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Episode 887: Whatever Comes Next

“I can’t understand why I have the feeling that something frightening is going to happen.”

It always starts with a box.

You’ve finally figured out what you’re going to do with your life.

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Gordon Russell

What's the best way to go over a speed bump?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people try to avoid using the four wheels of the car when they go over a speed bump. Out of curiosity, I asked some of those drivers and all of them gave me the exact same answer: “Because if you only hit the obstacle  with the wheels of one side of the car, you will cause less damage to the vehicle and, besides, it is less uncomfortable for occupants”. 551 more words


Oops ... a speed bump

Lovely friends,

I just had a Twix bar.

This was not on the plan for today.

Man, it was good … I really enjoyed it. 69 more words

Lift My Spirits


We thought of ourselves as the lion….king of all he surveys. –Wordreference Forums

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Sign of the Times: Doing the Humpty Bump

So there I was, walking home, when I saw the traffic sign hiding in plain sight. Why hadn’t I ever noticed it before? It read as follows: 502 more words

Adventures In Nitpickery

A coupla' two, tree...

Nothing like a little drawn silliness to start the week of on a good foot…

Have a good week people…

Oh, and by the way… 46 more words



To vague…?
To erudite and scientific for you?

Too painfully punny?

How about this one?

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