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A Curb Stop Can Reduce Risk During The Last Few Feet Of Your Commute

Navigating our car the last few feet, as we arrive at our destination, can be challenging. These last few moments can all too often end disastrously. 424 more words

Speed Bumps

Controlling Speed on Private Roads

Many of us have been there. We lose our temper with a misbehaving motorist and yell out, “you don’t own the road, you know!”

Interestingly, he may actually own that road. 392 more words

Speed Bumps


There’s a road not too far away from me that has had speedbumps installed on it.
There is a bit of a park and school there so I guess it makes sense. 140 more words


Why life’s speed bumps are not destinations for pitching tents

“We are all gardeners, planting seeds of intention and watering them with attention in every moment of every day.”― Cristen Rodgers

Unless you’re a perfect driver (and although I know many people who think they are, I know no one who actually is), you’ve probably encountered a speed bump*, undoubtedly going faster than the posted speed. 626 more words

When Encountering Speed Bumps

“Life has no intrinsic worth, but is kept in motion merely by desire and illusion.” —Arthur Schopenhauer

Close to three weeks ago, I sent some emails out, asking for a… 620 more words


Should You Install Speed Humps or Speed Bumps?

If you are considering installing traffic calming measures, you may have wondered whether you should choose speed humps or speed bumps. Contrary to popular belief, these two terms do not refer to the same thing. 466 more words

Installing Speed Humps

A Million Things to Be

We are rich in opportunities. Sure, there are obstacles between us and our goals, but that’s life. Sometimes those obstacles are speed bumps and sometimes they’re brick walls. 202 more words