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My recent FB post:

LIFE: The road is sooooooo smooooooooooth, (insert Joe Stokes voice here) rockin’ and beeboppin’ along, whistling like the Andy Griffith show, singing a zipadeedoodahh song, saying like my wonderful friend…

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Tired of Feeling Tired

Moment of truth: I haven’t done shit lately.

Workouts are pretty much nonexistent, ice cream has become its own food group, and at least once or twice a week I catch myself nodding off at my desk. 395 more words


Episode 679: The Not Happening

“We just pretend things, that’s all.”

Let’s review the current state of affairs. The children have been spending time with an older relative, playing a mysterious game.

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Sam Hall

Mental Fitness Rut

The last few weeks have been rough. My normal routine is off, and I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Knowing what I know about fitness and exercise, I know that I’d feel better if I could at least come out of my workout rut and get my butt in gear like it was before. 485 more words


The Dreaded Plateau

Well, it happened. Already. I thought I’d make more progress before it happened, but it seems that I’ve hit the weight-loss plateau. It’s one of those inevitable downsides to deciding to lose weight, and when it happens, a lot of people get frustrated and give up. 427 more words


Speed bump....PLEASE!

Struggles. They come and go. Sometimes they show up one right after the other and sometimes they come alone. I have been doing this lately. Struggling. 289 more words


Excuses Don't Accomplish Goals

As I work to drop the excess weight and tone up, I do what a lot of others in my position do – I track my food, exercise, and progress using MyFitnessPal. 469 more words

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