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18 Months 1 Week - Using Household Items for Play

We love using traditional toys for play whether it be building blocks, puzzles, dollhouses, etc. But there is also something to be said for items that were not intended to be toys. 180 more words

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18 Months - Best Building Toys to Encourage Fine Motor Skills

As speech therapists we are obsessed with building toys. Not only does it encourage fine motor skills, but we also get a lot of language out of our children. 1,525 more words

Speech & Language Therapy

17 Months 2 Weeks - Cooking with Your Toddler

Around this time your child is becoming a pro at pretend play, especially when it comes to eating and cooking. They may pretend to feed you with a spoon or cut fake vegetables or play dough. 542 more words

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17 Months 1 Week - Teaching Toddlers How to WAIT

It seems like wherever we go we have to wait whether it be at a restaurant, supermarket, toy store, circle time, on the subway, in the car, during a commercial, or anything else for the matter! 236 more words

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A christmas Thought..

I haven’t written a great deal this year. To say it’s been full is an understatement. Amongst other significant things my eldest daughter has completed her journey through university and landed on the other side a qualified Speech Therapist. 1,761 more words