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Leleiohoku, the Prince Regent, 1874.


By His Highness


Before the Citizens at Ewa, Oahu.

O Citizens:—My naau¹ is filled with joy to see upon your faces this day, a sign telling me that your loving hearts are encouraged by the astute remarks of our King spoken of in his royal address pertaining to one of the foundations of His Kingdom, that being… 499 more words


Israeli PM in US for controversial speech 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington and is said will deliver an unwanted speech to the Congress. Photo credit: haaretz.com

WASHINGTON (AP/ Aron Heller). 123 more words


Israeli PM in US for controversial speech

WASHINGTON (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington to deliver the speech to Congress that the Obama administration did not want him to give. 120 more words


Essay: "Life is Beautiful"

Last weekend, I was involved at a public speaking tournament of champions where I was invited to present a speech on the topic labelled: “Life is Beautiful”. 1,266 more words


Cats the Musical, Golf, Best Man & Fin + Soph's Wedding

This week was a very slow start for me. After the last 4 days of the previous week being pretty full on with something happening every night, plus being the sorest I have ever been after a football match, I sacked off the training and had a day off. 1,575 more words

Hate Speech ... Need Advice

my brother has PTSD and someone sent him a link to a youtube video. its a “joke” video where theres suddenly audio and video of graphic warfare and violence … its intended to trigger people with PTSD. 67 more words

Being Articulate

-… . .. -. –. / .- .-. – .. -.-. ..- .-.. .- – . / .. … / .. — .–. — .-. – .- -. 108 more words