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Newly released Hello Barbie and security concerns

On 10th November 2015 Mattel released its new Barbie and the doll is already alarming security researchers. The Wi-Fi technology on which the doll relies makes children (and their families or anyone around them) vulnerable to… 492 more words

Speech Recognition...Finally, from Fantasy to Value for Money

For so many years people have been talking about Speech Recognition, now they are actually using it, with confidence and with high-levels of accuracy. It’s fast becoming a part of our daily lives, call centres, Smartphones and even our computers.  427 more words

The Equalizer

Number of Investments by Top Artificial Intelligence Investors

The following infographic summarizes the number of companies invested by the top Artificial Intelligence investors. You could see that Intel Capital is in the lead by having invested in 16 companies, followed by Techstars which invested in 14 companies. 81 more words


Overcoming dexterity problems with Dragon

Me talking about my new speech recognition software


Hackx: Convert Speech to Text and Make Your Laptop respond to Voice Commands for FREE--No Downloads!

Hey, all!

     What is a hack? Well, it used to refer strictly to the action of manually changing or interfering with software or websites, usually for nefarious purposes, but now it can be used as a blanket term for a trick that lets you operate more efficiently…like this! 757 more words


Hello Barbie Wouldn't Listen: A Nightmare or a Reality?

Last night I had a nightmare that Hello Barbie wouldn’t listen. You know, the world’s first interactive Barbie doll with artificial intelligence seemingly built into her tiny blonde head? 842 more words

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