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Marlowe, Shakespeare, Authors and Speech Recognition

The news that Marlowe is to be credited as a co-author for some of Shakespeare’s plays is big news, of course. It’s fascinating to think about how long debates have been going on about authorship of Shakespeare’s and other plays (e.g. 239 more words


TellMe Voice Controlled Expense Tracker Prototype

For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been developing a simple voice controlled expense tracker application for iOS using Swift 3 to be published in the app store soon. 439 more words


Microsofts speech recognition is now on par with human ears

Microsofts speech recognition team hit a major milestone that makes speech recognition as good as humans when hearing people speak. In a paper published Monday, researchers and engineers in Microsofts Artificial Intelligence and Research reported a speech recognition system that has a word error rate of 5.9 percent, which is on par with humans that professionally transcribe conversations.  87 more words


Microsoft hits a speech recognition milestone with a system just as good as human ears

It’s a red-letter day at Microsoft Research: a team working on speech recognition has hit a serious symbolic goal with a system that’s as good as you at hearing what people are saying. 261 more words


Microsoft claims its speech transcription AI is now better than human professionals

Transcribing a conversation between two humans is one of those tasks that’s deceptively difficult for machines to tackle. Even if the audio file is high quality and doesn’t have any background noise, the algorithm needs to contend with different voices, interruptions, hesitations, corrections, and a litany of common conversational nuances. 361 more words

A DIY, Visual Alexa

Talking to computers is all the rage right now. We are accustomed to using voice to communicate with each other, so that makes sense. However, there’s a distinct difference between talking to a human over a phone line and conversing face-to-face. 182 more words

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Want a Cracker?

If you watch the old original Star Trek, you’ll notice that the computers on board the Enterprise don’t look much like our computers (unless you count the little 3.5 inch floppies that looked pretty close to the real thing). 164 more words

Raspberry Pi