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Reading the Comics, June 24, 2017: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Edition

Somehow this is not the title of every Reading The Comics review! But it is for this post and we’ll explore why below.

Piers Baker’s… 1,332 more words



Blog No. 234

I’m calling this one an update, but really, it’s more like a rant. Perhaps a more ranty rant than usual, or maybe all my rants are like this and am just realizing it for the first time. 717 more words

IEX Group's Investors' Exchange will compete with NYSE and NASDAQ

The fact that the NYSE has copied some of IEX’s features show IEX’s threat potential.

The SEC has given the New York Stock Exchange the green signal for implementing what is known as a speed bump on one of its exchanges, thus allowing it to compete head-to-head with its rival – Investors’ Exchange. 335 more words


Danger Cassowary

On the road up through Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland there is an area where cassowaries may be found crossing the road. They are large, shy, solitary birds that have long blueish-purple, featherless necks and in some ways resemble an emu. 80 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

City Agency Hearings

Dear GPA Blog Readers,

We are working toward a weekly post that includes neighborhood-specific hearing information at city agencies. Right now we are looking at the agendas for the Planning Dept, the SFMTA Board of Directors, and the SFMTA Engineering Dept, which considers parking, stop signs, red zones, and that sort of thing. 543 more words

Bad Cube_Speed Bump

Good evening, I finally got my hands on another Bad Cube master piece. First of the bat, I want to acknowledge the vehicle mode.

If you didn’t know any better you would believe this is just a model car. 853 more words

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