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Simon Has Left the Building . . .

Not to worry, Simon is moving to Kalamazoo, MI and will continue to bring you all his great parking lot safety solutions and expert service. So, you can still order Post Guard Bollard Covers, Height Guard Clearance Bars, Speed Bumps, Parking Blocks and Sentry Parking Garage Protection Products whenever you need them. 44 more words

Facility And Parking Lot Safety

City takes down speed bumps installed by concerned Caswell Hill residents

Chelsea Dignean has lived in the Caswell Hill neighbourhood in Saskatoon for eight years and she’s tired of people speeding.

“This is a thoroughfare where people can get some good speed up and not be stopped on their way to 33rd or down to 22nd Street,” Dignean said. 278 more words


Drive like your kids live here.

The phrase “Drive like your kid lives here” is meaningless. It’s targeted at people who drive highway speeds in neighborhoods. Speed humps and bumps don’t slow them down either because they have no regard for human life. 143 more words


Who’s In-Charge, Anyway?

Residents concerned about the Johnson’s Point Condominium development took videos of areas on The Point that appear to have been cleared.

The conditions of approval for the development state that: “all vegetation, with the exception of invasive species, shall be retained and maintained in their natural state within 30m of all water bodies”. 723 more words

Ever Searching

Her mind never rests in her head. It always wanders the world around her, a traveler forever searching for a home.

Her mind races the thoughts that impede on her, and challenges even the weakest of intrusions. 86 more words

Short Story

Problems with speed bumps

By Kotchakorn Phuangsri, Panadda Tasano, Sirinda Trawongsa, and Suparak Pensuk

The most popular means for transportation at UBU are motorcycles and cars. Some people drive very quickly, so UBU has installed speed bumps to slow them down to reduce accidents. 463 more words


Florida Man Friday -- One Helluva Case of Heartburn and Speed Humps

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Florida Man up to it again.

This time, we’ll visit Weston, where Florida Man and Florida Woman stole roughly $3000 worth of antacids. 328 more words

Florida Man