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First Chess, Now Texting -- Technology Tops Man Again

STANFORD (CBS SF) – For many, using speech recognition on a smartphone has been at times a frustrating experience. Now, researchers at Stanford say the technology has advanced to a point where it is faster and more accurate than typing. 174 more words


speechdecode - speech decoding based on CMU Sphinx for rtndf data flow pipelines

speechdecode is a new PPE based on CMU Sphinx can be added to an rtndf data flow pipeline to decode speech in an audio stream. It’s the first PPE written in C++/Qt and the infrastructure will be used for PPEs that are a bit too heavy to work well in Python or integrate better with C and C++ libraries. 38 more words


We'll talk to our phones in the future because our fingers are puny and slow

Sometimes the most prodigious research institutions in the world need to study something obvious: Talking is faster than typing on your phone.

In tests by Stanford University and Chinese search giant Baidu, speech recognition on phones was three times faster than typing the same message on the stock iPhone keyboard. 158 more words

When Pathetic is not Pathetic

Since leaving my job due to my health I have felt almost no stress (until I ponder things in the future, so I mostly don’t), and this has helped relax the pain in my neck and shoulder. 464 more words


Do you know which Appliance Is Sucking All Your Power? Use Sense Appliance

Find Out Which Appliance Is Sucking All Your Power

Sense’s $299 gadget identifies individual devices in the home and exactly how much electricity they are using. 904 more words


Google's speech recognition has a gender bias

In my last post, I looked at how Google’s automatic speech recognition worked with different dialects. To get this data, I hand-checked annotations  more than 1500 words from fifty different accent tag videos . 1,025 more words

Remembering the good old days of being on hold for 10 minutes

I remember calling big service providers (such as a telephone provider) in the 80s with a question/request and sitting on hold for 10 minutes, which was really annoying. 89 more words