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A for Aphasia

Sunday and Tuesday were canceled due to a scheduling error, ie, I am still in the process of working out a steady schedule for posting that’s compatible with my summer commitments – it was all well and good prior to the summer break but then unpredictable (or slightly predictable) things happened and here we are. 878 more words


Speech sounds - what's ok?

As your toddler learns to talk they make cute little sound errors, which make often make you laugh.  My 21 month old calls ham “bam”, now everyone in our house call it ‘bam’ with my 3 year old often asking for a “bam sandwich”. 347 more words

V for Victory

The “v” sound can be a difficult sound for many speakers learning English. Depending on your language background, you may pronounce it as a “b” or a “w”. 71 more words

Accent Reduction

Conference in Cologne!

I just got back a couple of days ago from the 10th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), a conference in Cologne, Germany. I learned a ton, and I was really blown away by how open and friendly everyone was to me, a lowly Master’s student with only a couple of papers to my name. 265 more words

Phonetics And Phonology

Listening Skills for children

Auditory Discrimination

What is auditory discrimination?
This is your child’s ability to hear the difference in sounds(when there is no hearing problem).  Through games, your child can learn to discriminate between one sound and another. 367 more words

Feedback Control and Speech Therapy Revisited

In August 2012 I posted a comment about MacDonald, E. N., Johnson, E. K., Forsyth, J., Plante, P., & Munhall, K. G. (2012). Children’s development of self-regulation in speech production. 694 more words

Interaction of Language Processing and Motor Skill in Children With Specific Language Impairment

The authors sought to examine how language production interacts with speech motor and gross and fine motor skill in children with specific language impairment (SLI), and reported that children with SLI show co-occurring speech motor and generalized motor deficits. 60 more words