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Vocal and facial signals

USARIEM partners to explore using virtual humans to measure cognitive performance

Facial expressions, body movements and features of speech can communicate volumes about a person’s physical, cognitive and emotional states. 59 more words

Virtual Reality

Video series: Talk... Text... SpeechLive

Voice technology is more prevalent than ever now that we are surrounded by smartphones, smart cars, smart home appliances, voice assistants and more. The simplicity of being able to speak to digital assistants is becoming more common and leads us away from typing to talking. 122 more words


Make A Natural Language Phone Bot Like Google's Duplex AI

After seeing how Google’s Duplex AI was able to book a table at a restaurant by fooling a human maître d’ into thinking it was human, I wondered if it might be possible for us mere hackers to pull off the same feat. 1,463 more words


speech recognition for digits in matlab

Get the code from here:
Watch code from here:

This code analyzes user voice saying digits and train the computer to it so it can be identified later and determine the digits said by the user. 118 more words

Learn How To Use The Speech Recognition Features On Your Chromebook

Speech recognition on Chromebook enables you to use ‘speech-to-text’ dictation in programs where you would normally type, such as Google Docs and Gmail as well as allowing you to carry out web searches by asking questions straight into the browser. 10 more words

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Mozilla: More Common Voices

Mozilla: More Common Voices. “Today we are excited to announce that Common Voice, Mozilla’s initiative to crowdsource a large dataset of human voices for use in speech technology, is going multilingual! 62 more words

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Tensorflow Speech Recognition challenge

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Project Overview

The project is closely related to Automatic Speech Recognition except that instead of recognizing the continuous speech constituting of many different words and sentences, we will be recognizing a small set of words and label remaining as unknown or silence. 2,481 more words

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