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MATT DAMON on the Elite & NWO – Profound Speech on This Evil World [video] ~ July 5, 2015

I blog about Love and found this is another little gem I found from when off on my “computer-less” vacation. In this video, Matt Damon talks about the value of civil disobedience…aka NOT following the financial, and otherwise, “rules” of our corporate, corrupt world that devalue and degrade us. 114 more words

Words Have Power

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much power words have and how much we don’t even think about what we say. We call our friends stupid as a joke, but we don’t think about maybe when they were little, they had an abusive father calling them stupid all the time. 117 more words

Response to Waterkids ''Claims''

Edit: And we all know Light Troops are the worst for multilogging in CP Armies.


After Waterkid got mad and decided to claim things that weren’t true (just because his army isn’t big enough to ever get above 4th), I’m going to have to answer the multilogging claims of our Ice Warriors troop, Fever 20. 263 more words


Why I Have a Power Speech

Why I Have a Power Speech

My Morning Routine

First things first, what is a power speech? A power speech is a speech some people use to assert a certain goal or idea they have (ex. 325 more words


Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness

Does true freedom of speech exist?

This is something I ask daily. With the climate of political correctness in todays society I often wonder if true freedom of speech exists. 227 more words

Acceptance letter

I’m picky

I don’t want to settle

I’m stubborn

I’m strong willed

I’m insecure

Yet confident

I’m scared

I’m optimistic

I’m a realist

I’m a Goofball… 70 more words