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Speech sounds - what's ok?

As your toddler learns to talk they make cute little sound errors, which make often make you laugh. ┬áMy 21 month old calls ham “bam”, now everyone in our house call it ‘bam’ with my 3 year old often asking for a “bam sandwich”. 347 more words

V for Victory

The “v” sound can be a difficult sound for many speakers learning English. Depending on your language background, you may pronounce it as a “b” or a “w”. 71 more words

Accent Reduction

Conference in Cologne!

I just got back a couple of days ago from the 10th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), a conference in Cologne, Germany. I learned a ton, and I was really blown away by how open and friendly everyone was to me, a lowly Master’s student with only a couple of papers to my name. 265 more words

Phonetics And Phonology