet tall. Her legs are thus in perpetual motion as she speeds along at just over 6:00 pace in a 5k. 852 more words

Words: Part Two

Ethan is adventure personified. He is funny. He is deliberate and decisive. He is silly. He is so smart. He is so many things that make my heart burst. 732 more words


Up is better than Cup

Any mom of a child I work with doesn’t need to read this, because they already know all of this information I am going to spew onto the internet.   430 more words

Our own journey...

I took a month to reflect on life and I think that I am a better person. We get so caught up  in comparing our lives to other’s or trying to look up what we should do that I think we miss out. 622 more words