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What Is Accent Reduction?

When most people think of speech-language pathologists, they think of working with people who stutter, or have a speech impediment, or some other sort of communication disorder. 348 more words

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Week Two - Run Number Five

Some days, you feel extra motivated, today was positively one of those days.  The reason was pretty obvious, I announced yesterday (Thursday, February 5th) to my friends/family on all my social media about Deaf/Blind and Running.   916 more words


6 Months 1 Week - Learning Through Novel Experiences

Since we get set in a day to day routine sometimes we forget to introduce novel experiences to our children. With these new experiences comes new language! 844 more words

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6 Months - Onto Crawling!

Around this time your baby is taking the gradual steps to get crawling! We got our hands on an awesome PowerPoint written by a physical therapist Julie Wattenberg. 549 more words

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What better way to encourage language from your children than using our Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists!  This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up… it’s never too early to expose them to language learning! 167 more words

Speech & Language Development

As children begin to learn language, many times they tend to overgeneralize a word. For example, they may start calling all transportation items “car”. This video tells you more about it!

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5 Months 3 Weeks – Object Permanence 

Object Permanence You may have heard of the term, but “object permanence” is just a fancy phrase for your baby is realizing that objects and people still exist even if he or she cannot see them. 478 more words

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