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Speed Bump with Divot

The ‘bump’ part of the portion of the speed bump pictured below is flattened out by my vantage point directly above.

I am looking forward to returning to this scene when the yellow ambient light shines at night. 8 more words

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Speed Bump

Sometimes, when there are no cars coming the other way, I veer out of the way of speed bumps in the parking lot. Other times (when my wife isn’t in the car), I just go over them at normal speed (15 miles per hour, of course). 45 more words

Personal Stories

Episode 1092: The Tenterhooks

“The spirits keep coming in and out of here, taking things!”

a circle. Do you know what I mean? It’s like

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Sam Hall

Episode 1090: Today's Ten Things That Make No Sense

“It’s a terrible thing to be frightened by something you can’t see!”

#1. So let me get this straight. Gerard is a ghost, and he’s evil, and he’s in charge of young David, who’s being intermittently possessed by another ghost named Tad.

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Gordon Russell

Reading the Comics, October 21, 2017: Education Week Edition

Comic Strip Master Command had a slow week for everyone. This is odd since I’d expect six to eight weeks ago, when the comics were (probably) on deadline, most (United States) school districts were just getting back to work. 601 more words


Episode 1089: Standing on Graves

“That bust was there in the future because you placed it there now!”

“We should be grateful that nothing has happened for the last two days!” says Hallie.

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Gordon Russell

Episode 1085: Our Ignorance and Folly

“David, they’re nowhere in the room! They’re dead people! They’re ghosts! And we look exactly like them!”

There is no such thing as time. There’s only space, physical space, and it is space that measures the distance between those points which we, in our ignorance and folly, insist are points in time.

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Joe Caldwell