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Speed Bumps Ahead

There were four or five speed bumps on the road ahead, but what caught my attention was the car in front of me. As it approached each bump in the road, it veered way over to the right to go around it. 700 more words


Traffic Control Cones and Speed Bumps

According to the institute of traffic engineers, traffic bumps are one of the most effective traffic calming tools and since time in memorial they have been used on our roads. 654 more words

Traffic Cones

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are ridiculous things. They seem like a very unintelligent way of trying to manage the issue of speeding. They’re like band-aids; a small, simple, unthinking attempt at curing a big problem. 196 more words

Flawed Species


I stand in a frenzy. Stillness is upon my face. Inside of me
I have begun to go manic. Bouncing off the thoughts that
rage inside of me, one wall to the other, back and forth, 270 more words

Grieving mother pushes for change at South Memphis intersection

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A grieving mother is reaching out to the city, in the hopes of improving an intersection where her daughter lost her life. 273 more words


The Speed Bumps of Life

Couldn’t help but share this today.

It might look like a sign warning of impending speed bumps, but to me it’s Mr. Triangle, going through his mustache phase. 35 more words

Pro Mustache Road Signs

Sign warning of impending speed bumps? 

I think not. 

Mr. Triangle in his mustache phase!