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Speech recognition for IoT sentient spaces with CMU Sphinx and api.ai

In order to interact with a sentient space in a natural manner, the system implementing the sentient space has to be able to interpret spoken commands from users in the space. 232 more words

Apache NiFi

Windows 10 on Windows Phone, with Speech Apps

And in the end it wasn’t SO hard. By the end of the weekend, I have this:

Windows Phone

Microsoft releases CNTK: A speech recognition deep learning toolkit

Deep learning is an emerging and disruptive field. Big tech giants have solved complex problems like image classification, speech recognition, search engine ranking using deep learning techniques. 102 more words

Data Science

Dynamic Time Warping

Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)


Dynamic time warping or DTW is a technique widely used when comparing two sequences -be it strings, arrays, or any kind of data- where the lengths of the two items being compared is not the equal. 645 more words