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A Simple Key For Speech Therapy Unveiled

Expressing Through Artwork

Iris Grace, a 5-year-old girl from Leicestershire, can build brain-blowingly beautiful paintings. She was diagnosed with autism in 2011, she uses painting being an assist for her speech therapy. 1,544 more words

Speech Disorder

4 Months: Chatter Baby's Speech Update

As a speech therapist it has obviously been so exciting to watch my baby daughter’s communication skills develop! To watch her go from what looked like a mere observer of human life, passive and watching from the outside, to a fully fledged, active,  engaged (and engaging!) social being. 642 more words

Baby Development

May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month

For those of you who follow this blog, you may recall that I am a speech and language pathologist.  Since May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and ASHA or the American Speech and Hearing Association focuses on autism during the second week of the month, I thought I would share some information with you. 959 more words


4 Months: Hello Sleep Regression!

At about 3 1/2 months we started to approach the imminent four-month Sleep Regression. I have googled this a million times trying to find the miracle cure but at the same time knowing there isn’t one. 938 more words

Baby Development

Talking All About MJ Again😊 

I recently met a new friend through social media. Her name is Ann and she has an awesome blog/website,

BeautifulSpeechLife.com. What I love about her is that not only does she love children, but through her videos and products it is evident that she truly enjoys what she does as a speech and language pathologist. 34 more words

Speech Therapy Techniques at MBCN

Speech therapy involves the treatment of patients with communication difficulties. When patients participate in speech therapy, they will learn speech techniques through special exercises designed to help overcome the problem that is causing the speech problem. 491 more words


Educational Psychologist - Liam's Story

We had about a year and a half of bliss once Liam started Occupational Therapy, where no new issues were brought up by his teachers at school. 1,116 more words

Liam's Story