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Oh, Those Darn Speed Bumps!

Don’t you hate speed bumps? I do–especially when they slow me down from getting where I need to go.

I live on a gravel road with a straightaway.

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Which Products Can Assist in Pedestrian Safety

There is much that can be done to improve the safety of pedestrians. This is a worldwide issue. Speed contributes to around one-third of all fatal road traffic crashes in high income countries, and up to half in low and middle-income countries. 597 more words

Traffic Safety

The best speed bump entertaining android game: 100 Speed Bumps Challenge: Speed Breaker Car Drive

Have you ever think of speed bumps to be entertaining? Obviously not, people hate to speed bumps as they have to slow down while driving at high speed. 456 more words


Sorry to any mining or tunnelling fans who have strayed onto this page, you will find little to enchant you here.  This post is all about tedium and just how boring the author is.  965 more words

4WD capable of off-road driving still bitches out on narrow speed bumps

A 4WD capable of off-road driving has been spotted still bitching out on narrow speed bumps in the Watsonia area. While technically it’s more the driver’s fault than the actual car, the excessive slowing down to go over a small speed bump drew criticism from the motorists queuing up behind the large vehicle as it crawled along Sellars Street in Watsonia North. 68 more words


The giant hump of East Wellington Street

Probably not known to many, other than locals and drivers who venture along East Wellington Street, is one of the biggest and toughest humps (speed bump or sleeping policeman depending on your preference) I’ve seen for myself. 538 more words


Speed Bumps

9 November 2017

An enquiry has been received about arranging for a surfacing contractor to repair the damaged speed bumps.

  • The speed bumps are the responsibility of Sheffield City Council…
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Speed Bumps