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Talk to Your Kids

In America, speech and language pathologists have recognised a discrepancy between the speech development of a child from a low-income family and that of a child from a high-income family. 301 more words


Linear Addition from the Log Domain

Some speech recognizers and machine learning algorithms need to quickly calculate the quantity:

when given only and . The straightforward algorithm first uses the exponential function to convert the log values to the linear domain representation and , then performs the sum, and finally uses the log function to convert back to the log domain: 1,246 more words


Spherical Gifts Really Are Difficult to Wrap

Submitted by Rob Kassel

Twenty-five years ago, speech recognition was confined to university, corporate and government laboratories. Digitized speech, ubiquitous today, was still a rarity and much in demand by the speech recognition researchers aiming for a breakthrough. 414 more words

Advanced Speech Recognition

Bash one-liner using sox to batch convert the sampling frequency of audio files

A bash one-liner to batch convert the sampling rate of WAV files using the SoX tool.  The example will resample *.wav files in the current directory to 8000Hz and place the output in an existing subdirectory called 8000Hz. 153 more words


Sphinx 4 Acoustic Model Adaptation

This is a writeup of the steps I took to perform acoustic model adaptation for an acoustic model to be used in Sphinx 4.  I followed the well-written… 1,111 more words


Wiring a Shure PG30 Headset Microphone

I recently tried to rewire a Shure PG30 headset microphone so that it could be connected directly to a computer sound card via a stereo mini plug… 343 more words