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What is the True Impact of Age-Related Hearing Loss?

Did you know that an estimated one third of Americans between ages 65 and 74 have hearing loss? That number jumps to nearly half of the population when considering those over the age of 75! 388 more words

A little bit of paperwork is starting to pile up

The semester began 3 weeks and some days ago but clinic officially began 1 week ago. Our supervisors are doing a phenomenal job in orienting us to our clients and managing all the paperwork. 268 more words

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Speech Ramble : Therapy tips for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

One of the kids on my current caseload is almost five years old, but she doesn’t really have any words, and she speaks in short, kind of random syllables. 488 more words

Speechie Rambles

Janice Tucker Shepard, MS, CCC-SLP-L

Title: Speech-Language Pathologist
Company:  Chicago Public Schools
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Notable Member

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Childhood Hearing Loss: Is Your Child at Risk?

Hearing loss can make life difficult for anyone. But for young children, hearing impairment can be particularly problematic. If a child is having difficulty hearing and the issue is not addressed, it can cause significant speech and language delays, which can result in problems socializing with other children and poor academic performance. 263 more words

Speech-Pathology and Hearing: Cochlear Implants

Did you know that in addition to working with people who have difficulty communicating, speech-language pathologists also work closely with people who have hearing loss? Because hearing is such a large part of communication, hearing impairment can cause a range of communicative difficulties, from speech and language delays in children to difficulties socializing and problems with academic or professional performance. 348 more words

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Greetings From Helen

Happy 2016!

May the New Year bring all of us good health, and happiness. Good wealth can’t hurt either. I am hoping that all of you had a good break in schedules and were able to travel, spend time with family and friends and enjoyed not running around. 206 more words