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Speech Recognition Issues

“I have an old computer. EasyVoice4 does not run on it, yet EasyVoice5 does? Why is this?”

EasyVoice4 uses Microsoft SAPI4 Voice Engine, while EasyVoice5 uses Microsoft SAPI5 Voice Engine. 275 more words


Activists fight release of new high-tech Barbie doll from Mattel

Consumer activists are raising red flags about Mattel’s new “Hello Barbie” doll, which packs Siri-like voice recognition that some say could invade children’s privacy. Kids using the doll press a button to record a message, which is then analyzed by a Mattel partner before an audio response is returned over the Internet. 172 more words


Voice Input in Translation Work (#Linux + Chrome + #OmegaT), Take 1

I always was rather skeptical about using dictate software in my translation work. But recently I read a success story where a person started to use Dragon Naturally Speaking, and it boosted his productivity by ungodly high percentage. 410 more words


Lá "Fail"-a Pádraig* – Paddy’s Day Postscript

On the challenges of spoken language identification in a live setting…..

* Lá Fheile Pádraig – St Patricks Day

The current President of Ireland ( 627 more words

St Patrick's Day

Basic Work and Functions Related to Healthcare CRM

Radiology practices are utilized and provided by healthcare CRM to manage all referral marketing initiatives nowadays. It is a tool for management developed for the medical section, especially the radiology department. 326 more words


CRM Solutions In Healthcare Include Several Important Components

With the development of the advanced technologies, the healthcare industry now has a huge network. Patient care, sharing data and managing patient information are few tasks that are posing some challenges for the various healthcare sectors. 321 more words


The intersection of Science Fiction, super-pi, and technology innovation

Celebrating Pi (3.141592653) 3/14/15 at 9:26:53

Today is super-pi day, a day that comes but once a century and extends to a specific time at 9:26:53 seconds (although when that occurs will depends on your time zone. 792 more words