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Always on: Privacy implications of microphone-enabled devices

Is your smart TV listening to your conversations? Are your children’s toys spying on your family?

These questions are being raised as the next generation of Internet-connected devices enters the market. 796 more words


V is for Voice Recognition

Number 22 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

Perhaps this isn’t an affliction, or not for everyone. 601 more words


Move over Echo, meet the Pyramid

While the Amazon Echo is a nice device, it’s not especially friendly to repurposing. I wanted a point of presence for my sentient spaces projects (Sentient Smart Home and Sentient Garage) but could not work out how to get the Echo to do what I wanted without having to bounce off another web service in addition to… 290 more words

Apache NiFi

Nightcap - April 11

Speech recognition and robots are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


YouTube closed captions are awful

I looked at the automatically generated closed captions on the Oscilloscope video and they were awful—pretty much just word salad. Speaker-independent voice recognition is obviously not a solved problem at Google. 935 more words

Circuits Course

Does Your Smartphone Listen To You??

With the fast paced development in technology today we have grown more accustomed to texting and typing rather than speaking to each other or having a face to face interaction but even as we’re using this technology of instant messaging we seem to come across hurdles that make our experience time consuming and frustrating. 277 more words

Knowledge Warehouse

Roll Your Own Amazon Echo on a Raspberry Pi

Speech recognition coupled with AI is the new hotness. Amazon’s Echo is a pretty compelling device, for a largish chunk of change. But if you’re interested in building something similar yourself, it’s just gotten a lot easier. 182 more words