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Take the driver’s seat of your life and cross all speed bumps with caution.


Fitness - It's a Lifestyle

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to make some choices that I felt were needed, but still left me feeling a little bit guilty. 415 more words


Learning to drive - Part 2

In line with my previous post. I will tell you another terrible thing that happened when I was still in this, learning to drive stick process. 374 more words



My recent FB post:

LIFE: The road is sooooooo smooooooooooth, (insert Joe Stokes voice here) rockin’ and beeboppin’ along, whistling like the Andy Griffith show, singing a zipadeedoodahh song, saying like my wonderful friend…

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Tired of Feeling Tired

Moment of truth: I haven’t done shit lately.

Workouts are pretty much nonexistent, ice cream has become its own food group, and at least once or twice a week I catch myself nodding off at my desk. 395 more words


Episode 679: The Not Happening

“We just pretend things, that’s all.”

Let’s review the current state of affairs. The children have been spending time with an older relative, playing a mysterious game.

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Sam Hall

Mental Fitness Rut

The last few weeks have been rough. My normal routine is off, and I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Knowing what I know about fitness and exercise, I know that I’d feel better if I could at least come out of my workout rut and get my butt in gear like it was before. 485 more words