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In this post I m going to share with you  to make a speech based alarm with an ease.

the things you going to require are: 130 more words


Yale Study Proves Dragon Helps Boost Engagement from Students

A Great tool for Students

With continuing hardware and software improvements, speech recognition is becoming an increasingly cost-effective accessibility tool for a wider range of students. 337 more words


Hürriyet Mobil Hackathon Winners

I participated in a hackathon hosted by Hürriyet (http://www.hurriyethackathon.com) along with my friends Erisn and Sinan. It lasted more than 48 hours, full of coding, designing and debugging. 75 more words


Deep Learning Online Courses, Reading Materials and Software Packages

Why do you want to learn Deep Learning?

Deep learning has been termed as one of the leading scientific breakthroughs in recent years, you can read an interesting article: … 586 more words

Picking Thesis Topic

This sh≈t is answering my first post about how it feels to be a final year student. #pheww.. after severe dilemma, headache, n many dizzy thing. 90 more words


Speech To Text using Python

I promised Arkwood, my squalid Belgian buddy, that I would build him a robot girlfriend. In my last post, Text To Speech using Python, I wrote some Python code that allowed his girlfriend to speak to him. 1,442 more words


Paper on use of “Speech recognition Tools for Oral Proficiency” training has appeared in this week’s FLTMag.com

  1. Since I have been asked to advertise this:
    1. These Speech recognition tools, while an invaluable partial evaluation automation or AI tool, come free with MS-Windows (7 Enterprise/Ultimate, 8 all distributions) – crucial for often resource-strapped language learning environments.
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