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Macron just slammed Trump’s worldview in a rare address to Congress

(Source: www.vox.com)

In an unusual address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron laid out a sweeping indictment of President Trump’s worldview — all without mentioning Trump by name. 808 more words



It is so true that different people get different things from any one component. Let’s take social media. Some hate it. They find facebook, instagram etc. 172 more words



Meaning is intuited,
while words are
citizens of another
order, introduced to
marshal those who
require direct instruction
if they are to answer
to any authority. 52 more words


Turns out Facebook moderation sucks because its guidelines suck

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Facebook has finally made its moderation guidelines officially available to the public in full and boy is this a fascinating glimpse into a convoluted set of rules that… 541 more words


OPINION: The Problem With Freedom of Speech

The problem with freedom of speech isn’t free speech as a principle, but rather the people. Free speech allows everyone to be able to share their ideas and opinions, regardless if it is unpopular or everyone disagrees with you, the whole premise is to be able to communicate without persecution of the government. 565 more words


SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

On Thursday, April 26th, I will be speaking the at the R.E.B.B.L.S. (Rising Entrepreneurs in Bio Business and Life Science) Beers with Peers event on Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG #11). 90 more words

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The karma of psychology

We’ve been considering the five natural “laws” of karma, and we now come to the law of mind (citta-niyāma).  We might think that we control our thoughts, but as any meditator knows, the mind goes where it wants to, when it wants to, and sometimes with alarming speed.  497 more words