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Actions That Can Be Taken To Improve Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is becoming a larger issue in our communities. People are walking more. They are moving to urban neighborhoods and adding steps to improve their health. 396 more words

Speed Bumps

Life's a bumpy road

So I decided to write about speed bumps. Literally speed bumps.  Bumps in the road. Bumps make us slow down. Bumps make us think “its time to slow down” . 331 more words


Road Trip

“Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path”.

 Proverbs 4:26

 I travel back and forth to Indiana quite a bit. I think I could fall asleep, tell my car where I am going and it’d find the way by itself. 1,148 more words


The obstacles we encounter

“Why do they have those slow-down bumps?” our son Monte asked when he was five.

His word for it may be more descriptive than “speed bumps.” 109 more words


How a Speed Hump compares to a Speed Bump

Controlling traffic speed in a private community or commercial parking lot is a challenge. A first step would be the installation of signage. Another action that can be taken is to install an impediment in the road to reduce the speed of vehicular traffic to an appropriate level. 322 more words

Traffic Safety

Neighborhood Drag Strips

One thing that puzzles me is there types of humans who drive highway speeds in neighborhoods. Speed humps and bumps don’t slow them down either because they have no regard for human life. 133 more words


Installation and Use of a Rubber Speed Hump

Rubber speed humps safely slow vehicle speed while maintaining traffic flow. This can be a crucial requirement on private community roads and commercial parking lots to reduce risk of traffic accidents. 296 more words

Traffic Safety