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How can a Speech Language Therapist Help my Child with Hearing Loss?

The role of the speech language therapist is to facilitate communication and teach strategies for the child to acquire language including both comprehension and expression. Another task is to improve speech abilities for effective communication to take place. 428 more words


Language Disorders Impact Academic Success

During your child’s formative years, the lessons learned in school will benefit your children as well as you by helping them become a strong, self-reliant person. 434 more words

24 Months 3 Weeks - Concept of Recurrence

At this point your child may have graduated from using just “more” to get more of an item. You are going to see more novel word combinations such as “I want that too” or “I want another one”. 138 more words

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24 Months 2 Weeks - Using “I” in Sentences

Everything is “I I I I” and the world revolves around them. When they finally get the concept of “I” and that it is actually them they will start commenting on their actions like no other! 345 more words

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23 Months 1 Week -How to Deal with Terrible Twos in Speech Therapy Fashion

Oh boy!! Have you entered the Terrible Twos yet? We have here! Yes it might be early, but we are in the depths of it. Crying, screaming, hitting, laying yourself on the ground – you name it. 292 more words

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22 Months 3 Weeks - What to Expect During Mealtime with a 2 Year Old

Can you believe it? You’re child is almost two! We decided to concentrate on mealtime milestones this week since a lot more is expected of your child at this point. 227 more words

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22 Months 1 Week - Combining Chores with Following Directions

It’s never too early to start learning about chores and how to help out in the house!Now that your child is getting better at following directions feel free to intertwine basic “chores” into the daily routine. 201 more words

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