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Episode 1072: Something Terrible

“I was concerned, because people that are highly sensitive are usually very receptive to supernatural phenomena.”

And on top of that, she’s psychic, too, so now we have another reason for Hallie Stokes to stand around looking breathless and unwell, and we don’t even get a weird theremin sound or the scent of lilacs or anything.

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Gordon Russell

Episode 1071: Back From the Future

“Is it possible that we traveled through time while we were on those stairs?”

One cannot choose but wonder. Will he ever return? It may be that he swept back into the past, and fell among the blood-drinking, hairy savages of the Age of Unpolished Stone; into the abysses of the Cretaceous Sea; or among the grotesque saurians, the huge reptilian brutes of the Jurassic times.

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Gordon Russell

NYSE Mkt Changes Name to NYSE American and Adds New Features


The NYSE Mkt, the NYSE’s market for small to mid-cap companies, is now officially known as NYSE American. Today, the NYSE American introduced new features including a 350-microsecond speed bump, designed to protect investors from predatory kinds of speed-based trading, and a  149 more words

Capital Markets

Reading the Comics, June 24, 2017: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Edition

Somehow this is not the title of every Reading The Comics review! But it is for this post and we’ll explore why below.

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Blog No. 234

I’m calling this one an update, but really, it’s more like a rant. Perhaps a more ranty rant than usual, or maybe all my rants are like this and am just realizing it for the first time. 717 more words

IEX Group's Investors' Exchange will compete with NYSE and NASDAQ

The fact that the NYSE has copied some of IEX’s features show IEX’s threat potential.

The SEC has given the New York Stock Exchange the green signal for implementing what is known as a speed bump on one of its exchanges, thus allowing it to compete head-to-head with its rival – Investors’ Exchange. 335 more words


Danger Cassowary

On the road up through Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland there is an area where cassowaries may be found crossing the road. They are large, shy, solitary birds that have long blueish-purple, featherless necks and in some ways resemble an emu. 80 more words

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